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The LOG is provided for Classmates and their families to present information of interest to the Class.

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Ed Tipshus
05:30 PM ET (US)
Wisconsin - My butt was black & blue for many days and I could not sit a few The Doc in sick bay made a report to the CO as my rear state of color was predominant with all new shellbacks
it was determined by scuttlebutt some
kops had made their "Paddles" hard as iron. All were tossed overboard after use to get rid of evidence
Edited 06-20-2018 05:32 PM
Lach Macleay 5
05:00 PM ET (US)
Sounds just like the USS Macon to me. My strategy (with minimum success as I remember) was to be first in line and go like hell. Those that held back seemed to get it worse as the Kops warmed up. I will never forget kissing King Neptunes mid section. Covered with grease of some sort and an attendant to make sure you got your face well implanted!
Pete Easton. 9th
08:52 AM ET (US)
I remember it well as my skinny butt (at that time) was right next to his.
Dick Raymond (18)
09:06 PM ET (US)
Pete S: USS ALBANY (CA-123). One shipmate was Steve Eisenhauer, whose butt, as it belonged to an All-American football hero, was beaten purple by the Royal Kops.
Pete Schoeffel
01:32 PM ET (US)
Oh, Poet--What Ship?
Bill Crawford, (14)
09:09 PM ET (US)
I'll have to admit that I haven't watched it because it is 1.5 hours long.
But. I will watch it.
Al Casey 16 Co
06:40 PM ET (US)
I am surprised more members of this distinguished brotherhood have not read and commented on my forum post re GPS. It is a revolutionary change in the way the world navigates and was driven by one of our plebes, Col Brad Parkinson '57.
Pete Easton 9th
05:34 PM ET (US)
Kathy and I were walking the boardwalk at the Art Show here in Virginia Beach on this lovely day when a young couple stopped us and said they recognized the classic white T shirt with the blue collar. Nice kids, the guy a marine from 2016 and the really attractive gal in the class of 2020. She had just finished her time at Little Creek and was headed down to Kings Bay to be brainwashed by the bubble heads, and he was doing his thing in North Carolina. I should have told them the thing that happened to Kathy and I during our June Week. We were going out Gate 2 when this gentleman stopped us to inquire if he could get to Bancroft Hall thru this gate. He was from the Class of 1904 and he had not been back to the Academy since graduation. When he left Kathy and I said to each other "how old is he"?

On the way back I stopped in one of the public bathrooms and the nice black man who maintained the place asked if I was a Naval Academy graduate. His younger brother was Class of 2013 and was in the Middle East. You meet the nicest people if you wear an old well worn NA tee shirt. Maybe at our 65th I'll buy a new one.
Will Croom 2
04:14 PM ET (US)

Just saw on Facebook that Poolie Watson just had a bypass.
Will Croom 2
06:23 AM ET (US)
Charlie, time and tide change everything. My grandson's generation grew up in a world completely different from the world we experienced. My dad gave me very little advice but provided an excellent example of what a man should be. He exhibited great confidence in my abilities and decisions. The advice I remember most from Dad was, " If you want something - go for it!"

I tried to do the same with my son.

When I see my grandson - I think it may have worked.
Charlie Shelton
11:35 AM ET (US)
  I recall an old boss telling me that his father had driven him directly from High School graduation to the nearest Navy Recruiting office while advising him to sign up, earn the GI bill and get his career underway. He did, later got an appointment to Navy and chose the Air Force for a career at graduation. I'm sure you gave good advise and more useful that "just follow your dreams"!
Will Croom 2
05:29 AM ET (US)

My grandson, Hunter William Battle Croom, graduated from Thomas Edison High School yesterday. I'm one proud grandpa!
Ed Tipshus
07:55 PM ET (US)
I just had a bottle of SVYTURYS Premium Lager (bottled in Klaipeda) with a broiled sirloin burger on a toasted bun. Nothing fancy. But now a Gin and Tonic is very tempting. The tonic helps with preventing malaria and the gin - well, it works like aspirin.
Al Casey 16 Co
06:45 PM ET (US)
For me it is a glass of CA Chardonnay while I watch a Humming Bird hit the feeder.
Jay R Smith Jr
04:05 PM ET (US)
lt would be nice to join you at happy hour, but here in NM it's only 1505. What a dilemma!
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Will Croom 2
05:14 PM ET (US)

It's 1705 here on the East Coast and I'm having Happy Hour. A bourbon and water can turn a dull day into a happy time. I'm by myself so I may burst into song.

Oh, there are no Navy Pilots down in hell.............
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