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82% RetiredPerson was signed in when posted
10:55 AM ET (US)
Cali whatever you do decide on. Do not let him talk you into Galveston Island, TX. Padre Island is probably the best beach in Texas. Do not expect blue water. Like Hanna said, it is a Gulf, not an ocean. Many rivers flow into the Gulf of Mexico bringing with it all the silt from the North (rivers for the most part run North to South). Do not be tempted to go to Mexico. But if you do go, drive to Brownsville and walk across the border.
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
03:23 AM ET (US)
Cali, many people seem to like the ocean much more than the gulf. The ocean seems "fresher". I guess there are pros and cons depending on what you are doing (swimming, fishing, boating).
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
03:21 AM ET (US)
/m87 We thought of buying into a condo in that area many years ago because we liked it so much. Have gone fishing out of Port Aransas several times. They still have trips over a day out of there. We took the 40-hour trip a few times. The fishing was great over 20 years ago. The last couple times we went it seemed fished out--limits way down and catches even worse. My brother and a couple of my kids went with me one time. When we went to the aquarium in Corpus Christi before we went fishing, my brother reached into an exhibit and picked a little hammerhead shark up by its fin. Ironically, there was very little good fishing and the captain was letting us drift fish as we were getting back near the dock and my brother caught a big hammerhead. There were people on little boats and people jetskiing right there where he caught it. It was the highlight of the trip. It was so funny he caught a hammerhead after picking one out of the aquarium exhibit.

I do like the idea of the fifth wheel. I have gone places and loved them the first time. Then I went back and was not so thrilled. Being able to move around is probably the best way to keep excited about places. I knew people who lived in an apt near Daytona Beach and I thought that would be a great way to retire. But visiting them made me think it becomes routine and not so exciting after a while. But I wouldn't mind trying it!
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
01:08 AM ET (US)
My husband seems to have at least another decade of living like an energetic kid. (God-willing) I am ready for days by the pool, or at least six months a year living (Nov.-April) down in Nalcrest.

Anyway, each time I mention Nalcrest, he offers to take us camping (fifth wheel) down to Texas (Padre Island and other coastal towns) to discourage me from Nalcrest. I am interested in checking out the coast of Texas for maybe only two weeks and then getting back to help the folks. Both of us shouldn't be far from home at the same time.
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
03:01 PM ET (US)
I have had relatives in both San Diego and Florida and have spent time in both places, but much more in Florida including going to school there in the early 70s. Coastal areas have more breeze than inland Florida, but you should plan on being much more uncomfortable in Florida humidity than San Diego, IMO.
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
12:17 PM ET (US)
There are furnished units available to rent, but I think they maybe around $50 per night.
I will verify sometime soon, although for myself (I don't want to go out there until winter).

Hannah, the "downside" comment is funny if that is what would happen. I am the one wanting to go to Florida (permanently), but he insists I would hate the humidity and heat. Truly, I can't commit to a year at Nalcrest (for the cheap lease rate) while both parents are alive.

Almost every time my spouse goes away for even only a week, it never fails something bad happens with his dad's health. Then, I am the only family member to visit him and/or be the transportation source.

I never had a car with air conditioning in San Diego and I never had a rough time with any humidity out there. Maybe I ought to compare the humidity stats between Florida and Ca.
Edited 03-13-2017 12:21 PM
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
09:08 PM ET (US)
/m83 Downside: Hubby may find he also wants you to move to FL. lol

Are months available in the winter? I would have thought only in summer. I am too far away from retirement to plan where I will live. A lot will depend on the number of grandkids I end up with. If my kids did as I did, I would have a couple dozen. I only have one and am probably lucky to have one. My kids don't want kids, it seems.
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
07:24 PM ET (US)
/m82, I agree with you about $1500 being reasonable for a central base (HQ kind of situation for sightseeing) place to rent.

I am thinking I'd like to try it one winter month Dec. 2017 - Feb. 2018. If my mother and father-in-law are still alive, my husband can stay in Colorado for that month with them - because he doesn't mind the winters here. After 40 years of having "endless summers" in So. Cal., NOW even RETIRED - I STILL spin mentally downhill in the winter in Colo.

***After that one month stay, I would know if committing to a year at Nalcrest is something I may be eventually interested in.
Edited 03-06-2017 07:27 PM
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
05:17 PM ET (US)
If Nalcrest is a good enough of a base for what you want to do in FL, $1500 could be viewed as a bargain. I have relatives in Ocala. We have gone there and taken day trips to Orlando, Tampa, Daytona. Nalcrest would be similar. You would hit Tampa and Orlando like we did from Ocala, which was not too bad. You would go to different beaches than Daytona, which may actually be a better thing. And from Nalcrest you could put Miami and The Keys in play for a trip of a day or two (stay in a motel for a night or two). Miami was not in play from where we stayed in Ocala.

Cheaper to stay with relatives, but maybe not better. :)

I have not investigated Nalcrest, but if someone wanted to winter there and gave me their place (at their cost) for a whole summer I would probably give it a try just to see if I could live there year round. I have only spent a week or two there in the summer. My brother delivers mail near Orlando. I know FL is great in the winter. It will never be as great as it was back in the 60s and 70s, however.
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
03:43 PM ET (US)
Great idea, Hannah! /m80 - I am not ready to commit to an entire year's lease there, NOR do I want to rent a furnished apt. there for only a month for $1500 (I think - not sure as I have forgotten the cost).
Hannah BlectorPerson was signed in when posted
02:57 PM ET (US)
/m79 Cali, I always thought it would be neat for 2 people with flexible lives to share a Nalcrest place. Maybe alternate every 4 months so they would take turns at various times of the year. Carrier 1 have Nov-Feb, Carrier 2 have Mar-June, Carrier 1 have Jul-Oct, Carrier 2 have Nov-Feb, Carrier 1 have Mar-June, etc.

Surely some have done something similar to this. However, this could be a way for more carriers to enjoy Nalcrest if it could be an "official" way for carriers to rent there.
Cali to ColoPerson was signed in when posted
10:30 AM ET (US)
In Feb. 2014 my husband and I checked Nalcrest out. I wasn't retired at that time.

This a.m. I spoke with Amber in the Nalcrest office to verify some things I had recently read on some forum. Only retired carriers (not mailhandlers) may live there. That has not changed. Also, about 60-80% of residents are snowbirds so full time residency is not required (annual leases, yes).
01:15 PM ET (US)

I am a Seenager. (Senior teenager)

I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 50 years later.

I don’t have to go to school or work.

I get an allowance every month.

I have my own pad.

I don’t have a curfew.

I have a driver’s licence and my own car.

I have ID that gets me into bars and the whisky store.

The people I hang around with are not scared of getting pregnant.

And I don’t have acne.

Life is great!
02:50 PM ET (US)

Just a note to pass on some basic info on Nalcrest from a snowbird

Rent for a one bedroom non modified is $405

Electric for a one bedroom without A/C running around $98.00a month
With A/C. I don't know. Not that humid yet
Electric during the summer when electric is turn off is around $30.00. Minimum bill

Water. Free
Trash. Free

Gasoline $2.39

Nalcrest is about 10 miles from Lakes Wales.
Chinese food restaurants
Pizza restaurants
Mom and Pop restaurants
Italian restaurant
Sports bars with food
Taco Bell,
Burger King

American Legion
Winn Dixie
Rural King
Tractor Supply
Dollar Store
Large fishing tackle shop

No need to ask for senior discounts. Most restaurants give it to you
04:58 PM ET (US)
              I love seeing the snowfall

                     On Facebook

                From Nalcrest, Florida
02:21 PM ET (US)
Yes, NALC owns Nalcrest.

You need to be a NALC member in good standing to rent an apartment here.

If you believe your current branch dues are to high you can transfer to Nalcrest's branch, 1A.
The dues are $10.00 a year
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
11:35 AM ET (US)
Cav57 - thanks for posting. Who actually owns Nalcrest - is it the national NALC?

Rick Owens
08:05 AM ET (US)
Good morning

High temperature for today will be 79

Did you know Nalcrest has

A men's softball team
A women's softball team
A great softball field
A great new library
A golf driving range (irons only)
A nice exercise room with good equipment
A bingo game
A chapel
A travel club ( cruises trip to Cuba anyone )

A large number of people who play
   Ping pong
   Pickle ball
   Bocce ball
   Shuffle board
   Card games

Just to name a few

There is something for everyone

Rumor is the waiting list is a year, however put your name on the list anyway. You can always turn it down but still remain on the list. Why not be on the waiting list, it is free.
KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
09:17 PM ET (US)
Thanks so much- My computer had limited ability the past few days due to a malicious bug that stalled it to know end-- IT is great to have peeps like you guys to help me.
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