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The LOG is provided for Classmates and their families to present information of interest to the Class.

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02:46 PM ET (US)
Great looking website. Assume you did a bunch of your own html coding.

my web site ... bandarq online
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Lach Macleay 5
01:48 PM ET (US)
Will, my 5 stages do not necessarily follow yours, but here I am at stage 5. Survived it all, some great and not so great memories but all a growing process. Life is good!
12:20 PM ET (US)
Seriously....this is a helpful web site.

Here is my site
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les Ostrom - 19
11:33 AM ET (US)
Will, Excellent! Read it a couple of times!!
Dave Kruger 19
04:10 PM ET (US)
 AMEN to your latest thoughts, Will.
Will Croom
06:19 PM ET (US)
I did some deep thought today and realized life could be divided into 5 stages. Here is the result.

The Five Stages of Life

Stage ONE – Childhood
You have no control over the start of your life. You are born into a family and what you get is what you have. I was lucky with a loving mother and father, grandparents, aunts , uncles and cousins. There is no doubt in my mine that this family became a model of what love and family relation should be for me.
So I started out. Had a best friend called Murphy, who was black. Learned how to ride a bicycle. Went to school with about 20 kids in my class. Moved to a larger school when I entered high school. Discovered that girls were sort of fun to be around. Became president of my class and later president of the student body. Won a state championship in debate. Won an appointment to the Naval Academy.

My childhood ended on June 28, 1950 when I was sworn in at the U. S. Naval Academy.
What had I learned? Family is important. Girls were fun. Love is enduring.
Stage TWO – Young Adult

My young adult life stated at the Naval Academy. You learn how to fold your clothes and be at the right place to make sure you don’t miss a meal. After the first year your interest in girls picks up and you realize that money is required to impress young women. After 4 years you graduate and start getting a check each month. A car becomes an important item. The idea of living as adult becomes fun. Somewhere along the way some young lady decides that you are the one for her and wedding bells and a family start to happen.
What had I learned? Make sure you get the attention of the right young lady.

Stage THREE – Family
Now you realize how lucky you were that the young lady had pulled you out of the bachelor crowd and that kids are sort of fun, after diapers. You work hard to provide your young lady with the best of everything. You buy a house and spend hours trying to make it a great home. You have to make sure the kids have the right clothes and then there’s college. The kids finally graduate, get a job, and move out.
What had I learned? It’s a wonderful life.
Then there is just you and that young lady.

Stage FOUR – Your Time
Now you have this fantastic time with the love of your life. Life slows down but enjoyments skyrocket. You know down deep the clock is ticking but surely is there is one more day. But the end does come, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly.
What had I learned? Never waste a day

Stage Five – Exit Stage Left
So it ends. Think how lucky you were to have made this cruise.
Dick Raymond (18)
08:57 AM ET (US)
Navy is being hammered by tough opponents, just squeaking through on easier ones. Doesn't look good against Army.
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Will Croom
03:45 PM ET (US)
Navy 27
East Carolina 23
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will Croom
04:14 PM ET (US)
Thought for the day.

      "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

John Wells (23)
09:14 AM ET (US)
This so-called hearing to confirm ACB for the Supreme Court offers a horrible look at our Senate. All on the Judiciary Committee are pretending to be intelligent. The Republicans act like she's the second coming and the Socialist-Dems treat her like she's Satan herself. I am impressed with her qualifications and patience. The worst display was Senator Whitehead with his show-and-tell display of charts.
Deleted by topic administrator 10-14-2020 03:31 PM
Bill Crawford, (14)
11:24 PM ET (US)
I have to say that the commentator Lawrence O'Donnell is for the Democrats what the commentator Hannity is for the Republicans.
Tonight, I heard O'Donnell say that Donald Trump is the most corrupt President in U.S. history!
Deleted by topic administrator 10-12-2020 07:18 PM
Ed Tipshus
10:12 AM ET (US)
Good pal Wayne T Frye was proud to be one of "The Great Eight" and shyed away from other names as he was a modest man and good Christian since 1949 we roomed together at
NAPS Newport. "Wayne T" as a retired Col AF Fighter Pilot & was Squadron Commander of the Tripple Nickle 555 AF Fighter squadron during Vietnam war, and when he shot down a MiG. I always called him "Wayne T" The high school that he attended in Manchester Ohio along the Ohio River displays his Olympic Gold medal and the road leading up to the school is named Wayne Frye Drive. WAYNE T was a BIG guy as was the other of The Great Eight.
Will CroomPerson was signed in when posted
03:04 PM ET (US)

Fifty Four's Super Six
Will CroomPerson was signed in when posted
07:16 AM ET (US)

Navy sent a strong message on the opening possession Saturday night against visiting Temple that triple-option football was back in Annapolis.

Starting quarterback Dalen Morris returned to the lineup, the fullback dive reemerged as a major weapon and the Navy offense looked far better than it has so far this season.The Midshipmen set the tone with a typically punishing and time-consuming 17-play touchdown drive to start the game and the return of the program’s patented triple-option rushing attack sparked a much-needed 31-29 victory.

Fullback Nelson Smith rushed for 120 yards and two touchdowns, while the depleted defense came up with a huge stop at the end. The Brigade of Midshipmen provided a big lift by bringing some atmosphere to Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and the football team rebounded from an embarrassing 40-7 loss to service academy rival Air Force.

“A great team win for our program and our players coming back from a devastating loss,” said Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo, who earned his 100th career victory. “It’s hard to overcome losing to one of your rivals the way we did. It just shows the resolve, the resiliency of our young men here.”

Offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper said the Mids needed to get the fullback going and that’s exactly what happened. Jamale Carothers contributed 53 yards and a touchdown as the offensive line finally controlled the line of scrimmage and drove the defense back.

The fullback is the first layer of the triple option. If he’s going, everything else opens up. Those boys ran hard,” Morris said.

Niumatalolo and offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper talked all week about the importance of establishing the fullback dive. Fullbacks coach Jason MacDonald challenged Smith and Carothers, while running game coordinator Ashley Ingram did the same with the offensive line, Niumatalolo said.

“The offensive line did a great job. All Jamale and I had to do was hit the holes because they were there,” Smith said. “I can’t commend those guys enough. It was five yards without me even getting touched.”
Ed Tipshus
04:28 PM ET (US)
Todays Columbus Dispatch Crypto Quote:
Trurth is stranger than Fiction because it is because Fiction is obligated to stick to possibilities: Mark Twain.
Pete Schoeffel
03:39 PM ET (US)
When I was in flight training, I was a paid (maybe $10) extra in that truly awful movie. I was at the far end of a line of flight students while Wead was bawled out by the (only?) flight instructor. My father thought Wead was a deplorable offcer.
Will CroomPerson was signed in when posted
10:30 AM ET (US)
USNA Founder's Day 10 October

Lach Macleay 5
07:17 PM ET (US)
Got settled into my new place in Goodyear AZ in the last week. Not Colorado weather! (but closer to family). Lots of help moving in by my kids, now I have to put stuff where I want it, not where they put it :-))
Will CroomPerson was signed in when posted
03:02 PM ET (US)

Remember what Ready Rooms really looked like. This was a VS38 Ready Room in USS Princeton in 1957.
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