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Ind. Rdg. 4th Quarter Journal #2

Cody Watkins
03:17 PM ET (US)
I read The Crimson Crown finished it
2. Describe at least 3 problems or challenges your main character has faced so far in the book and talk about how the character worked to solve it or is working to solve it.

The three problems or challenges the main characters Rasia and Han faced are: There love because Rasia is queen and Han past. The army King Gerald sent to claim Rasias hand and her Queendom. Rasias queendom is divided between the Wizards, Vale dwellers, and the Clans. Rasia follows the advice her ancestors advice and follow love. Then Han blackmails the wizards and clans (Really hate each other) with the Armory of Gifted kings, by saying he will give it to one or the other. Then they drive the southern army back and Han and Raisa say there are going to get married.
Quinten WoodardPerson was signed in when posted
12:17 PM ET (US)
Fire Fight by K.Wild done with the book

2. Describe at least 3 problems or challenges your main character has faced so far in the book and talk about how the character worked to solve it or is working to solve it.
First Freedom Smith had to face a mutant frankenstein dog, second, a messed up, gothic, dragon lady worshiping cult, and and finally a homicidal nana. Now the the dog is his pet and buddy, the cult is no longer and the nana is dead. More like squished.
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Ben Gute
12:15 PM ET (US)
I am reading WWII History of the second world war

The first major event was the ending of WWI and peace treaty. How from the very beginning, the peace treaty could only end in disaster, and more war. The second major event was Japan's invasion of china. This showed the weakness of the peace treaty, it also would eventually set the stage for Japan to join the war in WWII. The third major event was mussolini's rise to power. How he came to believe in Fascism, and eventually the Duce. The fourth major event was Hitler's rise to power. The steps he took, and the reasons for those steps. The fifth major event was Hitler's invasion of Poland, which officially kicked off World War II.

1. Create a timeline of events from what you have read so far. Timeline must include 5 important plot events with descriptions. (2 sentences each event)
Josh Mettler
11:23 AM ET (US)
I am Reading 13 Reasons Why and i am on page 96. The dead girl in mine made a bunch of record tapes and she is telling the story of why she killed herself. The author uses italics and normal font to jump back and fourth between Hannah's voice, (the dead girl), and what the main character of the book is doing. He does it quite frequently and it is sometimes hard to follow. I get confused with what is happening in the present, and what was happening in the record tapes. When hannah's voice comes on in the record tapes, the print changes to italics and changes back to normal font when speaking about the main character. Overall tho, im following this book very well and can not stop reading it.
Tayt Boeckholt
11:21 AM ET (US)
I am reading the book "Thirteen Reasons Why" and I am on page 54. The main character "Hannah Baker" has faced a lot of adversity. She is dead now though but she has made tapes before she committed suicide explaining why she killed herself. She sent the tapes out to each one of the kids who have caused her troubles and caused her depression and stress. A good example would be her first kiss, Justin. He quit talking to her after they kissed and spread rumors and what not about her. She sent him a tape explaining how he caused her troubles and that he was part of the reason she killed herself. Alex made a list of the hottest girls in the freshman class and put Hannah on that list, everyone treated her like crap after that though for some reason. She sent Alex a tape also. At the end of every tape she tells that person to pass the tapes onto the next person.
Abby Gacke
11:15 AM ET (US)
I’m currently reading Leaving by Karen Kingsbury and I’m on page 88.

1. Bailey Flanigan just got back from shooting a film in Hollywood. When she returns home she starts to think about how good it feels to be home and how she doesn’t ever want to leave, but she knows that everyone will have to leave sometime in their lifetime. Cody Colman has been back from Iraq and has been out of rehab for over a year and he is trying to finish his degree when his professor tells him about a job opening in a town about an hour away from Indianapolis and that he should apply there. When he gets there they head football coach treats him poorly and tells Cody about how much this team sucks and how awful they are. When he is about to leave and tell the principal no, he doesn’t want this job, he sees a young man running laps after practice. Bailey gets a phone call when she is at the Baxters house that asks her she would come and audition for a part in the Broadway musical Wicked. When Bailey and Jenny(her mom) go to New York they have breakfast with Tim(Bailey’s old boyfriend) and his new girlfriend. She gives Bailey advice on what the cast director likes to see and how she isn’t afraid to be picky and mean to people. Cody goes to see his mom in prison a few weeks after he takes the job at the school and they talk about how his mom wishes that she could’ve given Cody that kind of life but never got the chance to. She got Cody started on drinking when he was only 12 and she feels really guilty about it.
Emily S
12:23 PM ET (US)
I am reading Ronald Reagan and I am on page 66.

#1: Ronald Reagan was born in 1911 to Nellie and Jack Reagan. His mother was a practicing christian, however, his father wasn’t involved in church. There was strain in his family financially and emotionally because of his father’s drinking problem. Ronald’s mom had a big influence on him. She got him into acting, and imbedded in him christian themes of hope. Ronald began his career as a radio announcer. He liked to spice things up, and even though his stories weren’t strictly fact, the listeners enjoyed it. He got his big acting break from Warner Bros. A friend of his introduced Ronald to her agent and they hit it off. They offered Ronald $200 a week and he jumped at the chance. His acting career eventually led him to his political career. His talent with speeches and moving crowds made him a candidate for governor, and, eventually, president.
Dalton F
12:23 PM ET (US)
into the storm by reed timmer #2
reed is having a hard time to pay of some of the storm chasing events. Reed also has a girlfriend witch adds some stress on reed with money and he some new equipment to storm chase with. the other thing that had him was rent and college to payoff but later on in his life someone told him to make his own web site to post his videos there and to have a live camera feed for other people to see it live. Then when he put his first video up he made 27,000 dollars and even more from big cable companies like NBC or CBS, ABC. Still to this day he is chasing tornados and all types of weather, if you want his web site is tornado videos. net so go check it out.
Rachael Vinzant
12:22 PM ET (US)
I’m currently reading a fiction book, The Host by Stephene Meyer and I stopped today on page 296.

1. This book started off really slow by explaining how Wander had been inserted into Melanie’s body. It was then explained how Melanie was different from other human hosts because usually they go away and it is just their body that is left. The way I imagine it is like Melanie has two brains one is hers and one is Wander’s. Normal human hosts would only have one which would be the parasite or they call them souls. Wander precceeds to tell her seeker that she is having problems with her host and her seeker tells her that she will travel with her to Touson to be inserted into a new host. Wander doesn’t like her seeker so she does not wish to travel with her and decides to drive to Touson. That is when Melanie starts to persuade Wander to stop in this place before Touson where she believes the people she lived with before she became a parasite lived, Jamie and Jared. Wander has her doubts about following Melanie’s advice, but when she runs out of gas in the middle of the Arizona desert she has no choice, but to walk to Touson. Wander is almost dead in the middle of the desert dehydrated with no food when Melanie’s crazy family finds her. They capture her and take her back to their tunnels where they live. She is kept as a prisoner. She fears for her life every moment as she believes every human wants to kill her. Then Jared leaves to go on a food raid and Jeb her crazy uncle decides that they don’t have to time to sit and watch Wander so she begins to help with chores. In the weeks while Jared is gone everybody in the colony comes to accept Wander and they begin to call her Wanda. She tells them stories of how the souls began to take over one planet at a time. Then Jared and Kyle return just when Wanda was getting used to living among the humans and not fearing for her life. Jared and Kyle want her killed because they believe that she will bring the seekers to their colony and get them all turned into hosts too. That is basically where I’m at.
Brittney Groenewold
12:22 PM ET (US)
Devil of the Highlands pg.42

1)Evelinde's stepmother bets her.When ever her stepmother Edda is angry she bets Evelinde or when ever she is bored and has nothing better to do. the way she is solving this problem is to get married.
2)She in engaged to the Devil of Donnachaidh. To solve the first problem is to get married. The man she is to marry is supposed to be an evil king who does horrible things to people. There really isn't a way to solve this problem but she finds out the her husband to be is really nice.
3) Evelinde's brother is away at war. Because her brother is at war she has to deal with her evil stepmother. He is to take the thrown after he returns. So Evelinde waits for her brother to return so he can find her a husband to get her out of the clutches of the step mother.
Jake Anderson
12:21 PM ET (US)
Vision Quest page 77. Journal topic 2.

The main problem in this book is beating preparing to wrestle Shute. Shute is the best wrestler in the state, and Louden has never beaten him. Louden's main goal for the season is to beat Shute, which is a very difficult task. He also needs to be able to tell Carla his true feelings about her. He is struggling to be open with his feelings towards her. Another problem is cutting weight for wrestling, he has to cut nearly 30 pounds to wrestle his competitive weight class. Cutting weight has become pretty easy for him now that he has more experience at it. He also has to learn to push himself harder than anyone at practice. His practice partner, Kuch, plays a huge role in his success. Kuch is one of Loudens friends and the one who introduces him to vision quests.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
10:34 PM ET (US)
Start with current book and page #. Write a minimum of 10 sentences. Make it clear what number you are choosing to respond to. Thanks!

1. Create a timeline of events from what you have read so far. Timeline must include 5 important plot events with descriptions. (2 sentences each event)

2. Describe at least 3 problems or challenges your main character has faced so far in the book and talk about how the character worked to solve it or is working to solve it.

3. What special way did the author write (for example, flashbacks, told in first person, multiple voice narrative, foreshadowing, descriptive words that create visual images in your mind, etc.)? Did that make reading it better or worse? Explain.

4. What you are reading is going to be made into a movie. Make a list five characters, what famous actor will play each character and what about the character makes that actor the best choice for the part

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