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New QT features: your feedback

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10:26 AM ET (US)
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Marcia BlakePerson was signed in when posted
07:32 PM ET (US)
Steve has simplified yet another way in which Pro members use QT. I think his photo should be in the dictionary next to KISS.
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Steve Yost
09:53 PM ET (US)
Putting it high on the to-do list!


On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 6:52 PM, QT - Debi Raitz <
qtopic-50-PhAveTvrPJB@quicktopic.com> wrote:

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Debi RaitzPerson was signed in when posted
06:52 PM ET (US)
I would love it if you were able to post more than one picture per message. Any chance for that?
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jtallonPerson was signed in when posted
04:49 PM ET (US)

A suggestion I have is that when you want to invite a new reader to your topic(s) you can do that for all topics at once instead of having to send out multiple emails for each topic you want to share.

MarpPerson was signed in when posted
07:10 PM ET (US)
I have a request/suggestion for QT features:

First, I would like a setting to fully lock topics that I have set to "Disallow further posts". Although new posts are stopped I would like to lock the topic so existing posts cannot be deleted or edited, just read.

Second, I would like a setting that allows the poster information (name, date, time, IP) to remain when a poster deletes a post.

Thank you.
Edited 04-04-2014 07:10 PM
Craig AndersonPerson was signed in when posted
05:48 PM ET (US)
Hi there

I am in New Zealand and we are currently GMT +13 as we are in daylight savings time (NZDT).
When I try to change the Date/Time Display to GMT +13 I get ...

The difference in hours from GMT should be in the range -12 to 12


Craig Anderson
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Bill KileyPerson was signed in when posted
03:19 PM ET (US)
I have a QTPro account and want to require Password to access the account. I've set the Password to "On" and entered the password, however, when I create an email invitation I don't see anything that requires a password and, when I sent an invitation, the provided link
enables access. Any assistance regarding how to set/use the password is very much appreciated.
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Marcia BlakePerson was signed in when posted
10:55 AM ET (US)
The Tools and Settings buttons only appear on Topics (boards) that you own, because they're the only ones you can manage and change with all the nifty Pro features. Hit the My Topics button at the top of this Topic to go to your list; then click to any Topic that you started. You'll see separate buttons at the top of that page for Tools and Settings. HTH!
Cat61x3Person was signed in when posted
07:38 AM ET (US)
Thank you, but I don't have a tools and settings button! I just have New Topic, My Topics, News, my name, Profile, & Sign out. I've signed in and out, and reloaded the board so many times and I still don't have the tools and settings button.
Steve Yost
06:38 AM ET (US)
I'm terribly sorry about the delay. We had a site outage for an hour yesterday (the first in five years) that distracted me. But that's no excuse. I've given you two months of Pro and issued you a refund for your trouble. Hope you'll come back for another try.

To use your Pro features, click the Tools and Settings buttons at the top of your board.

Steve Yost

On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 10:46 PM, QT - Cat61x3 <
qtopic-50-PhAveTvrPJB@quicktopic.com> wrote:

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Cat61x3Person was signed in when posted
10:46 PM ET (US)
So, it's been 12 hours and no response? And, no QT Pro for my board. Nice. I want a refund. This is BS.
Cat61x3Person was signed in when posted
10:26 AM ET (US)
I just "gifted" my board QT Pro for 2 months and it hasn't changed at all. When will it happen?
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
10:51 PM ET (US)
John, try him here:


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River Bend News On QuickTopic
03:37 PM ET (US)
Steve, can't use form to contact you. Get error message. Can't post links. Get error message. john.kolsun@comcast.net
KoraznroPerson was signed in when posted
02:16 PM ET (US)
Is it possible for us to be able to ban people from a chat?
MarpPerson was signed in when posted
11:57 PM ET (US)
One of my participants started a New Topic and apparently is the administrator of that topic with my only control being the ability to share the topic or not.

While I have a very good group we do occasionally attract unwanteds so the ability for anyone posting to be able to start a topic under "my" forum without my consent, ability to set restrictions or in any way control what is posted does not make me happy.

Can this situation be overcome? I need to have the ability to control what is posted and prevent unwanted topics from being introduced.
TakhisisPerson was signed in when posted
10:36 PM ET (US)
Is there any way in which more posts can be viewed per page? I've seen some long topics going on after one or more thousand posts.
MarpPerson was signed in when posted
09:30 PM ET (US)
I'm in agreement with those that propose incremental gifts/donations rather than a full subscription.

I can also see some benefit in allowing participants to start topics but only if I can turn the feature on and off.

A private messaging feature between Administrator and participants and between participants and Administrator would be most welcome.
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
04:18 PM ET (US)
I like the gift idea-already doing that via a message-an official way to do it would work better.
Not sure about sub-QT's added to my account. Less is more for most people who complain about receiving too many emails.....

PLEASE loosen the restriction on banner image...it is such a pain to crop something and have it look good with the current file size limit...modest increase would look so much better than the pixelated jpeg's I end up with
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
04:12 PM ET (US)
I would like to see easier user settings and customizations to the banner and intro areas. Also a way to share a file such as a doc or pdf would be really useful. How about a like button ? Kidding
11:38 AM ET (US)
Yes to both. I post often links to myelofibrosis topic and verification process is a pain. Or an impossibility if many links. Otherwise please know your service has helped score or more of patients with severe illnesses. Thank you Steve Yost!
TJ EngstPerson was signed in when posted
08:31 AM ET (US)
The feature of allowing someone to gift a QT Pro subscription isn't something that I would be likely to use (or have used for me). The feature of allowing other people to post a new shared topic is potentially of use, though I have no pressing need for it. My group uses QT in a fairly specific way, and it works well for what we do already. A sticky note type post at the top would be cool, because I already do that, but since there is no feature for that (that will appear at the top of the text that I want people to review), I have to stick it as a "comment" beneath and early paragraph.
Marcia BlakePerson was signed in when posted
01:10 PM ET (US)
I would use both features, Steve, esp. with the tweak and additional description in your /m7. And aren't you the clever and thoughtful one for (a) thinking about adding these, and (b) checking with your users about the usefulness of the features! Typical QT: So useful, so powerful, and still so eminently KISSy. Thank you!
Debi Raitz
11:16 AM ET (US)
I would not use either feature although they may be useful for some people. I agree with the idea to add the features, but allow the administrator to turn them off so they are not even visible on the page.

Regarding the "sticky note" that would stay at the top of the page, just use your tools to insert text at the top. I have a lot of decoration on my Quick Topic page and change it seasonally. Makes it more interesting.
mar39Person was signed in when posted
10:49 AM ET (US)
It all sounds good to me. I have a few people that help me now.
Steve YostPerson was signed in when posted
10:22 AM ET (US)
Thanks for the amazingly quick and useful ideas so far!
I like the "pitch in" vs. "gift an entire subscription" idea. I may do the simpler one first, and add the other ASAP later.
The Create-a-new-topic feature would definitely be optional, and it would be off by default -- I should have mentioned that.

Please keep the thoughts and ideas coming!
Edited 12-01-2013 10:23 AM
dauntlessPerson was signed in when posted
10:19 AM ET (US)
My suggestions would be...1. Allow html to post multiple pictures in a post....2. Allow a "sticky" posts by admin that would remain at the top of the board.....3 allow a live chat box like the one provided by Evolve to be displayed on the message board page. I use this on another site and it really gets used quite a bit.
dauntlessPerson was signed in when posted
10:15 AM ET (US)
User paid subscription is great. User created topics....not so much. I don't want my group splintering into different factions....and it would remove some of my contol of my board. Don't want to see that....or at least make an admin control where I can turn that feature on/off.
JustJanPerson was signed in when posted
09:29 AM ET (US)
I like both ideas, Steve. The Create-A-New-Topic feature would make sense for my participants.

And I agree with Dan about check-boxes where participants could pay smaller amounts instead of the entire renewal amount. This way if several want to pitch-in, they can.
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
09:19 AM ET (US)
For my purposes, the Create-A-New-Topic feature makes no sense. For each of my topics, I have a specific group of participants with just one thing in common (softball team members, high school graduating class, college employees, old-time radio fans, etc) and there is no other topic that makes sense to share just with the members of any of those groups.
Edited 12-01-2013 09:47 AM
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
09:16 AM ET (US)
Steve, I love the idea of letting users make a gift to the QT Board Op, but rather than an all-or-nothing option, I'd prefer check-boxes where they could pay $5, $10, $20, $30, or One Year - something like that. Some may want to contribute a little, but not the entire renewal amount.
Steve YostPerson was signed in when posted
09:07 AM ET (US)
Tell us what new features you'd like to see in QuickTopic. Right now we're working on the following:
  • Allow your participants to gift a QT Pro subscription to you.
  • Optionally allow your participants to create a new topic and add it to your Shared Topics list.
Would you use either of these? Any other suggestions?
[Edited to add "Optionally" on the second idea.]
Edited 12-01-2013 11:05 AM