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B&T Mafia Info Board

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12:03 PM ET (US)
Sampling the Fine Flavors of Life (Alive)
Titus, Aleksander Johannes, Serial Killer+, triumphant.

Floating in the Murky Waters Below (Dead)
Zeitgeist, Richard Grey, Mafia Wiretapper, modkilled Day 1.
Possum, Ruth Hall, Town Vanilla, shot between the eyes Night 1.
fontisian, Tobias McCray, Town Weatherman, disappeared Day 2.
ika, Derrick Ashcraft, Jailed Mafia Goon, lynched Day 2.
Rubicon, Jonah Benton, Town Journalist, disappeared Night 2.
MathBlade, Anne Hughes, Town Vanilla, lynched Day 3.
Zennith, Tristan Moss, Town Warden, disappeared Night 3.
Luckylee, Theo Holmes, Town Slowvig, lynched Day 4.
Maiden, Leah Carrilo, Town Merchant, disappeared Night 4.
Irdiumstern, Weston Donovan, Town Vanilla, lynched Day 5.
Sloth, Judith Owens, Town Cold Trail Tracker, disappeared Night 5.
Citrus, Charles Orson, Jailed Town Vanilla, lynched Day 6.
Moridin, Isiah Flores, Town Vanilla, disappeared Night 6.
blab, Katelyn Alston, Mafia Roleblocker-of-all-Trades, lynched Day 7.
Riley Poole, Elias Harper, Town Gold Cop, endgamed.

Arriving via Helicopter (Replace)
None, PM to replace!

Tweeting the Violence (Obs)
1. Vira
2. Caligula
3. Lyrium
4. silverlasso
5. Oment
6. Kalas
7. Aekiel
8. Lexicat

Game Status: Game over.
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