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What is the significance of a woman running for an election in Pakistan?

12:20 AM ET (US)
The woman that is running for president in Stria is making a huge deal in here country. The Al-queda forces have threatebd to kill her if she keeps runing or becomes president. The women really has paid much attention there threats and has stayed strong and had continued her campaign.

  I think that this women is doing this cause she is a exswpcional example for women all over the world.A event like this us great at this time cause it could give more women the power and strenght to do things like this or similar in there own countries.What this women is doing is s great thing for her snd her country and women all over the world.

  The world know in days is not the same at it was 20 or 30 years ago. This world has changed and needs to change more to were it allows women to do the smae things as men and they are equal to men and have the same rights.In my oppinion this women is heart strong and is doing a great thimg and pursuing in wjat she believes what us right for her country.
Jesus Galindo
02:06 PM ET (US)
The lady who is running for election is running at her own risk. I don't think that the Al Qaeda well be happy with their government. The Al Qaeda are probably coming up with a plane to kill the President. This shows what good about our world. This shows of what evolution is. I think its good that Pakistan are coming up with good Ideas. Pakistan is thinking like the U.S And I am sensing that we well have a new allie. Pakistan wants to become a democracy country like the U.S they want is to be as safe as the U.S.. A women running for election is running at a high price because the Al Qaeda are against women's rights. The Al Qaeda had try'd to kill Malala because she wanted to promote the right for female people to learn. I could imagine what they would do to the lady who wants to run for election. Malala was shot in the head but survived the shot and days latter she recover'd and was still going to women's rights to learn. Malala is brave and fill'd with curage. Malala may of been the one who encouraged the lady who is running for election to take a stand. I hope the best for pakistan.
Jasmeen Maan
04:27 PM ET (US)
  Badam Zari is a women in Pakistan who is running for an election, This is very significant because places such as India and Pakistan women are only seen as housewives and nothing more. Badam wants to change many things in Pakistan and one of them is what people think of women, I think by her running for this election can bring great changes.
  Although it has been said that the Taliban is completely against this and how they are thinking about putting bombs in voting poles. I would be scared to live there because all the people their just want to kill everyone, even their own kind.
  I hope Badam can change something, i believe she will and already has brought a positive influence towards women. maybe this dictatorship can be turned into a democracy, I hope that Badam does not give up so sshe can win this election and bring at least some peace to Pakistan.
Howard Hughes
04:13 PM ET (US)
It appears that Pakistan is going through a social evolution. In an very rare (if not unprecedented) move a young housewife by the name of Badam Zari announced her candidacy for the office of representative in her district. Zari faces intense opposition from the taliban which still remains a powerful political and social force within her region. The U.S. wholehearted embraced Badam Zari's courageous attempt to empower the women within her region.

 Her candidacy is merely a symbolic one, and her chances a successful campaign are minimal, But it does prove that social progressing is beginning to impress upon the Pakistani people.
Edited 05-15-2013 04:14 PM
Victoria Ramirez-Hinojosa
12:34 PM ET (US)
   The Significance of having a woman run for election in Pakistan is the smartest thing the country of Pakistan has done. I believe that's great, because that means even the women from other countries are taking power. To me that's a very thing because women in foreign countries were use to be seen as nothing and now they get the chance to vote as well. That means are becoming stronger than ever and we don't need men to tell us what to do or believe in.

   But, this has became a major problem in Pakistan,because the Taliban people aren't so happy about the idea of having a woman running for the spot. The reason she is running because she's very educated and she's a politician that's just a big bonus right there.The Taliban people want to keep Pakistan as a Dictator pace while the civilians believe there state is Democratic so they believe they need a woman leader. So, if the Pakistan women becomes leader the Taliban people are going to get mad and put suicide bombers in the voting booths.

   The woman running for leader in Pakistan her name is Babara Zari. She is determined to make a difference in the Pakistan country I find that incredibly awesome, because at least she's trying to make a difference un like others who are just harming the country and making it more dangerous to live at. At least, her husband supports her in all the desigions she is making while running for leader. He supports his wife,because he believes that Pakistan needs too change it's evil ways and it needs to go to one peace.
Cesar Lopez7
12:29 PM ET (US)
Many people are happy because of the new lady running for president. Many are happy because she wants to make a change. She wants to change it from a dictator ship to a democatic.

The problem to is that the taliban group dont want this to happen. The leader of the taliban group has put a video an has sent a message that he was going to send sueccide bombers. An kill people an women who go vote.

This is a big treat cause these taliban people dont play around an they attack. They practacly want what they say an they want everything there way.
12:22 PM ET (US)
Syria is going crazy because of many people are dying in the war so they keep getting man because of the people that they are killing so that is not good that this going on in syria it is crazy people dying everyday it is really bad to live there right now they all at war with a other country so people are talking to each other and they getting mad at each other because of what happen so now they need to get up and see if they want to fight because they will fight them.
           That is what they do they will help syria because they wont to do it they have talk to them then make something happen because that is the only way they are going to do something about because if they dont then they wont be able to take care of anyone but then they could try and save people or this war that is going try kill everything that they see because then they wont talk to them but they can try but they wont listen.

           They need to had the woman and little kids because there are bad things that are going to happen but they need some kids that they can fight with them but I dont no if they do it with them because that they ment not work if they do it but they can try it they wont to biut people no that they are going to need I dont t no if they should take kids in this war that is going to happen it is just really scared.
Jose Ramiez
12:08 PM ET (US)
    The significance of a woman running for an election in Pakistan, is actually very big because it shows strong democracy. It will show people from neighboring countries that they all have rights and liberties to do things, even women. Many people from neighboring countries may not like this because they will open the people's eyes and they might want to rebail to the dictatorship and would want a democracy. Many, if not all neighboring countries are dictatorships meaning that one person rules it all; this might make it hard for the election because they might want to hurt her for showing their people rights and liberties that they have in their democracy.
   If a woman is running in an election it may not all be good because there are many women in the Taliban. The taliban is a group of terrorist from all over the middle east, they all support dictatorships rather than democracies. This woman running for the election may be in the Taliban, well who knows. The U.S. wants to label the most dangerous from the taliban, I think that this will be good because there is many of them and they are all a great threat to the people all around the world.
Carlos N
11:57 AM ET (US)
In Pakistan the people there are happy due to that elections are coming up. They have a women that is running. The Taliban is not happy with that. They say that they are going to put bombs in the voting poles.

They also say that they want to put suicide bombers in the voting poles. The women that is illiterate, her name is Babara Zari. The United States wanted to name Pakistan the most dangerous pat in the world. I Don't think thats true.

I think that people are changing to the good and that good. But there are always people that don't like that, and they will do anything they can for those things not to happen. I hope everything goes good for the Pakistani people wen they vote.
11:56 AM ET (US)
  The Significance of a woman running for an election is good. If elected or beat by a little shows the country isn't sexes. The woman running is very educated and a politician. Civilians said there state is Democratic so they think she an run. The Taliban doesn't want a democrat they want Dictatorship so people stay in there place.
  In Pakistan Badam Zari the politician who might give hope to the people is running for office. The place they're from is a terrorist area were they dug hideouts for the Taliban. The taliban has ordered suicide bombers to the polling areas. She is the first tribal woman to run for Pakistani parliament. Despite threats and criticism the 45-year-old is determined to represent the voices of Pakistani women. She doesn't know how to read and write but that doesn't matter because under Pakistani Law it don't matter. Her Husband is supportive of her, he said she don't need those qualifications because she has her intelligence. He supports because he wants change and she advocates for the rights of those in need.
  I think this a good thing for the Pakistanies but bad for the Taliban. Im pretty sure if she wins and she tries to change something the Taliban doesn't want to be changed, she a dead women. The Taliban are crazy, im sure they'll kill anyone who gets in there way. Even though she cannot read or write, the intelligence she has can cover that up.
AngelAnthony Castellano
11:54 AM ET (US)
     There is a woman running for a president in Pakistan and that is very significant because this is the first time a woman can actually run for president. This is a very good thing especially for women. Women were calling her and telling her that she has opened new doors for them and that are very thankful. They had asked some men in Pakistan about this and they said it that it would be a good idea and hopefully things will change.
     They are a democratic government and that is a goof thing but that does not mean that they treat it as one sometimes. The Talaban is a horrible group and kills a lot of people. The main guy from there threatened to send suicide bombers to places and kill people on a video and that is not a goof thing. They want it to be dictator government so it could be in control of the people and lead them and they think that would be easier.
      Well in my opinion this is a good thing that a woman is running for president but what issues will this now bring them. The Talaban already shot and attempted to kill a little girl so they are not afraid to do something way worse than that and I am afraid that something bad will happen but I hope nothing does because that would be horrible. I guess all we can do is sit back and watch what happens there and all around the world.

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