Set-Up ToD Set-Up ToD QuickTopic <![CDATA[Avm | LOL just kidding, games over. I've got dumb brains]]> 2014-03-10T22:43Z <![CDATA[Avm | And before someone whines I'm smc'ing, I PMd jack before...]]> 2014-03-10T22:42Z <![CDATA[Avm | CTM was obvious. I was sure of Pac, Verb, BG...would have...]]> 2014-03-10T22:40Z <![CDATA[Avm | /Pacmule'd]]> 2014-03-10T22:39Z <![CDATA[JackDMafia | Yup every night Scum uses crush's ability. Kills AVM. Ends]]> 2014-03-10T20:29Z <![CDATA[leelou | Did Ishy hide behind me every night?]]> 2014-03-10T20:17Z <![CDATA[JackDMafia | Ishy targets lee Scum target lee Pac targets avm]]> 2014-03-10T20:15Z <![CDATA[Nolder | uh oh Also if game ends uhhh I think someone else should go...]]> 2014-03-10T18:45Z <![CDATA[JackDMafia | Scum target Leelou If Ishy hides behind her game over]]> 2014-03-10T17:56Z <![CDATA[JackDMafia | Yup. But I'm pretty sure scum is gunna win.]]> 2014-03-10T17:55Z <![CDATA[Nolder | Looks like a cool setup actually. Didn't realize how much...]]> 2014-03-10T16:29Z <![CDATA[JackDMafia | To say the least.]]> 2014-03-10T03:57Z <![CDATA[LilyESmith | Pac has certainly been off this game. lol]]> 2014-03-10T03:41Z <![CDATA[JackDMafia | Mafia kill hess Pac targets AVM]]> 2014-03-10T00:06Z <![CDATA[JackDMafia | Ishy hides behind Leelou]]> 2014-03-08T22:41Z