Gurren Lagann Beastman Capital Gurren Lagann Beastman Capital QuickTopic <![CDATA[HnYami | Well, I'm dead, so it's all up to CM for nightkills.]]> 2014-11-21T13:31Z <![CDATA[Albear | I suggest to keep DenjaX alive. He may be independent and a...]]> 2014-11-21T06:29Z <![CDATA[Albear | Man.. even this place is quiet.]]> 2014-11-21T06:28Z <![CDATA[ZombieWolf... | Ryu it is, then.]]> 2014-11-20T02:18Z <![CDATA[CM | Is there any objection to take out Ryu? If not, just proceed...]]> 2014-11-20T01:40Z <![CDATA[CM | Maybe Ryu. Aries was doubtful of Albear's, so to me Ryu is a...]]> 2014-11-20T00:07Z <![CDATA[HnYami | I don't think we should kill Denja quite yet. He might make a...]]> 2014-11-19T22:18Z <![CDATA[CM | Sorry Albear. #_# Is Karu-E going to be modkilled the next...]]> 2014-11-19T14:35Z <![CDATA[ZombieWolf... | Majority vote for kill, action owners decide their own]]> 2014-11-19T08:32Z <![CDATA[Albear | Who makes the final decision now?]]> 2014-11-19T05:46Z <![CDATA[Albear | Kill Aries zombiewolf. Final decision. :)]]> 2014-11-17T23:06Z <![CDATA[Albear | Karu-e will be mod killed for inactivity if she keeps that]]> 2014-11-17T23:02Z <![CDATA[CM | That's unfortunately true. But in previous games, there...]]> 2014-11-17T13:59Z <![CDATA[HnYami | Pretty much anyone we kill tonight will result in Albear...]]> 2014-11-17T13:16Z <![CDATA[CM | If Ryu is dead, others will target Albear. The phase time is...]]> 2014-11-17T11:07Z