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Nominal Code - Town

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SpadesPerson was signed in when posted
03:20 AM ET (US)
Nominal, you're phenomenal =P

Loveternity, you're phenomenal too.
Nominal Code
01:22 PM ET (US)
That should give the cannon a little fodder. Actually, it's gonna give it a lot.

I could almost say that I planned it all along, and I couldn't have done it better.
Now, the lightning follows the thunder. Strike; burn all what you touch.

Act II, I dance.
LoveternityPerson was signed in when posted
11:53 PM ET (US)
I added you on Skype in case you want to chat. =)

But I'm off to bed now, so talk to you later if you're up for it!
Nominal Code
11:12 PM ET (US)
No, it's okay to reveal it. I didn't mean to attempt to break the code of the game. And no, I am not trying to leech answers out of you.

But I'll let you go. Thank you, though, for the encouragement. :)
LoveternityPerson was signed in when posted
10:59 PM ET (US)
The question confuses me, as I can't see how it applies to your role in this game. o_O Not to mention that I should not be giving strategical advice.

As for the QTs, I normally reveal them at the end of the game. I guess I could make an exception for this one if it really means that much to you to keep it secret...

*is confused*
Nominal Code
10:45 PM ET (US)
(Smile) Sorry for all the emotion. It's just that I've put myself to the test this past month and that's resulted in a lot of turbulence.

But... perhaps one question.

What do you think is a better play?

-With-holding information and acting for the sake of a team-mate's neck.
-Or expressing admission (and thus, getting yourself lynched) and risk also dragging your team-mate down?

One could say it's best not to put yourself in the situation in the first place, but then we'd be without game. And worse, without gain or loss.

It's funny. I came here to lose, and I cocked myself up. I've been so reassured that I would win, I forgot how vulnerable I was. But one thing I refuse to do is back down. I'm taking it all the way, and I think you're helping.

I'm grateful, and would continue to be if you'd never show anyone this QT. You're wise. If you have questions of your own, I feel as if you can answer them with everything you always knew to be true. :)
LoveternityPerson was signed in when posted
10:12 PM ET (US)
You can keep your chin and the rest of your head up!

You can be wrong about anything and everything, yet what will matter most is learning from that!

And you can lose everything and that's okay too. Because sometimes we gotta hit rock bottom to get a good boost before climbing back up!
Nominal Code
10:01 PM ET (US)
You're professional. And somehow, you aren't cold.

I can't ask you anything, because all of the answers I need to win are from within. But maybe you can tell me.

Tell me that I can keep my chin up, tell me that I can be wrong, and tell me that I can lose everything and it'll be okay.
LoveternityPerson was signed in when posted
09:30 PM ET (US)
You could always use this to write down your thoughts and ask me questions. :D
Nominal Code
09:29 PM ET (US)

Don't tell me there isn't any more need for this QT. The insufferable torment of this madness is hard to bear alone.
Nominal Code
09:33 PM ET (US)
Answering for me? I like the boldness. But since it makes me right, I won't argue.

You seem cheerful enough, so let your eyebags write for you, comrade. With your summer advance time, at least you'll see it earlier. :P
LoveternityPerson was signed in when posted
09:17 PM ET (US)
It kiiiiind of has thrown me off already. xD I'm quite excited! I've had this setup in mind since December IIRC. :3

But I'll go to bed soon. Being a few hours late is not THAT bad. Right? Right.

*predicts that he'll go to bed with the sunrise a week from now* xD
Nominal Code
08:54 PM ET (US)
(pats fingertips together) I understand that somehow, this might end up working in my favor. We wait.

So, how are you? I hope this game won't throw you off your supposed sleep schedule.
LoveternityPerson was signed in when posted
07:36 PM ET (US)
You remain a Vanilla Townie.
LoveternityPerson was signed in when posted
12:26 PM ET (US)
No rerolls, it just shows the order. You were placed between CeresZal and summer solstice randomly through a random number generator.
Nominal Code
12:21 PM ET (US)
Triple 6 well. Now is this the kind of thing where I'm going to reroll against CeresZal and Summer Solstice, or is that chart the current order in which we'll get to pick?
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