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Independent Reading Journal Feb 27, 2013

Quinten WoodardPerson was signed in when posted
10:44 AM ET (US)
Fallen Angels pg.145
Since this post is past due I'll talk about what I'm reading now, which is Fallen Angels. I do have to say is it is a good book, only thing that I don't like is how we (America) made fools of our selves trying to show how powerful we are. All in all though the book is depressing. How is it that we could keep falling over ourselves trying to show we have big guns?!? I like the way the the book is written because that is how they talked back then. If they made a movie for this book, it would get so many awards.
Brittney Groenewold
02:07 PM ET (US)
Trials of death pg. 146. Non-Fiction

Trials of Death is the 5th book in the Cirque Du Freak series. The series is about a young boy named Darren Shan that was turned into a vampire. In this book Darren and his Master Mr. Crepsley go to Vampire Mountain for a vampire celebration. During their stay Darren has to take 5 test to prove that he can survive as a vampire. The first test he takes is the Aquatic Maze where you have to go through a maze when it is filling up with water whale having a rock half you wight around you waist. The second challenge Needle cave. You have to clime through a cave full of needles and not die. The third challenge if the put of fire. During this challenge you have to try to not durn to death for 15min. Darren get burned really badly.
Abby Gacke
12:28 PM ET (US)
I'm reading Forever and I'm on page 245.
This book is fiction and its the fifth book in a series. Earlier in this book the kids found out that they have another sibling and that he is famous. Luke who was the only boy is struggling with the fact that he has an older brother. To make matters worse, thats all his sisters call to talk about. He don't feel appreciated by his wife she always is putting him down, but he's doing the same thing to her. Their marriage is failing and they both won't do anything to fix it. All the do is yell at each other and say it was the other persons fault. The paparazzi found out that the Baxter's are Dayne biological family so they are following everyone around and trying to get all of their deepest darkest secrets. Which doesn't help Luke out much. One day while Luke is out Reegan, his wife, finds a letter addressed to them both from Luke's father. She reads it and its about marriage and how to have a successful one. Reegan's mood totally changes and she wants to try some of it out on Luke to see if it will work.
Rachael Vinzant
12:24 PM ET (US)
I'm the fiction book Redemption by Karen Kingsbury and I'm on pg 44.

The book I'm currently reading is a fiction book. It is the first book in the Redemption seres that has about 15 books total. I just started the book and I'm really enjoying it. Right now I have just been getting the background of Kari Baxter's life. Kari's husband Tim Jacob's is cheating on her with Angela Manning who used to be a student in his class. Tim Jacobs is a professor at Indiana State University. It hasn't been clarified yet, but I have a feeling Angela is cheating on her boyfriend too. Kari is explaining the hurt she still feels for her ex-boyfriend Ryan Taylor who is a professional football player. There are only a couple things so far I don't like. This book is Christian fiction which I have read some of, but not a whole lot so I expected there to be mentions of God and religion in here, but it just seems unnecessary. I think this book could truly be the same book without the references to religion. Otherwise I'm really enjoying this book. I can't wait to be introduced to new characters and learn more about Kari's life.
Josh Mettler
12:24 PM ET (US)
I am reading Peter and the Starcatchers and ended on page 80 today. This book is in my opinion fantasy. This book is based on Peter Pan, but it is not the cartoon Disney Peter. This is what Disney based the movie off of and it is a very interesting story so far. Peter is an orphan in England aboard a ship called "The Never Land". He is on his way to a place called Rundoon to be a servant for a king. Life on this boat is very harsh where he lives with 3 other orphans and they struggle to find food. They must steal food because the food they get is inedible. Peter has just discovered a room with a chest that is heavily guarded and supposedly made a rat fly. My guess is that he will try to find what is inside the chest.
Tayt Boeckholt
12:23 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading the book March. The genre of the book is fiction I believe and it would be considered historical fiction because it is around and about the civil war. It starts off in the scene of a battle, and is kind of hard to understand right away, but once I got deeper into the book it all started making sense. I am enjoying the book, it is very interesting the way they lived back then and how much different people were. People were so much more elegant and polite back then compared to now. Soldiers would just drop in anytime at peoples houses and were welcomed in and could stay as long as they pleased. It is crazy how harsh some of the rules were against slaves, for example the fact that they were forbidden to learn how to read is just mind-blowing. I don't really like how jumpy it can be at times, because it can be hard to stay focused. I like how descriptive it is though about everything because i feel like im actually there.
Jake Anderson
12:22 PM ET (US)
I am reading Monster by Walter Dean Myers I am on page 211.

Monster is about a 16 year old boy on trial for felony murder. Steve Harmon was a look out for a burglary at a drug store and is on trial for up to a 25 year sentence. Two other men committed the actual crime, theft and murder. Steve is writing his experience in jail and on trial as a movie for others to see. It is nice to read a book that is written a little differently. I am enjoying the book, it is very interesting. I am really looking forward to see what fate the jury has decided for him. He makes jail sound like a horrible place, this motivates me to never end up there. I think Steve is partially guilty and should serve at least one year for being an accomplice. He shouldn't receive a 25 year sentence because what he did was not that severe. I predict that he will not guilty of the crime.
Cody Watkins
12:22 PM ET (US)
I am reading Airman ant page 384

This book is about family, hardship, and love. It is a Fiction that is not part of a series. I am really loving this book because there is some stuff you never expect. It is exiting to read about Conor Broekhart changing in to Conor Finn when he went to prison. You have to read the book to under stand why he went jail. I dislike the fact that it has some slow parts in it. Although the good part make you through the slow ones. I really like the fact of the alter personality when he is in prison and when he is not.
Ben Gute
12:20 PM ET (US)
Walk in Hell Page 115

The book i'm reading is in the alternate history book genre. I'm not entirely sure if it is part of a series or not. I do think it is pretty likely that it is though. I am enjoying the book to my surprise, especially considering the format of it. It's a lot of short stories about different aspects of the war. You have navy men, army men, officers, a lot of civilians and how the war impacts them. With both sides represented just about equally I'd say. Although I do like the short story aspect of the book, at the same time I wish it would revisit some of the characters and tell me what is happening with them. I'd also have preferred for the short stories to be a little longer. I don't really have any dislikes with the book, with the exception of not liking a couple of particular short stories.
Emily S
12:17 PM ET (US)
The book I am reading is called Monster and I am on page 65. The genre of the book is fiction and it's a mystery/thriller. I've really enjoyed it so far because there's already been a lot of excitement. It's about this couple who are going to the woods for a weekend because the husband wants his wife to get out of the house. When they got to the cabin, it was torn up and they thought it might've been a bear. So, they camped uphill to it for the night; however, whatever attacked the house came back. The woods were filled with screams and wails and they had no idea what was going on as they made a mad scramble in the dark, running for their lives. It's really exciting so far and I'm really curious as to what will happen next, because the wife was taken by the creature and now they are sending out a search party for her. I really like the action in this book, but I'm getting really frustrated with some of the characters. The police don't believe the husband's report of what happened and think he is crazy, so it's irritating to read. Also, the husband is somewhat condescending to his wife because she is nervous about the outdoors and that's annoying. All in all, I'm enjoying it.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
09:59 PM ET (US)
Your last journal indicated that you have all read between 5 and 12 books. Great job! We have one week left in the quarter, so try to finish at least one more. Next week we will have a short in-class self evaluation/reflection using all of the books you have read this quarter.

Start with your current book name and page #.

We'll just do a generic post today. Write 10 sentences about what you are reading right now. What genre is the book (romance, sports, non-fiction, etc)? Is it part of a series? Are you enjoying the book? What do you like or dislike about it?
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