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Could this tragedy have been prevented?

02:33 AM ET (US)
A accident happend in Baltimore. A trash truck ran into a train and caused a major accudent and out people in panic. The accident cause carts of the train to get derailed and break.

  People,firefighters and police men were worried cause these cargos had toxins in them and were scared they would explode.After a report was done it was said that the chemicals were not toxin and that they would not harm people.Even tho not at risk a 20 block perimater was set arround the crash sute.

  I think that this accudent was dealt with right manner and quickly. The president said that he wiuld have some Gov offucials put into the investigation if neccisary but he said that the lovals had it inder control.The man that rode the truck was a ex retired firmen.
Jasmeen Maan
06:04 PM ET (US)
 In Baltimore A train and a garbage truck had an accident, and that train contained toxic material that caused an explosion to take place. The driver of the truck survived, but he is in critical condition. He was diabetic or something. I guess some things can be caused, and some are just accident. I honestly don't know what happened but some things are preventable and some are not.
  The sad things is that the explosion caused two houses to blow up, and those houses were far from the explosion. The fire went on for a while. It is sad what happened and i hope everything gets better, especially the driver. I hardly doubt that the driver did this on purpose because i am very sure that he did not want to die.
Alexis Martinez
04:08 PM ET (US)
  All I know about this accident is that the truck crashed into a train that had toxic stuff inside. There were people aside the fire and were recording some of the fire when a blast occured and then in a couple of minutes another blast went off but, way bigger and more dangerous.

  The blast were to be the ones that blew up a house and its widows and everything. But its weird that the truck driver was on the grass and not the road. He was probably tired from work and wanted to sleep or get some rest of maybe driving all day. Maybe thats why he wrecked with the train.
Alexis Perez
03:58 PM ET (US)
 A horrific accident took place in Baltimore involving a garbage truck and a train. A garbage truck ran straight into a moving train causing it to derail. As soon as the train derailed sparks flew and explosions took place. There were no casualties, and the only death accounted for was the truck drivers'.
  The driver of the truck was said to be diabetic, witch could have contributed to the accident. The fire from the train had hazardous chemicals and took 5 hrs. to put out. I believe that the only one that could have prevented this accident was the driver. It might have even been impossible to prevent because it's one of those things that just happen.
The company the driver worked for could have also prevented this by not allowing people that have these types of risks drive. It could have also been intentional, the driver might have wanted to die for some reason. I don't see how anyone else could have prevented this because they simply didn't have the power to do it. I think background checks, and other precautions by companies can prevent events like this, but at times everything can seem ok, but end up the opposite.
Jesus Galindo
03:53 PM ET (US)
A dumpster crashed into a train. The train caught on fire and later exploded. A dumpster truck hit a train and the train was carrying chemicals or something. luckily no one died but the dump truck driver was severely injured. This raises concerns but should not cause anyone to panic. It has been confirmed that people do not have to evacuate the area but they should keep their distance from the accident. Depending on what the driver was doing there could of been prevented. If the driver was drunk what could of gotten prevented was if the driver wasn't drunk. If he was silver what could of prevented it was him not getting on the truck. He was not supposed to on the vehicle because he was retired. My guess is that he was celebrating and got drunk because he retired. Than when drunk he stole a dump truck and made suicide because thought he had nothing to live fore.
Jasmine Mendoza
03:49 PM ET (US)
      Outside of Baltimore there was a train and tuck collision and it caused a big explosion. The explosion caused two warehouses to be ripped apart , it shook homes that were nearly a mile away. About ten miles northeast of the city of Baltimore safety officials say that the rail cars were carrying hazardous materials but not toxic chemicals, the fire was very stubborn because it was lit for hours.
      Anyone who was in a 20 radius has been advised to leave and those who are staying behind have been urged to keep windows closed and air conditioners off. The truck had hit the 47 cart train had immedietly caught on fire. The man that was driving the truck is in very critical conditions.
      I think that is is scary what had happened in the truck and train accident, I feel bad for the man that was driving the truck because he is in very critical conditions right now, hopefully he gets better. I also think that it is scary for all the people from that area because there might be stuff in the air and were told to leave and if not to keep windows and air conditioning off, sooo yyeaaah.
Howard Hughes
03:23 PM ET (US)
A major train derailment took place in Baltimore yesterday. The incident took place after garbage truck crashed directly into an oncoming train causing the train to derail and ignite. It is known that instigator of the accident is a diabetic and that his condition could be linked to causation of the accident. The accident yielded no casualties or fatalities, with the garbage truck driver being the only exception.

Thankfully firefighters were able to douse the flames within 5 hours. The investigation into the accident is still ongoing, hopefully it will be solved.
Jose Ramiez
12:17 PM ET (US)
   A man crashed into a moving train and caused a huge explosion, the fire went on for several hours and contained hazardous materials. I don't really think that this accident could have been prevented by anyone but the driver I mean how could you say that someone else could have prevented it, if they have no power over the trailer truck that hit the train. Well maybe the only other way that they could of kind of prevented it is by not letting old/senior/diabetic/alcoholic/disabled/not good drivers in trucking companies. I think that thats like the only way that they could of prevented this from happening.

   Who knows, maybe this guy did it on purpose he could have done it for any thing. I think that he got mad with someone or something about the trucking company and to take out his anger he crashed on purpose or to kill himself. Something similar happened to my uncle, he had anger issues and one day durring an argument he got into his truck and ramed some other car just to let his anger out. I remember because all my dads brothers were saying that some soccer team was better than another, and then he jumped into his truck and crashed into some lady's car on purpose (yes I have crazy uncles).
12:12 PM ET (US)
There was truck that hit a tiran and then was a big fire nobody got hurt but just the truck diver he is hurt really bad because he hit a tran that was really sad that he didn't he is hurt really bad right now because of what he hit he got really hurt but they sad they dont no whats going to happen because it is to soon to to see how he is going to be because of the in pack that he hute really hard like hard.
    They are going to try to clean it up because they have more trans go buy there but i dont think they can clean it up because that is a lot of work to clean but they are going to do it they have to if they want to gewt tran buy everyday they ned to watch out for that stuff there are alot of crazy people in the world so they need to watch everything around them and see if thing is around you because then you can they wiat but people just go.
       And that is how they get killed becuase they are not looking around when they are diver ut they need to but they dont tey need to because that is how people get hurt buy trans they are really bad to get in frot of them.
Carlos N
12:06 PM ET (US)
A sever accident has happened. The accident didnt caused any lives. Noone was injured. The only person that was hurt was that one that was driving the truck that hit the train. There is still no known reason for the cause of the truck running into the train.

The truck hit the train where acid was located. Thats way caused the explosion. Fifteen carts that the train was carrying were destroyed. I think that they "tragedy" couldn't have been prevented. They only way that it could have been prevented was if either one was not in the way.

Things happen for a reason , thats what I think. Things can be prevented but if it was meant to happen, its just a matter of time that it does. Hope for the best But expect the worse.
Cesar Lopez7
12:03 PM ET (US)
How could this sever accident may have been prevented. There are many ways to prevent things. This was a very riskiey job for the fighter fighters as well to they had to put out the fire an they didn't know if the water was going to feed the fire or many other things.

I think that this could of been prevented. This could have because they could of had a younger driver. Instead they had an old senior guy driving the trailer. An i think they say the senior was already retired an not suppose to be working no more.

There nothing good about this but the good thing was that there were not other people injured there was the only guy who was driving the truck he was hurt bad an is in sever condition in the hospital.
12:00 PM ET (US)
  A trash truck hit a train in Baltimore, both caught on fire. It later exploded which did some damage to near by houses. The train had hazardous material but not toxic. This could have been prevented if the driver of the truck would have noticed he was driving on grass and not the road.
  He was probably tired and wanting to get home to get some rest. He is the only one that got injured in result of all this. People were told to get a specific amount of distance from the explosion. Because of the hazardous material in the air and they might get sick. What of the guy was suecidal? Things like this happen when the driver of a vehicle is sleepy and closing there eyes.
  I think this could have been prevented if the guy would've not been falling asleep. He should of took trucker pills or something to keep him up. Well i think he learned his lesson.

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