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The LOG is provided for Classmates and their families to present information of interest to the Class.

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Will CroomPerson was signed in when posted
04:22 PM ET (US)
Bad news from all over the country today. Everyone is entitled to equality under the law but there are all sorts of inequalities that exist out side legal justice. In the Navy we all had a number. You were never "equal" to another Naval Officer. Everybody was ether senior to you or junior to you.
John Wells (23)
09:25 AM ET (US)
Yesterday I had to have an X-ray on my knee and after waiting two hours finally got it done. On the way out a receptionist said "Have a nice day." I replied "I already had one, and this isn't it."
Les Ostrom - 19
09:48 PM ET (US)
You know you are getting old when you start running out of children in their fifties!
Will CroomPerson was signed in when posted
04:39 PM ET (US)
Great film - Return with Honor

Ed Tipshus Co 2
01:06 PM ET (US)
Will another one is KISS - Keep it simple Stupid.
Edited 05-28-2020 01:06 PM
Bill Crawford, (14)
12:41 PM ET (US)
From what I have read, it seems to be unclear whether Bismarck was sunk or was scuttled.
It looks like it the latter were true, they would have been able to get more people off the ship, rather losing 2000 when it went down.
Jay R Smith Jr
11:22 AM ET (US)
I was watching a program where they can simulate draining the ocean to see what is on the bottom. One program showed the sunken Bismarck. Their conclusion was that the ship had been disabled by a hit of the rudder which made it impossible to maneuver. Therefore they decided that the crew of the Bismarck had scuttled the ship rather than a British ship. Where is the truth? On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 09:54:29 PM MDT, QuickTopic daily digest <qtopic-50-fwcx9rsydfqus@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Will CroomPerson was signed in when posted
10:44 AM ET (US)
12 Commandments for growing older...

#1 - Talk to yourself. There are times you need expert advice.
#2 - "In Style" are the clothes that still fit.
#3 - You don't need anger management. You need people to stop ticking you off.
#4 - Your people skills are just fine. It's your tolerance for idiots that needs work.
#5 - The biggest lie you tell yourself is, "I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it."
#6 - "On time" is when you get there.
#7 - Even duct tape can't fix stupid - but it sure does muffle the sound.
#8 - It would be wonderful if we could put ourselves in the dryer then come outwrinkle-free and three sizes smaller.
#9 - Lately, You've noticed people your age are so much older than you.
#10 - Growing old should have taken longer.
#11 - Aging has slowed you down, but it hasn't shut you up.
#12 - You still haven't learned to act your age, and hope you never will.

And one more:
"One for the road" means peeing before you leave your home.
Will CroomPerson was signed in when posted
05:51 PM ET (US)
Jay, you are correct the complete name is Ernest Albert Stamm.

He is listed in Cold War Warriors as "Ernest Albert Stamm (Tommy)"
Jay R Smith Jr
02:30 PM ET (US)
I believe it should be Ernest Albert Stamm. Not Tom. Also "Dunkirk" was a great movie. Some of the rescue boats are still in use. Ernie Stamm saved my bacon in P T boxing and wrestling. I had a bad shoulder from a high school football injury and Ernie took it easy on me as we faked those workouts. On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 09:53:19 PM MDT, QuickTopic daily digest <qtopic-50-fwcx9rsydfqus@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Bill Crawford, (14)
12:55 PM ET (US)
I just read today that on this date in 1941, the British sank the German Battleship Bismarck(!), with a loss of over 2,000 men.
(See below:https://www.history.com/this-day-in-histor...-sunk-by-royal-navy)
Bill Crawford, (14)
12:49 PM ET (US)
I just happened to read that on this date in 1941, the British sank the German Battleship Bismarck(!), with a loss of over 2,000 men.
(See below:https://www.history.com/this-day-in-histor...-sunk-by-royal-navy).
Bill Crawford, (14)
01:33 PM ET (US)
I read in the paper today that 26 May 1940 was the starting date for the evacuation of the British soldiers from Dunkirk.
I was somewhat surprised to read that a total of 338,000(!) were evacuated.
Will CroomPerson was signed in when posted
05:29 AM ET (US)
POWS Jim Bell, Ed Martin, Pete Schoeffel, Ned Schuman, Tom Stamm
KIA Ken Hume, Chuck Schoonover, Pete Gates, Tom Stamm, Chuck Rowley
Les Ostrom - 19
08:58 PM ET (US)
I’m thinking of the sacrifice so many of our classmates made - and it makes me (a humble porkchopper) feel humble. I especially think of our five classmates who spent entirely too much time as POWs and I feel a little ashamed that I can’t remember all their names. Can someone provide?
Willl Croom
07:37 PM ET (US)
I'm sitting here with an evening bourbon and water and counting my blessings. I just had a call from the widow of a squadron mate from the 60s. He has recently passed away after years of handicaped existence. She is in retirement home with a broken hip. Her daughter lives in Baltimore but can't visit because of the virus quarantine.

I have a hard time feeling sorry for myself after speaking with her.

Thank goodness for the memory of happy times.
Lach Macleay 5
07:22 PM ET (US)
Les, I think in their haste to get something done quickly they did not look closely at who really needed help. Hopefully the next "bonus" which I think is in planning will refine the system, but I doubt it. give it to the Salvation Army ( in my mind they get it to the right folks with not skimming off the top.)
Willl Croom
07:13 PM ET (US)
Bill, I fixed the link in your post.

The Sports World Congratulates the Naval Academy Class of 2020
Les Ostrom - 19
02:28 PM ET (US)
Pete, I share your feelings about the Stimulus checks. Why in hell do I need a bailout when I am debt free (including no mortgage), receive a good military retirement plus two other pensions plus SS, and have a wife also drawing SS. And add all the benies like TCL. And I have a HOST of friends and classmates in the same wonderful boat. What really fires me up is that obviously very little thought was put into this Stimulus by our brilliant legislators. Bottom line - it is a buyout for out votes!!! And they are thinking about it again - this time with more success for the Dems with free college, free this, free that!?!?!
Bill Crawford, (14)
01:48 PM ET (US)
The below-linked article describes why the HMS Hood sank so quickly.
Bill Crawford, (14)
01:39 PM ET (US)
I just read in today's paper that on this date in 1941 the German Battleship Bismarck sank the British Battle Cruiser HMS Hood, killing 1,415 of the 1,418 people on board!
Will Croom 2
08:10 AM ET (US)
08:50 PM ET (US)
Wonder how USNA graduation went yesterday.
Pete Schoeffel
04:27 PM ET (US)
Both Bills--I had a similar reaction. Here I am with a MOST adequate AND RELIABLE income receiving a check from a fund intended to give relief to those who suffer real hardship. It seems unethical to accept it. I thought that I might cash it and give it to a charity or just not cash it. Giving to a charity means making a decision on spending other people's money, which decision is not mine to make, but theirs. I conclude that I should not cash the check but leave those taxpayer dollars in the Treasury to be expended in accordance with the decisions made by the taxpayers' representatives. I welcome rebuttals.
Bill McKay, 10
12:31 PM ET (US)
I echo the comment about the recent check from the Gov. One of the most gratifying moments was when we personally handed a check to the lady who operates the beauty salon that Freddie has used for years. You would have thought we gave her a fortune. Hope several other classmates have had similar experiences.
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