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ACRA boat rentals offered / wanted

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Kurt E. Butler
03:30 PM ET (US)
Purdue Crew is looking to rent a FLY or Lightweight 1x for women's 1x, rower is 120 lbs. Willing to trade Men's Heavy (190 - 220) 1x Hudson Superpredator.

Coach Butler
(330) 28-8283
Arthur Ericsson
11:11 AM ET (US)
Washington State is looking for a MIDWEIGHT FOUR+
Avg. crew size is 175#
Bowloader preferred.
Please share make/model/year and price.
Thanks! Arthur
Kieran Edwards
11:31 PM ET (US)
Sacramento State Men's Rowing is looking for a Light/Midweight Bow-coxed 4+ for crew average 160 lbs. Preferably the boat would be available from 5/24-5/28. Hudson or newer pocock/vespoli preferred, but not required.
Charley Sullivan
11:26 PM ET (US)
UCSB is looking for a HEAVYWEIGHT (boat average about 210 . . .) pair to race in Gainesville. Also, potentially a midweight four for our Varsity Light Men's Four and/or a heavy four for our Freshman Four. Recent Vespoli's heavily preferred.
Khoua Moua
11:25 PM ET (US)
Sonoma State University looking to rent two midweight fours with:
If you have anything available please email: or
Calvin Cupp
10:44 PM ET (US)
Wichita State University
Equipment for rent
We have several shells and sets of oars for rent
Resolute Intrepid 8+'s
Dirigo 4+'s
Pocock 2x/-'s
Concept II sweep and sculling oars
Daniel Grancea
01:32 PM ET (US)
University of Pittsburgh needs to rent
1. men's mid-weight 8+ preferably wing riggers, for an average 185lbs crew
2. set of oars preferably Smoothie2, w or w/out vortex edge.
Daniel Grancea
Dan Wolleben
11:17 AM ET (US)
Bucknell University has trailer space and the following equipment for rent for the 2017 ACRA Regatta:

2009 Intrepid XT 8+. This can be rowed with a midweight crew, or slightly larger crew. Very good condition.

Multiple 2013 Swift 2-/x - 154-188lbs. Very good condition.

2 sets of 8 Smoothie2 Plain edge C2 oars. Black suede grips. Medium flex, standard shaft.

Contact Dan Wolleben,
Edited 04-25-2017 11:17 AM
Corban McKay
06:00 PM ET (US)
Western Washington Men's Crew looking for a Vespoli V1 EL8+ with wing riggers for ACRA 2017. We are also looking for concept 2 fatty oars.

Contact: Corban McKay
Bill Grier
03:11 PM ET (US)
University of Illinois Women have a 2015 EM V1 8+ available for rent. The shell will be available in the afternoon of May 25 through the regatta.

Additionally, we are looking to rent a light/midweight 2-. The women have been training in an oversized men's shell and would like to race in something more appropriately sized.

Contact: Bill Grier,
Doug Connelly
05:46 AM ET (US)
University of Vermont Women are seeking a lightweight or midweight 2X to rent. 603-439-0376
Dan Wolleben
02:10 PM ET (US)
Bucknell University has trailer space and the following equipment for rent for the 2016 ACRA Regatta:
3 x 2013 Swift 2-/x - 70-85kg. Excellent condition.
2 sets of 8 Smoothie2 Plain edge C2 oars. Black suede grips. Medium flex, standard shaft.
Contact Dan Wolleben,
Micah Boyd
03:30 AM ET (US)
UNC Men's Crew has 2 fours available for rental. Both are wing rigger, E hull, M2 mid-weight shells. One is 2015 and the other is 2011.

Please email me at if you still need shells.
Peter Lorenz
10:44 PM ET (US)
The University of Minnesota has several boats available for rental for ACRA. Email if you have interest in renting one of our shells.

Vespoli DL8+ 175 - 205 lbs 2002 57'9"
Vespoli DL8+ 175 - 205 lbs 1998 57'9"
Vespoli EE=DL4+ 185 - 205 lbs 2001 43'4"
Vespoli EE=DL4L 185 - 205 lbs 2001 43'4"
Vespoli 2- Mid weight mid 90s
Vespoli 2- Mid weight 90s / 80s
Vespoli 2- (L) 180 - 210 lbs 2003
Dylan Hartwick
09:14 PM ET (US)
Binghamton University is looking to rent a 4+ for our Varsity women, average crew weight ~145 lb.
They are accustomed to rowing in a midweight E Hull Vespoli M2, but are very adaptable, and have practiced in pretty much every type of Vespoli hull put out since 1996.
We do have a boat available to us, but as it would require a 4.5 hour round trip on top of our travel to GA, we're hoping to rent at boat that's already down there if possible.
Please contact Dylan Hartwick @ or (845) 325-0796

Thank you!!!
Kelly Gullett
01:49 PM ET (US)
UC Davis Women's rowing is looking to rent a 2- shell for ACRA.
Avg weight 155
Please contact Kelly Gullett at or 602-689-8686
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