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07:02 AM ET (US)
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12:14 PM ET (US)
Undoing the Dis-Education of Millennials
"Before I can teach you how to reason, I must first teach you how to rid yourself of unreason. For many of you have not yet been educated. You have been dis-educated. To put it bluntly, you have been indoctrinated. Before you learn how to think you must first learn how to stop unthinking.
Reasoning requires you to understand truth claims, even truth claims that you think are false or bad or just icky. Most of you have been taught to label things with various “isms” which prevent you from understanding claims you find uncomfortable or difficult.
Reasoning requires correct judgment. Judgment involves making distinctions, discriminating. Most of you have been taught how to avoid critical, evaluative judgments by appealing to simplistic terms such as “diversity” and “equality.”
Reasoning requires you to understand the difference between true and false. And reasoning requires coherence and logic. Most of you have been taught to embrace incoherence and illogic. You have learned to associate truth with your subjective feelings, which are neither true nor false but only yours, and which are constantly changeful.
We will have to pull out all of the weeds in your mind as we come across them. Unfortunately, your mind is full of weeds, and this will be a very painful experience. But it is strictly necessary if anything useful, good, and fruitful is to be planted in your head."
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04:23 PM ET (US)
In his 8 years, Obama politicized every Government agency, even the FBI. The Fusion GPS situation explains a lot about why Comey did what he did, or didn't do what he should have. And Moeller??

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05:34 AM ET (US)
On Health Care, Trump Takes an Important First Step
" In just three short years, Obamacare has severely damaged health insurance markets across the country, leaving some markets on the brink of total collapse. Going into 2018, consumers will have access to just one health carrier in nearly half of the counties across America. In many cases, this sole health carrier does not include local doctors in its network, forcing people to switch doctors and drive long distances for care. Average premiums on the individual health insurance market have doubled since 2013, escalating premiums beyond what most people can afford.

    To address these severe problems, Trump’s executive order directs executive agencies to take three major steps. First, the order directs the Secretary of Labor to consider expanding access to association health plans. This move has the potential to allow Americans to more easily form groups through existing organizations—such as a trade organization—to gain access to more insurance options at lower rates in the large group market or on a self-funded basis.

    Second, the order directs agencies to consider expanding access to lower cost health coverage options by easing restrictions on short-term limited duration insurance. This type of insurance generally exists to provide health coverage to people between jobs. After Obamacare became law, the Obama administration shortened the allowable duration of these plans from 364 to 90 days, a move opposed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Because these plans are not subject to costly Obamacare regulations, they cost remarkably less than standard coverage. Moreover, as normally structured, they provide access to any doctor, a very important benefit for people living in those counties with very narrow networks."

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05:47 AM ET (US)
A Different Kind of Pennsylvania Republican

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/4524...ratic-governor-2018
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05:42 AM ET (US)
It looks like Obama did spy on Trump, just as he apparently did to me
"It’s difficult not to see patterns in the government’s behavior, unless you’re wearing blinders.

    The intelligence community secretly expanded its authority in 2011 so it can monitor innocent U.S. citizens like you and me for doing nothing more than mentioning a target’s name a single time.

    In January 2016, a top secret inspector general report found the NSA violated the very laws designed to prevent abuse.

    In 2016, Obama officials searched through intelligence on U.S. citizens a record 30,000 times, up from 9,500 in 2013.

    Two weeks before the election, at a secret hearing before the FISA court overseeing government surveillance, NSA officials confessed they’d violated privacy safeguards “with much greater frequency” than they’d admitted. The judge accused them of “institutional lack of candor” and said, “this is a very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”

Officials involved in the surveillance and unmasking of U.S. citizens have said their actions were legal and not politically motivated. And there are certainly legitimate areas of inquiry to be made by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. But look at the patterns. It seems that government monitoring of journalists, members of Congress and political enemies — under multiple administrations — has become more common than anyone would have imagined two decades ago. So has the unmasking of sensitive and highly protected names by political officials.

Those deflecting with minutiae are missing the point. To me, they sound like the ones who aren’t thinking."
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05:39 AM ET (US)
Are We Too Ignorant To Save Our Constitutional Republic?

Constitution: This weekend marks the 230th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution, perhaps the world's greatest political document. But what should be a rousing celebration is darkened somewhat by Americans' ignorance of the source of their own freedoms.

The Constitution's beauty lies in the fact that it not only delineates our rights as Americans, but expressly limits and defines the government's ability to interfere in our private lives. This exquisite equipoise between citizens' duties, responsibilities and rights make it the defining document of our nation's glorious freedom.

But sadly, as numerous recent surveys show, Americans know little about the document that has enabled them to have greater freedom and to create more wealth than any nation in history.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center's recent poll depressingly found that "Only 26% of respondents can name the three branches of government," way below 2011, when 38% got the answer right. And 33% couldn't name even one of the branches of government, the same as in 2011, the first time the test was administered.

Perhaps worse, "More than a third of those surveyed can't name any of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment."

Unfortunately, that's not the only survey revealing our collective ignorance of our own great history. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has, since 2005, surveyed over 28,000 undergrads at some 80 colleges about civic literacy, including our Constitution. As the ISI notes, "the average score on our basic 60-question civic literacy exam was about a 54%, an 'F.' "

Even adults with college degrees barely scored higher than those with just high school diplomas. And in one alarming finding, seniors at elite schools, including the Ivy League, actually scored lower than freshmen, suggesting what ISI called "negative learning."

We're not trying to be a nanny or a noodge, or to shame anyone. No one knows everything.

But America is the wonderful place it is largely because of the Constitution and those that framed it. They ensured that we would have a republic, not a dictatorship or a monarchy, and that our country, no matter what its flaws and imperfections, would always pursue freedom, liberty and justice for its people. Those who call this country "greedy," "racist," or "fascist" are the most profoundly ignorant of all.

We can and should do better, starting with high school civics education, which has failed recent generations of students and imperiled our future freedoms by churning out ignorant citizens who know little or nothing about our laws, rights and governing institutions.

What we have is too precious to squander. We hope you'll be encouraged to bone up a bit on your constitutional heritage, and the struggles and debates that lay behind it. And maybe you should look at what your kids are being taught in school. It might surprise you, and not in a pleasant way.

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04:06 PM ET (US)
State-Level Corruption And Theft
"The result is crap schools, especially in the cities. It also results in schools that try to run the garbage that every kid needs to go college. We then wonder why all the electrical and plumbing shops can't find good people to train and employ, and why all the framing and roofing seems to be done by illegal Mexican invaders.

The usual argument on the other side is that even the wealthy childless individual or couple benefits from an educated workforce. That's true. But that benefit is "soft" and impossible for the wealthy person to objectively measure where for the businessperson it's simple: EITHER THERE ARE QUALIFIED WORKERS IN THE LOCAL AREA TO HIRE OR THERE ARE NOT.

It's time to scrap the premise of funding schools with ad-valorem taxes. Yes, schools have to be paid for, and yes, in a purely Libertarian world parents would pay for education on their own if they had kids, and only if they had kids. But we don't live in that world and given State Constitutional guarantees of a free public education for all children we are left with the question of who is going to get taxed to pay for it, not whether it will happen.

There's nothing unconstitutional about a state-wide (rather than county-specific) levy for such a purpose, assessed on all employing businesses in the state. Anyone with one or more employees (that is, other than a sole proprietor who has no employees on the payroll, whether part or full-time) should be getting the bill, from farmers employing people to pick oranges to the warehouse that pays people to move goods to the coffee shop on the corner, the lawyer's office downtown or the corporation that writes and sells software or provides Internet service.

It's in their best interest to make damn sure they have qualified workers available to them, and thus they're the best people to assess the quality of education and demand improvement because they will be like rabid dogs sicced on the County Education Boards to make damn sure they get their money's worth."


Most every company I call on complains that most every new hire, whether HS or College "educated", is woefully unprepared, whether it be simple math and composition skills or those with engineering degrees in specific fields. And finding people who just want to work and learn? Even tougher.
Edited 09-12-2017 04:11 PM
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
01:12 PM ET (US)
Hurricanes, Climate Models, and Wild Guesses
"Climate models are similar, factoring in measurements of temperatures on land, air and sea, ocean currents, wind patterns, geological activity and a host of other variables. All in an effort to predict future climate.

Yes, I know that weather is not climate. But the commonality is that predicting both rests on computer models. Collecting data and feeding the data into equations. Then interpreting the results in such a way as to predict future events. Whether a hurricane over the next five days or the climate over the next five decades. The commonality is the predictive model.

It all sounds simple and straightforward. But it’s not. Weather and climate are incredibly complex, and as a result, not easily predictable. You can predict tomorrow’s weather by saying it will be the same as today’s weather and be correct much of the time. Hurricanes in the next few days or climate in a century are not as easy to forecast.

Which is why Al Gore and others have failed spectacularly in their doomsday prognostications. Melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels flooding cities, superstorms, and droughts. All based on what? Some computer model that has no track record of correctly predicting future events?"

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/20....html#ixzz4s6mVzYrg
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05:43 AM ET (US)
What If 'Unite The Right' Isn't Really Right?

"What if it's all a scam?

What if Jason Kessler isn't really a right-wing extremist?

What if Jason Kessler used to be involved with Occupy Wall Street and was a strong Obama supporter -- right up until, quite-literally to the day, Trump won the election?

What if he's nothing more than a stooge?"

I've been traveling to and thru Charlottesville for 35 yrs. It is, and has been, a hotbed of Leftist Progressive thought, mainly due to the large presence of UVA. I find it really odd that a white supremacist group would organize a rally there, given all the other areas that come to mind.
Edited 08-15-2017 05:44 AM
09:27 PM ET (US)
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04:34 PM ET (US)
Higher Liquor Prices Just the Latest Hit to Pennsylvania Families
"The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced it would be arbitrarily raising prices on 422 wine and liquor products. This increase is a result of the “liquor modernization” efforts—which have proven to be a financial flop—to let the state government monopoly, “act more like a business.”

Just as we predicted, this “flexible pricing,” on top of the normal 30 percent markup, 18 percent liquor tax, 6 percent sales tax, and existing “handling fee,” simply meant higher prices on Pennsylvania households to try to generate more money for the state."

PA is fast becoming a State with some of the highest taxes in the country. No wonder a few people I know are seriously considering moving. So am I.
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
04:28 PM ET (US)
Pennsylvania in focus: Pennsylvania lawmakers want you to help pay for $2 billion budget gap
"But if the Senate has its way, those who heat their homes with natural gas would see a new 5.9 percent tax on their bills. A consumer with a $100 monthly bill would pay $5.90 per month, or $70.80 per year, in new taxes."
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04:24 PM ET (US)
Employment: Hmmm...
"Oh look - we get people drunk, feed 'em unhealthy food and then suck up more of GDP in overpriced, monopolist "health care".

In fact that's been good for 327,000 "jobs" over the last year. You need look no further for what's wrong with health care in America; nearly all of those jobs have never and never will provide one second of actual care to an actual person -- they're almost all administrators.

Remember, the usual bleat is that we don't have enough doctors and nurses. Well if that is true then we have added 327,000 worthless "employees" over the last year that simply serve to vacuum all the money out of your wallet. We cannot address the cost of "health insurance" without addressing this issue, and doing so trashes the so-called "robust employment situation."
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
07:56 AM ET (US)
Now Comey's a leftist!
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
05:45 AM ET (US)
Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Unmasking of the Deep State
"What we are watching is a group using power willfully, wrongfully, and oftentimes illegally to undermine and destroy political opponents. They are after somebody. For real. From this list, we can surmise that their opponents appear to be those of us on the center-right. And to those of you on the left who don't know: This happened, and it's happening. You can pretend it's not so, but it is."
"This was just the tip of the iceberg. The left has weaponized the bureaucracies and agencies it inhabits. Leftists have decided they will become the dominant culture in the CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS, EPA, and the rest of our bureaucracies. They decided it's okay to be totalitarian, it's okay to break the law, it's okay to go after their political opponents with the force of government, it's okay because they are the ones who deserve to win. The Deep State running rampant is fine, as long as they run it. From Valerie Jarrett to Barack Obama to James Clapper and James Comey, they all visibly overstepped their rightful boundaries. They are proof of the saying that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Make no mistake: the prior administration went rampant. The Deep State did not originate with them, but they stocked it with their cronies. They stocked it with people of similar left-leaning ideas, with similar left-leaning willingness to misuse power. The Deep State became a weapon of intimidation and a deep abuser of power. Thank God Hillary was not there to take the baton."

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/20....html#ixzz4pFYqvSZQ
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12:40 PM ET (US)

Do the Democrats Know How Much Trouble They Are In?
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
05:46 AM ET (US)
Organizing for Anarchy
" Organizing for Action developed a training manual for protesting President Trump and disrupting Republican events. Activists used tactics from the manual earlier this year to wreak havoc at GOP lawmakers’ town hall meetings. Working with MoveOn.org and a group called Indivisible, OfA has developed tools to help protesters locate town hall meetings to disrupt. Talking points and scripts for question-and-answer sessions are provided.

The manual advises activists on how to intimidate GOP office-holders into withdrawing support for Obamacare repeal, cutting immigration from terrorist-prone Muslim nations, and constructing a wall on the nation’s southern border with Mexico.

In the group’s teleconference for supporters on May 25, OfA policy and campaigns director Jack Shapiro summarized issues of importance to the group and how to apply pressure to those in Congress.

During the then-approaching congressional recess, OfA members were urged to take action to stave off the repeal of Obamacare. They were asked to “hold the House members that voted ‘yes’ accountable for their vote, and push senators to oppose any health care bill that reduces coverage or takes away protections,” and “visit the offices of your senators and make phone calls to them.”

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07:19 AM ET (US)
Social Security And Medicare Are In Worse Shape Than You Think
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
05:46 AM ET (US)
Democrats' Real, Pervasive Collusion With Russia Somehow Lost In Media's Hysterical Anti-Trump Campaign
"The fact is, the Democratic Party and their allies on the left are up to their necks in real, actual, demonstrable and irrefutable collusion with the Russians and their dictatorial former-KGB leader, Vladimir Putin. With a few notable exceptions, the mainstream media have all but ignored this, in favor of hyperventilating over a nothingburger meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer who was, by the way, allowed into the U.S. on a special visa by none other than Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Democrats and the left didn't just collude with Russia; they embraced them, and show no shame in having done so."


The Left is almost always guilty of actually doing what they accuse the other side of.
Edited 07-14-2017 05:47 AM
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05:40 AM ET (US)
Left-wing Indoctrination in the Schools: It’s Worse Than You Think
"The outpouring of outrage and concern from Edina parents and students, following our first post on this subject, has been extraordinary. Yet I am sure we have barely scratched the surface. And Edina is by no means unique. Across the country, student achievement has been sliding as a “social justice” agenda has replaced rigorous instruction in the priorities of teachers and administrators. This can’t be allowed to continue."

CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
09:03 AM ET (US)
Believe what you want, but all socialized, Government systems end up the same. And are based on the same utopian concepts with the "collective" over ruling individual rights. The problem always comes from who makes the "collective" decisions.
Edited 07-08-2017 09:07 AM
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
06:39 AM ET (US)
Obamacare was founded on Mitt Romney's health insurance plan in Massachusetts.
Now you can get all excited because I typed "Massachusetts".
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
06:31 AM ET (US)
Obamacare was founded on the Whole Lives System developed by Ezekiel Emanuel. Check it out and witness the situation of Charlie Bard`s parents.
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
08:16 AM ET (US)
There were no "death panels." Nothing in any proposed legislation would have led to individuals being judged to see if they were worthy of health care.
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
05:47 AM ET (US)
The True Meaning of Socialized Medicine
"The ultimate lesson, apparently a difficult one for some people to understand, is that what socialized health care means, above all else, is that the individual human being is property of the State.

The right to property carries with it the right to the use and disposal of what one owns. This is why property rights are so essential to any coherent concept of individual liberty, and why any clear theory of property begins with the right of self-ownership. And self-ownership is precisely what socialized medicine denies outright. If the government determines what can and cannot be done to preserve your life (short of harming others, of course), and furthermore has the final authority to decide when your life is no longer worth fighting to preserve, then all questions of who owns the individual citizen are answered unequivocally: the individual -- his living body, his human existence -- belongs to the State.

Under socialized health care, you are government property. The State may allow you some measure of proprietorship over your daily existence, in order to lull you into the sleepy compliance of the contented slave. But there is no doubt who holds the deed. Socialized or "single payer" medicine, a pillar of Marxist political philosophy, establishes the collectivization of the individual human being more clearly than any political structure imaginable -- except compulsory government-regulated schooling."

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/20....html#ixzz4lTeleIzi
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People mocked the term "Death Panels", but exactly what else do you call a panel who makes decisions who gets care and when? the semantics game becomes dangerous.
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05:44 AM ET (US)
School Spending Update, 2014-15
CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
05:43 AM ET (US)
New Study Explodes Common Air Pollution Claims
" Many studies have shown an association between air quality and acute deaths, and such associations are widely interpreted as causal. Several factors call causation and even association into question, for example multiple testing and multiple modeling, publication bias and confirmation bias. Many published studies are difficult or impossible to reproduce because of lack of access to confidential data sources. Here we make publically available a dataset containing daily air quality levels, PM2.5 and ozone, daily temperature levels, minimum and maximum and daily maximum relative humidity levels for the eight most populous California air basins, thirteen years, >2M deaths, over 37,000 exposure days. The data are analyzed using standard time series analysis, and a sensitivity analysis is computed varying model parameters, locations and years. Our analysis finds little evidence for association between air quality and acute deaths. These results are consistent with those for the widely cited NMMAPS dataset when the latter are restricted to California. The daily death variability was mostly explained by time of year or weather variables; Neither PM2.5 nor ozone added appreciably to the prediction of daily deaths. These results call into question the widespread belief that association between air quality and acute deaths is causal/near-universal. (Emphasis added.)

This isn’t the first such academic study to reach this conclusion. I am certain environmentalists and regulators will continue to ignore findings like this."

CapricornPerson was signed in when posted
04:31 PM ET (US)
Here's How Green Sausages Get Made In The Swamp — It Isn't Very Pretty
"The only problem is, the green-energy movement is a lot less nutritious than sausages, and unlike sausages it leaves a very unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Start with a basic fact: Wind, solar and other "alternative" energy sources depend almost entirely on subsidies and tax breaks of various amounts to stay in business.

Just this week, Canada's oldest commercial wind power facility, run by TransAlta (TAC), was shut down and slated for demolition. Why? TransAlta, which acquired the wind facility via a $1.6-billion hostile takeover of another company, says the wind farm it acquired is not "economically feasible."

To keep running it, TransAlta wants — what else? — more subsidies, aid and tax breaks from Canada's government.

This is the story for all alternative energy, whether in Canada, the U.S. or in Europe. And even with massive subsidies, alternative energy will never be a major source of power for the U.S., at least barring major scientific discoveries and new technologies that don't currently exist. As of 2015, renewables (solar, wind and other green "alternatives") made up about 3% of all energy output. By 2030, even after hundreds of billions of dollars of subsidies, renewables will still make up just over 6% of our energy, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Worse still, the forced adoption of green energy means Americans will spend far more on energy than would be the case without all the subsidies, tax breaks and regulations. So their standard of living will, inevitably, decline."
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