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Papa Rapi Moderators

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06:06 AM ET (US)
Night 2 actions:

Pizza! - loveternity with vergil
Investigate - vergil
Stare - dini
Offer cookies - loveternity
Stab - gatsby
Snoop -
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02:57 AM ET (US)
Night 1 actions:

Pizza! - loveternity with vergil
Investigate - facelessbeauty
Stare - facelessbeauty
Offer cookies -
Stab - gingertonic
Snoop -
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05:27 PM ET (US)
Angsty Teenager : 8. Loveternity
Angsty Teenager : 12. Choice
Brat: 2. FacelessBeauty
Brat: 7. Pucca
Brat: 11. gingertonic
Brat: 10. gatsby
Brat: 5. Vergil
Creepy violet-eyed child : 6. L0ro
Man : 1. Monsieur Dini
Old Papa Rapi: 4. kaleidoscope
Pizza Delivery Kid: 13. cue5c
Reporter: 3. lost monkey
Woman : 9. Kito
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09:47 AM ET (US)
I would also like to share my method of moderating. You can do with the information what you like, just understand I believe my way to be best for the game of mafia. I am open to adjustments.

When moderating a Mafia game, I see myself as a janitor or even as a butler of the game. My primary concern? Keep the game clean by restating rules when necessary [players will self regulate], and following through at all times with stated consequences. It is not a mod's place to have an opinion on a subject. Never, ever have an opinion. Having an opinion opens you up to accusations of having a lack of impartiality. Always restate the rules when applicable, and admit when rules do not cover a topic. Admitting rules do not cover a topic is sometimes a good thing. My rules have been built over several years and are worded in a certain way. For my games, the rules are merely a beginning point. What is unsaid is fair play.

So restating rules, and having no opinion is the best way a mod can operate. This is my most important rule. Impartiality is extremely important to me. :(

sanariPerson was signed in when posted
09:39 AM ET (US)
At any rate, I'll have you assign the roles and create the quicktopics. We can both handle vote tallies - but I will handle start of day and end of day stories/results.


We will be using all roles. There will be one of each. So all you do is:

- copy paste the name list [numbers included will not matter, it does not take that into account]
- type in the role list names
- hit validate entries
- in the number of times to use title, enter 1 for each line, except townies [brat]. Brat should cover all leftover]

You will then be presented with a role list. The only decision a mod must make when choosing to accept a list is to make sure new players are balanced with old players. Nothing else. No personal requests to be a role should be acted upon. Everything depends on what the randomizer chooses.

And so, in this way - every decision the mod must make must be run through the randomizer. The randomizer can answer any question randomly. I believe this is the most impartial method of moderating.

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