Throne of Dust Mafia Throne of Dust Mafia QuickTopic <![CDATA[JiF | U guys r playing gr8]]> 2014-03-10T23:59Z <![CDATA[Ape | Good job guys!]]> 2014-03-10T23:39Z <![CDATA[JackDMafia | Nice game ^^]]> 2014-03-10T23:37Z <![CDATA[CTMm | yes, I think it is **** Official Action **** NK BeeGee]]> 2014-03-10T22:06Z <![CDATA[CTMm | 1. Ape - mafia spy killed day 2 2. Smash - town night killed...]]> 2014-03-10T22:04Z <![CDATA[CTMm | We have 5 left? Then obv kill BG.. he had a vig shot so he's not...]]> 2014-03-10T22:02Z <![CDATA[Ape | Your list from the OP makes it look like everyone was...]]> 2014-03-10T21:52Z <![CDATA[crushlove | ...]]> 2014-03-10T21:50Z <![CDATA[Ape | Sorry Jack, I didn't I was trying to search them and get them...]]> 2014-03-10T21:49Z <![CDATA[crushlove | TL;DNR]]> 2014-03-10T21:43Z <![CDATA[JackDMafia | You didn't read the roles of the departed?]]> 2014-03-10T21:42Z <![CDATA[Ape | Yes, wait for him - he's playing, presumably he's paid more...]]> 2014-03-10T21:42Z <![CDATA[crushlove | Should we wait for CTM? Im fine with killing Baby BG]]> 2014-03-10T21:40Z <![CDATA[crushlove | Nice. sexy.sweet.savory,, Three townie swing. lol]]> 2014-03-10T21:39Z <![CDATA[Ape | It may make the most sense right now to shoot BeeGee, since...]]> 2014-03-10T21:39Z