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This Open Salt Can Be Yours

You may use this chat to post salts that you want to sell. There is no charge for using it please be descriptive when posting a salt for sale you must leave you email address or a way to be contacted. Include Price, Description and a Picture

Let me know when you sell your listed salt and I will remove it from the list. Jeff

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11:39 AM ET (US)
Hi Casey,
Thank you for your post. There is a club in your area and they would be delighted to give your salts to good homes.
08:12 AM ET (US)
I collected open salts as a kid (so 40 years ago). They are currently in a box in my garage and I would like to give them away free to a good home. About 100?
I do not want to ship them, so if anyone is local enough to central Maryland we can talk. I might take advantage of today's rainy day to unwrap them and take some pictures. Will post if I can. LMK if there is any interest or if there is local club where I can donate.
03:07 PM ET (US)
Mary, yes you would love this collection. Wednesday she wanted to sell them on Thursday she didn’t. She is 90 and she just can’t part with them.
Diane Hammond
03:18 PM ET (US)

Mary , I’m not sure how to contact you , this is all new to me . This is just from 1 box of my Mom’s . I do have masters , will locate and post you pictures . Please contact me via email. d.hammond115@gmail.com . Also please send me your email address. Thanks .
08:09 PM ET (US)
Hi Diane, can you send me some pictures? Masters also. Just something to give me an idea of what is there. Oh, I guess it would be best to find out if you can wrap 'em and pack 'em and ship them. Thanks, Mary
04:36 PM ET (US)
I would like to sell my Mom’s whole collection . How do I go about this ? She has at least 500 mostly all one of a kind and individual one . I do have a box of masters too .
04:10 PM ET (US)
Hi Sarah, I would be quite interested. Please send me what you have and give her my email so she can send me pictures. Thanks a bunch...

Looks like we both are going to have to rely on pictures from afar to keep us in tune with the antics and information at the convention...
02:14 PM ET (US)
Hi got a phone call this morning from a daughter in Santa Rosa who is trying to sell her mothers collection of 100 salts. If your interested I can supply you with the eggs. Phone number. No pictures yet, bot some are Royal Bayreuth.
02:23 PM ET (US)

Additional pictures
can respond to rdcom1@ptd.net
Edited 06-18-2019 02:24 PM
02:22 PM ET (US)

 My family inherited a salts collection from my aunt and we are looking to sell them. I have pictures of about 75 of them but there are probably 50 + more. Any suggestions on how to sell or if anyone is interested in buying some or all. Currently, the 75 salts are residing in PA and the additional are in VA and OR but can get pictures . Just looking for a fair price.
10:12 AM ET (US)
Hi Janet. Any chance of some pictures so we can see what her collection consisted of? Also where are you located and are you willing to ship the salts if necessary? Thanks,Mary
Janet Campbell
09:42 AM ET (US)
My Grandmother Doris Foster Campbell began collecting salts on her Honeymoon in approximently 1920. I inherited her collection of nearly 100 salts with her journal descriptions. They were valued at $400 in 1983. I’m looking to sell the entire collection. Thank you.
Judy JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
06:33 PM ET (US)
Hello Robin! For starters, can you tell us where you are located and approximately how many salts you are looking to sell? If you are a Facebook user, I would also suggest posting your question there in the Open Salt Collectors of the World group. I'm one of the admins, so I will get you approved asap!

Empress Judy
COLD, icky Upstate NY
05:57 PM ET (US)
Can someone recommend a good place to start in trying to sell a large salt dip collection recently inherited? Is it best to try on-line or to sell in person?
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