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Natalie Goodwin
10:50 PM CT (US)
Hey everyone! This is just a reminder that our last meeting is this Wednesday 4/27 in room 1190 at 6 pm. We will be having a pizza party, active graduating members will receive their cords, and t-shirts can be picked up if anyone already hasn't done so. See you then! Have a great last week of classes!
Moriah Sven
10:45 AM CT (US)
Quick reminder that the banquet is tomorrow (Tuesday April 19) from 6-8 pm in the Union Ballroom. This counts for attendance as a normal meeting would. See you all there!
Natalie Goodwin
12:58 PM CT (US)
Hey guys! Please don't forget to let Dr. Brito know of any grad school plans so it can be presented at the banquet on Tuesday! Thanks!
Quincy Knolhoff
10:30 AM CT (US)
Don't forget that tonight tshirts will be available for pick up in our normal room at 6 pm! Next week is the banquet, which will be pretty busy to be worrying about passing out shirts on top of everything, so tonight is your chance to get them if you want yours before the last meeting!
Bridgette Bowen
10:03 AM CT (US)
Hey guys! Just a reminder that the banquet RSVPs are due today if you haven't turned them in yet! Try to get them into the psi chi mailbox in the office or if all else fails drop it off during our exec meeting tonight.
Emma Petersen
09:05 AM CT (US)
Hey everyone! First and foremost, I have a study I am working on with Dr. Ahmed. We ran into some problems with SONA, but everything is figured out now. Nonetheless, we are desperate for data/participants (as upcoming research conferences are quickly approaching). If you guys could take the survey below, it would be much appreciated! Only takes ten minutes!


Also Dr. Mace and Dr. Ahmed are running an in-person study on involuntary memories and attention. It is about a 40 minute session, but a $5 participation reward is provided afterwards. Contact either Dr. Mace or Dr. Ahmed for more information.

Thanks, Emma
Karianne Dvorak
02:01 PM CT (US)
Hey guys!
Looks like the shirts won't be ready for another week. Sorry about that! I'll have them for everyone at our next meeting.
Natalie Goodwin
08:54 AM CT (US)
Hello everyone!

This is just a reminder that we have a meeting this Wednesday 4/6 at 6 pm in room 1190. We will be having service night and voting on faculty of the year and student of the year. Hopefully the banquet invitations will be ready to pass out too! See you guys then! (:
Eleanor Crouse
10:47 PM CT (US)
Hey guys! My group in research methods is now looking for participants for our research project. We would really appreciate it if you would all take our survey. It takes 10min or less. Thank you!!!

Natalie Goodwin
07:47 PM CT (US)
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to update everyone that nominations are officially closed now for faculty of the year and student of the year. The nominations for faculty are: Dr. Addison, Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Bernas, and Dr. Nardi. The nominations for students are: Alli Dart, Moriah Sven, Natalie Goodwin, Quincy Knolhoff, and Anna Farris. Voting will take place at our meeting next Wednesday on 4/6. Enjoy the rest of your week!
Anna Farris
03:07 PM CT (US)
Hey friends! I'm in the process of collecting data for my honors thesis, and I would REALLY appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to do my survey.

Liv Link
02:16 PM CT (US)

Hey everybody, I hope your Wednesday is fabulous... I have a bit of a favor to ask you.

I'm my chapter's nominee for Greek Week Queen this year and I'm 1 point away from being in first place (behind the beautiful, talented, and obviously well deserving Catie Witt, for those of you who know her)

But it would mean SOOOO MUCH TO ME if you guys would take the time to vote for me.

A link has been sent to you all in Panthermail, it may have gone to your junk/clutter box though so please check there. The subject line is "2016 Greek Week Royalty Voting"

I would endlessly appreciate you guys voting for me.
 Please let me know if you have any questions

If the link isn't there yet - keep checking your email periodically. Voting ends Thursday 3/31 at 2pm sharp.
Natalie Goodwin
01:38 PM CT (US)
Hi everyone. Please do not forget to send me nominations for psi chi student of the year and faculty of the year because we will be voting for these at the meeting next Wednesday. They can be sent to nagoodwin@eiu.edu. So far I have Dr. Addison and Dr. Nardi for faculty and Moriah Sven, Alli Dart, and Natalie Goodwin for students.
Eleanor Crouse
04:45 PM CT (US)
Hey everyone! My friends are in research methods and they would really appreciate it if you could take their survey! It only takes about 10min.


Thank you!
Natalie Goodwin
04:40 PM CT (US)
Hey guys! If you will be here next year and are not currently involved in undergraduate research please consider it because it is very important if you plan on attending graduate school. Most schools like to see students involved in at least 2 semesters. Here is a link with professors looking for students http://eiupsichi.weebly.com/research-opportunities.html
Have a great weekend!
mckenna smith
07:34 PM CT (US)
Student of the year : Alli Dart
Faculty : Dr. Addison
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