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What happened on the USS Franklin? Why do we have days of remembrance for events like this?

Jasmeen Maan
06:05 PM ET (US)
The USS Franklin was one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy. A Japanese air attack in March 1945 damaged the USS franklin with the loss of over 800 of her crew, many lives were lost and the ship was a total wreck. The Japanese men tried very hard to bomb and destroy the ship.

Franklin was commissioned on 31 January 1944, with Captain James M. Shoemaker in command. there is footage showing what actually happened with the ship. The USS Franklin was a very strong ship it was the most heaviest damaged carrier that survived the war. It was hit by 2,500 pound bombs. Many men tried to make it out but the flames were to high and strong. I hope we never forget those people who fought in those wars and gave their lives. They are true hero's.
Alexis Perez
03:47 PM ET (US)
The USS Franklin was a U.S. carrier that was in use, and badly damaged during WWII. The ship was heavily damaged after a Japanese air attack during March in 1945. About 800 of her crew perished trying to save the ship, witch made her the most heavily damaged ship to survive WWII. There is still actual footage from the devastating attack till this day.
  The ship managed to get 50 miles away from the Japanese mainland, closer than any other U.S. carrier during the war, until it was attacked. After the attack the ship seemed like it would sink, but didn't. The crew managed to trave 12,000 miles home, but with the loss of many. Some were stuck in unreachable areas of the ship, due to fire and explosions. Those stuck took the risk of landing in the ocean by jumping down onto the ship.
  Many of those who jumped were carried out of the water and made their way to the ship. All the crew members lost in this event were true heroes and that is why we should remember them. We should remember these people because they sacrificed all they have in order to keep the U.S. safe for us. I think this is remembered because it shows what we can do, instead of standing with our arms crossed complaining.
Jesus Galindo
03:39 PM ET (US)
The USS franklin (cv-13) was a great ship that before the attack carried air craft. The vc-13 carried air craft before it was attacked by a japanese bomber. Flames went up and plains went of board. Thousands of dollars went to wast and lives were sacrificed but at what cost. The ship was brought back to base/shore before it could sink. The sailer who brought back the ship the captain of the cv-13. All of his sailers abandoned the ship but the captain did not give up on the vc-13. The cv-13 made it back to shore and was made into a museum. Now and than people visit this giant cv-13. The cv-13 was a aircraft carrier. A carrier is a ship that plains take off and land on. A carrier gives a advantage because it is close to the place aircraft are most likely headed. A plain that is on the cv-13 is most likely to get to its destination quicker and can help waste less fuel. The Japanese plains attacked the ship before world war 2.
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Alexis Martinez
02:31 PM ET (US)
  The USS Franklin was a carrier that carried navy men and marines. It was hit by 2 500 pound bombs. After it was hit all the navy men would try and go against the Comakazi Japanese pilots cause they would still try to destroy the USS carrier. Everyone tried to take out the fire quickly before it burned up more.
   There was about two hundred and sixty people found wounded. Also about 274 navy men, and marines dead put together. We should all do everything before our days are done cause we don't usually remember the days back then and hoe=w we do it now. So we need to remember the people back and the people now that fight for our country and us.
02:27 PM ET (US)
THe USS Fraklin was a United States Navy Carrier.The carrier was active during World War II and was in the Pacific ocean near Okinawa Japan.The carrier had 2,500 pounds bombs aboard which where heavily armed and explosive.The carrier was 12,000 miles away from the closest U.S. port and somehow the carrier still made it back to the New York harbor.

  The planes and the fuel on the carrier exploded as the privates and generals where not aware of the real situation. THe carrier to return to U.S.A. had to take the panama canal.Also due to that the United States didn't just abandoned the carrier, They all fought back.265 of the sailors were badly injured and some were eve killed.

  The U.S.S. Franklin was the mostly heavly damGED CARRIER THAT survived the war.I think that people tribute and honor there fellow companiens that died and sacrificed themselves for there ship.I think that from now on they should like make a holiday to remember those that honorably sacrificed themselves for there ships.
Jose Villanueva
02:18 PM ET (US)
 Before dawn on 19 March 1945, Franklin, which had maneuvered to within 80 km of the Japanese mainland, closer than had any other U.S. carrier during the war, launched a fighter sweep against Honshū and later a strike against shipping in Kobe Harbor. The damage analysis came to the conclusion that the bombs were 550 lb (250 kg), though neither the "Val" nor "Judy" had the attachment points to carry two such weapons, nor did the Japanese single-engine torpedo bombers in horizontal bomber mode. However, the Aichi B7A "Grace" had this capability. One bomb struck the flight deck centerline, penetrating to the hangar deck, effecting destruction and igniting fires through the second and third decks, and knocking out the Combat Information Center and air plot. The second hit aft, tearing through two decks.
   The carrier had a nickname of Big Bean. She also lost 800 of her there crew members. For the American people this was a day made in history because it probably won't happen ever again. We remember these days in honor for those who died and those who are alive. For those who went through this to see how much we appreciate what they did for our country.
   I think thats good that they brought them together again because they can talk and remember things about the carrier. The carrier was so big in there lives it was there home so they had to protect it.
12:40 PM ET (US)
They bomb one of the big ships because they thought they were going to bomb them anyways so they just did frist because of what they would do to the people on the ship they could not stop the fire because it was so bad and the flames were really high and big they only had the water for the ship and they where doing it to slow but it was long time ago but it is remember beca use its a day that you will forget because of the people died a lot of people died in the war.
                   It is really sad that they did that because why cant they just stop killing they really need to because why kill more when you can just relax and let be be with the family because then they can see there day all day long and everyday that is a better for s little kids. Back int he old if you didn't go to the army and they told you they could kill you or hurt you really bad because people want to be but they dont no what to do if they did that.
         So they didn't care if they didn't care they did kill you go hurt anyways but they didn't care the war is a really bad places to be because of what you in there killing people no I would not do that its crazy because they shot at you and I dont want to take a chance with that.
Vickeyy Ramirez :)
12:13 PM ET (US)
The USS Franklin was a carrier in WWII that was shot down and bombed by the Japs. Nicknamed "Big Ben" was one of 24 essex-class aircraft carriers built WWII for the U.S. Navy,and the U.S. Navy ship to the bear name. She earned our battle stars during the war. She was also badly damaged by the Japanese people.

   She also lost 800 of her there crew members. For the American people this was a day made in history because it probably won't happen ever again. The U.S. navy planes exploded it was pretty crazy and bad the fuel probably had a leak that what caused them to explode.The airplane crash hit 12,000 mi away from the U.S. airport and that is pretty crazy and close. This occurred by the Panama Canal and it made it easier to transportation. This is something that you don't see everyday is was epically crazy.

   I personally, think this is a day to look back and see what crazy think happened during the second war. We don't want to loose up to 700 lives again in a battle. We got to prevent this from ever happening. I give all my respect to the U.S. navy soldiers who fought in this war it is not easy to go to combact.
Howard Hughes
12:12 PM ET (US)
The surviving members of the assault on the USS Franklin organized a reunion sometime this year. The USS Franklin was a WWII carrier who's ability to survive a Kamikaze onslaught became it's claim to fame. The attack resulted in 800 fatalities. After the attack The heroic achievements of those involved received great notoriety, so much so that a movie (Task Force) was based upon their exploits.

There are only about 25 survivors that reamin. I believe that we should honor the achievements of these venerable individuals.
Cesar Lopez7
12:06 PM ET (US)
This ship from the U.S was atacked by the Kamakzis an part of was badly damegd. It was attacked with no warrnings it was a very risky thing because they had lots of bombs am gallons of gas. They did work right away they had to save the ship with out it having more damage.

Even though they had a lot of losses. They kept on fighting an they never gave up. They lost many soilders about 724 where killed an 265 were wounded. Even though they went threw a lot they maneged to get the ship back to New York They traveled 12,00 miles. They were some very storng an good fighters,.
Carlos N
12:01 PM ET (US)
The USS Franklin was a United States Navy Carrier. It was active in the years of World War Two. The people in the video are some of the survivors of the USS Franklin. The USS Franklin was bomb by Japan. Comakazi Japanese pilots. Wen the Comakazi plane hit the USS Franklin, The carrier had plans and some bombs in it.

There was 2.500 lb of bombs on the plane. The Planes and the Fuel exploded. That caused a massive explosion. It hit from 12,000 miles from the United states Port. It also went though the Panama canal. There was seven hundred and twenty fore people that where killed.

 Two hundred and sixty five people that were wounded. This all happened on March 19,1945. I think that we have days of remembrance due to that a lot of people died and it was just 12,000 miles aways from U.S ports. Also due to that the United States didn't just abandoned the carrier, They all fought back.
11:58 AM ET (US)
  The USS Franklin a carrier in the war is capable of carrying 2,500lb of bombs. It was nicknamed the Big Bean. Became the most heavily damaged United States carrier to survive the war.
  The Big Bean was heavily attacked by a Japanese, the plane was 12,000 miles from the U.S. Port. Not that close tho the U.S. It went through the Panama Canal. 724 killed and 265 wounded was the result of the attack from the Japanese. We remember these days in honor for those who died and those who are alive. For those who went through this to see how much we appreciate what they did for our country. To show our respect for what they did and those dead to keep there name alive.
  I think its good to remember these days. We don't usually do anything for them but this is a start. They should feel like heroes for what they did. And for those who died they will always be remembered for there efforts in the War.
AngelAnthony Castellano
11:55 AM ET (US)
     The USS Franklin carrier was shot and bombed and it was not a pretty sight. This was a very important day to America and this probably will happen again but in a different way. 2500lbs of bombs went off because one plane crashed into the carrier. It was so crazy and it looked like it wasn't a good place to be at that time. US planes and fuel exploded. It hit 12,000 miles away from the US port and that is pretty far.
     This had went through the Panama Canal and that made it a little more easy for the transportation. 724 were killed in this bombings and 265 were wounded. This all happened in 1945 and this was not a pretty sight like I said before.
     In my opinion, I think we have to remember this day because it will give us something to look back on and it will prevent a problem like that from ever happening again or as bad. This is a pretty big ship and it held a lot of people and a lot of people did die and that is just crazy. The people that survived that incident tell the story now like it was yesterday and there are may more stories to tell from them and they deserve so much respect for going though all that and living to the end and never giving up.

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