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Ind. Rdg. Graphic Novel Response April 2013

Cody Watkins
01:23 PM ET (US)
Mary Shelly's Frankenstine
It is about a man named Frankenstine. He was a brilliant man with ideas. I am going to have to say that when he is 17 he went to college with his friend Henry. When in college he is very interested in life science and wants to see how to create life. The images were very imformative. You can see the expressions of the characters. It leave little left for the imagination. Some of the pictures can be screwed up. How much you can pick up by looking at a picture instead for having to use your mind, because you usually see yourself in you imagination
Tayt Boeckholt
12:22 PM ET (US)
1. Name of your graphic novel
2. In four (4) to five (5) sentences (no more!), tell us what your graphic novel was about.
3. Respond in at least 2 sentences: What do you like MOST about the graphic novel as a type of literature?
4. Respond in at least 2 sentences: What do you like LEAST about the graphic novel as a type of literature?
5. Respond in at least 2 sentences: What is ONE thing you learned that you didn't know by reading the graphic novel?

Pride of Baghdad.
It is about a family of lions escaping from the Baghdad zoo after American planes had a bomb raid. They talk about how it feels again to be free. They keep having memories of the wild. They face a lot of adversity but they get through it. In the end they end up together happy. It is a quick read. Its nice reading simple things. It can be confusing at times. Sometimes does not make sense. That they are actually not that bad overall. Also that I would probably read one again.
Jake Anderson
12:11 PM ET (US)
2024 by Ted Rall.
This novel was about the future. It tells about Winston's life in 2024, much has changed through a short period of time. Everything is done on technology, paper is nonexistent because of the decline of trees. In this book you are either a Government Goon or an Upper Middle Management male or female.
I liked that it was humorous. I found all of the predictions on the future to be very interesting, I am curious to see if they will become true or not.
I didn't like some of the crude language. Another thing I wasn't a big fan of was when I would accidentally read the slides in the wrong order. It would be nice if they numbered them.
I didn't realize that they actually tell intricate detailed stories. They are also very entertaining because they are not just a giant of words, they have pictures to help keep you interested.
Rachael Vinzant
12:09 PM ET (US)
The graphic novel I read was Marvel Fairy tales by C.B. Cebulski.

My graphic novel was a retelling of classic fairy tales such as Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Friendship of the Tortoise and the Eagle. It basically took the original fairy tale and recreated using marvel characters. It often changed the names of the characters and through the pictures we could see which marvel characters they used. The caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland was Spiderman.

Overall I did enjoy this graphic novel. It was able to have real conversations that we would see in a real books. It still had the art of story telling in there which we see in literature.

I think they could have done a lot more with this graphic novel because it mostly felt that you were reading the traditional fairy tale. I wish they would changed the stories a little bit. The graphics were not great in this novel, but I could see them adding more to the story. I also wish there was a little more narrator types things in this graphic novel because it would help you understand what is going on better.

I learned a lot about graphic novels after finally reading one. I always thought that graphic novels were just glorified comic strips and I realized they aren't. Although I don't think we will ever see a graphic novel as being the same as a book I do believe that is able to tell a complete story in a different format. I have seen a couple authors make graphic novels and novels for their books. It is interesting they would compare. Although I don't Marvel Fairy Tales is the greatest graphic novel it opened my eyes and I would be willing in the future to read more.
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Josh Mettlerq
12:07 PM ET (US)
My book name was Sparta. My book was about the 300 Spartans that were courageous enough to go into battle with a might opponent. This book showed how they grew up. They went through rigorous training in their early days. It then ended with the war. The thing I liked most is that is a short read. I got it done in just 30 minutes. The thing I like least is there wasn't very many words. I like to actually READ. One thing that I learned from this book is that they are trained from a very early age. This is why they were so mighty.
Ben Gute
11:56 AM ET (US)
Brain Camp

Brain camp was about a couple of kids who get sent off to a camp because their parents were disappointed with them and the camp promised to improve them. At the camp they soon discover that there was something fishy going on, campers would mysteriously leave and other campers all acted strangely. Then one day while hiking through the woods trying to leave they discover a cabin filled with the kids that had all "left" and they were all very sick and coughing up feathers. The rest of the book is them trying to find a way to escape the camp, and their efforts to avoid becoming sick.

What I like most about graphic novels is the visualization, you don't have to try and picture what the different characters look like, or any of the scenery, instead it's laid out for you, and you don't have to do any guessing Another thing I like is how it can tell story with very few words, that just seems interesting to me.

What I don't like about graphic novels is the lack of detail, sure you can see the characters emotions and view the scenery. But you don't have the in depth analysis of what the character is thinking, or their motives instead you get a couple pictures and a few sentences.

One thing I learned was to not disappoint my parents and get shipped off to a summer camp. Another thing I learned was that not everything is as simple as it seems, there can be a lot of depth to something even though it might not be apparent at first.
Abby Gacke
11:56 AM ET (US)
The graphic novel I read was The Never Weres.

This book is about how the youngest people on Earth are in the tenth grade. A group of three tenth graders want to know why. They find a tunnel and they see where it leads. It leads to a cloning warehouse. Many years ago a teenager was cloned because she was sick and they wanted someone who you have her organs. The girl didn't like that, so she and her clone ran away. The clone lived but the real teenager did not.

The parts I liked the most about this book was how it kept me interested and how the author made it seem like this could actually happen somewhere down the road. The parts that I didn't like about this book was that it was kind of confusing to read and it was hard to understand because I never really read these types of books. The thing I learned about reading this book was how confusing it is to read one of these.
Brittney Groenewold
11:46 AM ET (US)
The Graphic Novel I read was Brain Camp.

Brain Camp was about these two kids that are not getting good grades and didn't get into summer camps. Some government officers come and take them to a camp to get basically brainwashed to do well. The kids find out that the camp is putting bird eggs in the kids and is making every sick. So the two kids have to find a way to cure the other campers before it is to late.

The parts that I most liked about the book was how the world they lived in was so different then the one we live in. I also liked the adventure that the two kids had together. The things that I didn't like was some of the grammar they used. When they tried to explain something they didn't use many words just pictures to show what the kids where doing. One thing I learned for this book was that our lives are easy compared to theirs. They have to be perfect in every thing they do where we can fail and not get punished for it.
Dalton F
11:44 AM ET (US)
meanwhile is the book title, it was about this kid who when to an ice cream shop and the ice cream man has a machine in the back of the store witch can make ice cream and then this kid wants to know what was in the back of this store will it was a time machine and he wanted to play with it. will the time machine lets you only go back ten minutes at a time unless you have the code.
one thing i liked was all of the graphics that were in the book compared to a chapter book with no graphics. to me there was really no story to the book i rather read chapter books.
that they do not have a set of books they just had one book.
Quinten WoodardPerson was signed in when posted
11:43 AM ET (US)
1. friends with boys
2. The main character is this girl who has three brothers and a single dad. She is going to school for the first time since she was homed schooled up untile high school by her mom. She is also hunted by a ghost that doesn't talk and through the book helps people mend old and battered relationships.
3. I like the most the fact is was a graphic novel. Plus it was by an author that I enjoy.
4. What I like lest is the fact that the story are short. Also they usually don't have a second book to go with them.
5. Graphic novels and comics are different. Comics are funny, graphic novels are about something.
Emily S
11:40 AM ET (US)
The name of my graphic novel was Ronald Reagan.
My graphic novel was about the life of Ronald Reagan. It basically just went through his life in chronological order. It talked about his troubled childhood, and the beginnings of his radio career, his political accomplishments, to his last day. It talked about his accomplishments and his mishaps in life.
I enjoy how graphic novels can take a complicated story and make it simple. They can condense it down so there's nothing really confusing about what's happening, plus you have pictures to look at.
What I like least about graphic novels is how some of them are set up. Sometimes the boxes are in a weird order and such. They also can be shortened too much. I think there's a place for graphic novels and a place for regular books.
I learned more about Ronald Reagan's years before he became a political figure. I knew he was an actor before but I never payed attention to his childhood or radio career before that.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
11:09 AM ET (US)
1. Name of your graphic novel
2. In four (4) to five (5) sentences (no more!), tell us what your graphic novel was about.
3. Respond in at least 2 sentences: What do you like MOST about the graphic novel as a type of literature?
4. Respond in at least 2 sentences: What do you like LEAST about the graphic novel as a type of literature?
5. Respond in at least 2 sentences: What is ONE thing you learned that you didn't know by reading the graphic novel?
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