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When has a commercial gone too far?

02:12 AM ET (US)
A huge cotraversy was made over a Mountain Dew commercial. Tyler the creator a so called rapper was contracted by mountain dew to make them a commercial. I personially did not believe that it was offensive or racist but insted funny these people over react and take it out of proportion.

  I understand why they made the commercisl and where he was coming from.Tyler only wanted to make a good commercisl that would sell Mountain Dew his intentions were clean .This man never mean to hurt anybody it was just for fun.

  Tyler released a press statment saying that he appoligized id he had offended anyone and that was not jis inntention.He also said that he was happy with his commercisl and that people need to stop over reacting. In myoppinion it was a good comercial and very funny i liked and well I think some people took it the wrong way and over reacted and judge to soon and that was bad of there part.
Jose Villanueva
12:01 PM ET (US)
   A Mountain Dew commercial was taken down by the social media , because it was found to be racist just because Tyler the Creator created the commercial. There was this white girl who looked like she got beaten and they had black guys lined up. When I saw the commercial I didn't get why it was racist, I didn't think it was. Plus Tyler the Creator is African American so how can it be racist? The public had called this racist, after this Pepsi companies had sent out an apology to all the people that got offended because if it.
  There are way more worse commercials that have been banned, like a snicker commercial where there two guys fixing a car and they one guy gets out a snicker and eats it and the other guy starts kissing him. I think thats way to far and understand why they took that off because its gay. There are some commercials that have been taken down but did not seem offensive.
  I think its okay to ban commercials that have nasty or racist but some are not evan non of those and they still ban them. The whole point of a commercial is to catch the eye and make you laugh so you want to keep watching it and tell other people about it.
Howard Hughes
04:05 PM ET (US)
A proposed Mountain Dew commercial has ignited controversy. Rapper/Songwriter Tyler the Creator collaborated with Mountain Dew on a commercial last month. The resulting brainchild was then screened on the internet, where it was deemed to be derogatory towards blacks. After the allegations of racism surfaced, Mountain Dew removed the commercial from their website and apologized to those who took umbrage.

Tyler the Creator on the other hand has said that his commercial was not racist and was never meant to be taken to be so. I disagree with those who make complaints about things like this, we seem live in a world of oversensitive crybabies that demand the censorship of anything that makes them even mildly uncomfortable.
Edited 05-10-2013 04:05 PM
12:27 PM ET (US)
The mountain dew commercial got in trouble because they throght it was racist because they hada woman a like 5 black in jail the she should they rap here and beat her up so they had her chose what one was it and the peoppe didn't like it I geuss becaseu the baded that commercial becasue they were not making money on that one and everytime it playe they got mader.
      The people think that it was racist because of the black people beating up on a white woman so they told them not to put it on the air and they did anyways tht why they got mad at mountain dew because they said not to play it and they did.
       They are not going to sue because they told them that we will never paly it agian but they were mad anyways. There are a lot of commerical tat people cant watch anymore because that dont show then nvever becuase the dont want them on the air.
Jesus Galindo
12:08 PM ET (US)
Tyler the creator has created a mountain dew commercial that has offended thousands. His commercial was about 5 suspects being interview'd by a cop anda lady who had been beat by one of the suspects. People found it racist because it shows a white lady in a dress all beat up and the suspects were black. People first thought that it was racist for black people in the suspect booth. Later other people started to confirm that black on black is not racist. Than people started to say that it was racist for the white lady. I think that people have gone to far not with the commercials but about people trying to find something to complain about. Tyler the Creator was not ment to be serious and people should know that. A comercial that I thought was pretty racist was one about coca cola. In the coca cola comercial was a bunch of africans running after a coca cola truck. It was pretty funny at first but I guess thats the way the world is.
Jasmeen Mann
10:44 PM ET (US)
  I can see how this commercial can be racist, It does not matter who came up with this commercial if he is African American, or Asian, it can be hurtful it doesn't matter who comes up with it. For example there are so many people that use the N word, even African Americans use that word, just because they use it does not make it okay. What i am trying t say is that even if a male who is African American came up with this and in some way it can affect others.

I can understand this, IT also depends on how people take things, and i believe i would have taken this seriously, I know a lot of people who say that black people are bad and all they do is Robb places and shoot guns, i Guess that is not racist but its hurtful.

 I do not understand out of all the people why did it have to be a white girl and black males, We all know that African Americans and whites have had history in the past. And i can see how this is affecting or affected others.
05:55 PM ET (US)
Man People can be so stupied at times. I say if it fits them then its for you and if it dont fit you then its not for you. The person who probably thought this was racist probably has been in the shoes of the people that where in the line up.

How can something that a black producer and artist come up with be racist? Its not they are simpily letting you know the truth of what goes around. Ive never seen the commercial, Only the little previews in the news, but what I see is something that really goes on, The cops never think of a white male wen it comes down to a robery.

So to me basicly its just reality. What do the people want to see? A black, a white, A mexican or Asian? But wen the time came to pick someone from the line up< whitch ever race group she picks, it'll still be racsits towareds the person they pick.
Jasmine Mendoza
05:55 PM ET (US)
      A Mountain Dew and Pepsi adds were taken down because some people took it offensive. The commercial that was taken down had the rapper Little Wayne in it and was made by Tyler the Creator. In the commercial it involved a few black man and they were being accused of beating the caucasian lady. The public had called this racist, after this Pepsi companies had sent out an apology to all the people that got offended because if it.
      There has also been other commercials form different companies that have been taken down because the public took it offensive. There was an X-Box commercial where everyone is pointing a fake gun at eachother and pretends to shoot, this was probably taken down because it was right after the Arizona shooting. There are some commercials that have been taken down but did not seem offensive. I think that the public does not know the meaning of humor, I don't understand why the video that was made by Tyler the Creator, a black man, offended other black people if there ethnicity is the same.
      I think that companies should not take down commercials or ads that are not even offensive, I understand if it is totally racist. There was a Snickers commercial that me and Liz had saw and it involved with two guys both eating one snicker and that was nasty, they kissed at the end kind of nasty so yea. Many other commercials get banned.
Victoria Ramirez-Hinojosa
12:42 PM ET (US)
   A Mountain Dew commercial was taken down by the social media , because it was found to be racist just because Tyler the Creator created the commercial. I personally, did not find it racist at all, because I listen to Tyler the Creator so I know what he is he's different compared to other rappers he has a unique imagination. The commercial had a white caucasian female who was apparently beaten up by some African-American males and many Mountain Dew and Pepsi consumers had complained about the video. I believe the people who seen the video and got offended I believe they were over reacting.

   I believe some people over react and they throw things of proportion and over react to videos that are just made up. That's why the video was banned from the media and had to be token down. I didn't get to see the actual video because it was banned of the internet. But, what if a white guy made this video would that be a racial thing? no people just want to be different not boring people are just trying to sell there products just like anyone else.

   In my opinion, some of these commercials are pretty lame and it doesn't even go with the product they are trying to sale. A lot of companies do some commercials that may be found racist but that's only if the audience finds them that way.People are just to judge mental and they need to take a chill pill on some real. I just hope people now start to make videos that are more accurate to there product like really a size 0 model eating a cheeseburger bigger than her face like really naw it just doesn't go. -____-
Cesar Lopez7
12:14 PM ET (US)
Mountain Dew has has had a comercial been take down because of racial comercial. Many people take things to seriously. If I had seen it an just like any other comercial I wouldnt have noticed the racialness on it. I actually thought that the goat was the one who beet the lady up.

Many people take things serious now I would of just gone along with it. They get mad because there making fun of a black person. But they dont know because the person who made it was a black person. I guess people are to sencitive these days.

I think that people really shouldnt take things that seriously they sould just go along. But they just pay to much attention to little dumb things.
12:00 PM ET (US)
  A Mountain Dew ad of Lil Wayne was taken down by Pepsico because people thought it was racist. There was this white girl who looked like she got beaten and they had black guys lined up. When i first saw the video i didn't think it was racist.
  Tyler the Creator created this commercial and people are labeling it as racist. If he created why is it racist? Maybe if a white guy created this commercial then i'd be convinced that it is racist. People now a days over react on there race. Im sure they made that commercial to try and be funny and get your attention. Even if they didn't take the commercial down, would the costumers stop them? I don't think they'd do that. If it was a black girl with black guys it would have been funny. Or maybe even white guys trying to be gangster.
  I think this commercial is not racist, people over react big time. Just because it was a white girl it dont mean anything. Most of the people getting upset just want to make a big scene out of this and at the end of it they don't get anything.
AngelAnthony Castellano
12:00 PM ET (US)
     There is always somebody or a group of people that goes against something and it just gets me so mad. It is also sad at the same time because they really let these things get to them. What is a commercial doing to them. Is it hurting them? Is it doing anything to them to make them depressed? Tell me one good reason on how it affects someones life just because they got offended. They don't have to make a big deal about it. If you don't want to buy anything from that company anymore than go ahead. Nobody's stopping them.
      I really am very against the people who do this kind of stuff. I wouldn't go fight about it though because it doesn't really bother me to that extent. If someone would start arguing about it though like in person than yes, I would back but my opinion on it. Nobody asked if they liked it or not. It just gets to me when people act like little kids. These people are grown people arguing, whining, and crying about this stuff.
     I have my opinion on commercials but I am not going to go and complain about it. The only commercials that should be banned are the commercials that are really races and just plane cross the line. It is obvious when a commercial is races. Tis is just my opinion and I don't care what anybody gots to say about it. I will back up my opinion if someone gots anything to say about it.

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