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Why do people inhabit areas known for horrific weather patterns? Can you think of any other natural disasters that have taken lives recently?

01:26 AM ET (US)
Natural disasters ussualy happen in places like this that are humid and hot ir really cold. The main places for disasters are Florida,Texas,Wyoming and New York. I am not really sure why people live there i gues it's cause they were bire there or raised there that they want to make there iwn life there.I feel really bad for thise people and hope for them the best and thst they are all reunited with there families.

  What ahappend to these people in texas is horrible i meam there house were destroyed and where left with Zero.When these people were interviewed they were speechlees they could nit even say a word about what had happend cause they were still in shock.
Jasmine Mendoza
12:05 PM ET (US)
      In North Texas there was a series of tornados on thursday. The tornado killed 6 people and injured dozens of people, Seven of 14 people who had previously been unaccounted for had checked in by Thursday morning, Deeds said at a press conference on Thursday. About 100 people were reported injured and as many as 250 were homeless after the swarm of twisters that ripped up trees and knocked down homes on Wednesday evening. The 6 people that were killed were all adults.
      Granbury, a town of 8,000 about 65 miles southwest of Dallas, was thought to be among the worst-hit areas. Mostly everything that was in its reach was hit badly, many homes were destroyed completely and it was all pretty much turned into chunks and rubble. I think that it is very sad for people that have to go through these types on natural disasters because they can do nothing to stop it. Also, I feel bad for the people because they lost everything, the people that live there probably don't leave because that is their home and where they might have grown up all their lives so they choose to stay.
      Natural disasters that have recently happened would be Hurricane Sandy, that was also a very bad natural disaster because it to destroyed homes and things like that. I don't understand this world because it has so many weird things about it and there are things that we don't even know about and things that the government is hiding from us. I think that it is sad about the tornados thought because I don't know what I would do in a situation like that and especially if there was more than one but yeah I hope that the people are ok.
Jasmeen Maan
06:33 PM ET (US)
  IN Texas a tornado destroyed many homes, six people died and many have been left injured. It is very sad and devastating knowing that you have lost everything you had, your home, car clothes leaving you homeless. Many folks were rescued and they were taken by some means of transportation.
 I cant imagine losing a family member my home and everything all at once, I wish that these people can recover from this disaster. I hope that we can help these people some how like donating money or clothes. i Know by helping these people i would feel good.
  The damage that is done must be very costly and i know it will take a while for everything to go back to the way it was, I mean i know it will not be exactly the same. Who knows exactly how many people died or have been injured there is no exact number.
Carlos N
03:55 PM ET (US)
Natural disasters happen every day every time of the day. They are called Natural disasters for a reason. Recently There has been a disaster that hit Texas. A Tornado hit Texas. Natural Disasters are a lot of things. They are just not tornados, Natural disasters can be anything that mother nature causes.

IN texas there was seven people that died. There was Five people that were missing. I think its pretty scary wen something like that happens. Especially if it hits you, and you didn't even know it. When people get lost to, you don't know weather they are dead or alive.

Natural Disasters happen naturally, so there is no telling when it will happen. Somethings that do happen naturally can be predicted. But that will only give you a few hours to think about what it is you are going to do.
04:32 PM ET (US)
In Granbury,Texas a massive and devastating tornado hits.These tornadoes starte and devastated on wednesday and demolished complete homes and have left families homeless and scared. 6 people died and at least dozens injured many people were trapped and had to wait until rescued by the first respond units. Many people were taken on school buses and other means of transportation and token to shelters and school gyms.
Yesenia G
04:32 PM ET (US)
I think people inhabit areas even thou they are known for horrific weather because thats where there from and there families are from. I wouldn't wanna live somewhere where I know my family is in danger. I guess those people just think different.
Jose Villanueva
04:24 PM ET (US)
  A natural disaster happened in Texas killing more than six and it took down many houses, the tornados that hit was only one of ten in Texas. North Texas residents took in the devastation on Thursday wreaked by a series of tornadoes that killed six and injured dozens more in what Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds described as a “nightmare” scenario. Seven of 14 people who had previously been unaccounted for had checked in by Thursday morning, Deeds said at a press conference on Thursday. About 100 people were reported injured and as many as 250 were homeless after the swarm of twisters that ripped up trees and knocked down homes on Wednesday evening.
  Granbury, a town of 8,000 about 65 miles southwest of Dallas, was thought to be among the worst-hit areas. Images of the town revealed leveled homes, badly damaged cars, uprooted trees and downed power lines. Seventeen more buildings showed major damage, while more than 40 showed minor damage including to windows and roofing shingles. Hurricane Sandy just happen a couple months ago and that was pretty bad, there still building more things in the east coast.
   Nearly forty patients were taken to Lake Granbury Medical Center and 18 discharged, with the majority of injuries including cuts, broken bones, and some head injuries. There not alone, I know that there going to be people that are going to help rebuild and get back to normal. All the families are going to be in my prayers.
Howard Hughes
01:56 PM ET (US)
Tragedy devastated a small Texas town last night. The tornado struck without much advanced notice (not an uncommon occurrence). The tornado forced the town's residents to take flight, leaving their possessions behind. The Tornado is also responsible for at least six fatalities in the small town.

The government is at this moment providing much needed services to these newly struggling families. Hopefully there recovery process is short but successful one.
Jose Ramiez
01:35 PM ET (US)
   A natural disaster happened in Texas killing more than six and it took down many houses, the tornados that hit was only one of ten in Texas. The tornadoes were very close in timing they said that a tornado would hit every ten minutes. They said that the tornado went over 8,000 residences and if it destroyed them all there is going to be many money needed to repair all damages made by these horrendes tornadoes. I think that the only reason why many people didn't die or suffer many injuries is because there were warnings, I think that they must be used to these warnings because tornados happen very often in this adea. Well I don't know why but I've always wanted to see a tornado in person, I know that it can cause many damages but they look very interesting to pursuit. I think that some people are used to or no longer have fear for these natural disasters because they are used to it happening there. I can think of several natural disasters that have taken some likes recently, like Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Catrina, well I don't remember much about the hurricane Catrina but it must of been bad because I remember that all of my mom's friends would get all sad when they'll talk about it.
   I think that people inhabit areas known for horrific weather patterns because they like were they live or maybe just because they were raised there and they don't want to leave because they think that earthquakes or hurricanes/floods are worst than tornadoes. Well I guess that its almost the same as we think, we think that living somewhere where there is many tornados, hurricanes, floods, or blizzards is dumb, yet we live in an area where their is earthquakes and wild fires. They might not want to experience or learn different things, like us I mean we have been practicing earthquake drills since elementary school and we have all experienced one, but if we move to a place were there is tornados we will fear them more because we have never lived one nor we know the drills and cations for when there is one. I think that it could all depend on the person too, like if it were to be me the one that moved to Texas I think that I could get used to living in an area where there is many tornados because I like them even though I haven't ever experienced one.
   The only other natural disasters that have taken lives recently are hurricane Sandy, hurricane Catrina, and some wild fires in California. I really don't remember much about hurricane Catrina but I remember it was very devastating because everyone in school and my mom's friends were all talking about it, I remember my mom would say that it was real sad for those who lived in that area. Even though I don't remember much I know that there were some deaths and many houses were destroyed. About hurricane Sandy I know that there were some deaths and that many people were affected by this disaster. And the wild fires that happen in California aren't something new, I think that they happen every year when it is very hot. I think not many people die in these wildfires because they are pretty big and nobody would want to be in the mountains if they are in fire.
01:15 PM ET (US)
In Granbury , Texas a big tornado hit and little town and hurt a lot of people they are still looking for people right now because they keep looking for then and the are founding lot of people they been finding dead people that is not good that is rally sad because that is someone family member and its sad to found because that could be really sad to talk about it when it is ovewr there is wood every were
Jesus Galindo
12:46 PM ET (US)
6 people died and over 100 injured in a tornado. This tornado destroy'd houses but even more gravely destroy'd peoples lives. Last year in japan a tsunami nearly cover'd the small country. The tsunami was caused by a hurricane. Hurricane took people's homes and lives. They had made a giant wall so that the tsunami wont go over. The tsunami still went over the wall and the wall actually kept the water inside the city. Natural disasters can happen any time and ou just wont know it. It could hit right at your house any time and any any were. A tornado is made when hot air and cold air chase each other. there have recently been earth quicks that had destroy'd homes and more lives. Natural disasters are tornados, tsunamis, volcanos, and hurricanes.
Alexis Martinez
12:46 PM ET (US)
  In Texas a tornado had just hit the town of Granbury, and everything got blown to pieces. At the end of all this there was 6 people and a lot of other people were really hurt or injured. I would be scared if this happened to me in our neighbor and everyone would too. They had tornado warnings but they people there thought it wouldn't come as fast as they thought.
  In a couple of minutes the tornado came like there was no tomorrow. Everyone saw it and hid in bathtubs, closets, and other places that was good to hide in like basements. A lot of victims were taken out in school buses to nearby hospitals or clinic's.
Cesar Lopez7
12:27 PM ET (US)
Why but why do people inhabit areas known for horrific weather patterns. I think that many people live in these areas because they are adapted to there areas. Many like living there because thats where they lived there hole lives. An there roots are from there. Or theyve tried other places an maybe they didnt like the place. If i knew my life an my hole families lives where all in danger I would move with out thinking about it.

Othere disasters that have happend in the past. Is hurricane Sandy it took many peoples homes aways. With a very bad damage to all the house. I took an killed a couple of people. These are disasters that should try to be prevented .

I think that these things should be more prevented and more protections against these things. I think that all the people should always be on alert for these kind of things. Many people an the cities should have protections an better alert calls for these things.
12:09 PM ET (US)
  In Granbury,Texas a tornado hit. But that was only one out of ten that night. Many people were injured and some were very serious. 6 people died in result many were injured.
  Houses collapsed, cars destroyed and many people hurt. People live in these areas because they originated from there, so they want to be proud of were there from. Or maybe they don't have enough money to move out of that place. Victims taken out in school buses. They had tornado warnings so they can prepare for them. 10 tornadoes hit North Texas that night. About 8,000 people live in the areas were the tornadoes hit. This is a disaster for those who are injured, homeless and dead. Hurricane sandy happened awhile back with houses destroyed to.
  I think these people should get together and rebuild. I don't know what the government is going to do or maybe nothing at all because it is natural. This is bad for those going threw this.
12:07 PM ET (US)
  There has been a hurricane in the East of Texas. Hood County, was where the hurricane took place and got practically destroyed by the hurricane. Sic were dead and about more than a hundred injured and that's like too much disaster. The place is ugly and the houses, cars, animals even being enrolled in this.

  I think it's just sad an people going through this but this is what happens sometimes and people have to loose everything. Some families were safe an they didn't loose their homes but others did. The cars looked like they have been through the hurricane and left it like a little toy. The pieces are so small and all around the ground when that was a house before.

  Many people evacuated and some went to other places others ran and went thorough something so sad and scary. Some good things is people help the animals and take them to their owners or a safe place. Witch is sad because so many useful things that people cherished are all gone. I think it's a horrible tragic thing that is so bad. Other natural disasters that are compared to this one is Haiti and hurricane Sandy.
AngelAnthony Castellano
12:05 PM ET (US)
     This is very horrible and there was very horrible tornados in North Texas and this was just crazy. Natural disasters can kill many people but this Tornando damaged many things and killed about 6 people I believe. This occurred in Hood County and what a tornado this was because it caused a lot of damage. I dont really know why these people live there even if they know that these horrible act of nature happens.
      I believe that they live there because that is where they were born and raised and other people just don't really care for it. I wouldn't know why someone would not care for it. I would cautious every time that there was a dark cloud over if I lived over there. Tornados are crazy and just happen so fast and you only have a couple minutes to react to it. What do people do if they are not watching TV or something and do not get they warning?
     I don't know but there has been worse than this though but this tornando just damaged more things than people. Well 6 people died and that is kind of a lot of people and they will be in memory of those who love them. It is kind of crazy how the news doesn't make a big thing about a couple people dying but they make a big thing out of a lot of people dying. Like I could understand why but those killed even in a small group should get recognized too.

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