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Mary Beth Sica
12:49 PM ET (US)
I performed a goggle search on Joan Beaufort. She and Edward Stratling were my 16th great grandparents. I look forward to investigating your site further.
Ruth A Wise
11:15 AM ET (US)
Just traced my family history all the way back to Adam & Eve! & I referred to your website frequently in order to do so. I wrote a book about it called Ancient Sagas, which the publisher is working on now. It was FUN!!! THANK YOU!!
Jennifer Anne Floyd
02:54 PM ET (US)
Love your site, both the genealogy and your opinions. My main families are: Floyd, Hunter, Gross, Garner, Brigance, Norman, Elliott, Enloes, Thornton, and many others.
03:40 PM ET (US)
Also, another one to boot!
Jack Teagarden:
03:38 PM ET (US)
Here is the ancestry of Jack Teagarden (as Weldon John Teagarden):

Jack Teagarden was a famous musician! He was colorful ancestry!
Kevin HoegPerson was signed in when posted
01:40 PM ET (US)
Great work and thanks for sharing. Do you have Bernard Ezi IV & Joan of Lusignan in your family tree. Looking forward to hearing back. We both have similar relatives.
09:43 PM ET (US)
Appreciate the enormous amount of time and energy you have put into this amazing labor of love. I am particularly interested in finding and correcting errors in my tree for relatives from the Middle East in the 800 BCE to 200 BCE timeframe.
10:51 AM ET (US)

A new term I had never known: Gateway Ancestor :) I too enjoy reading diverse assessments of current situations ...distant cousin Thomas Jefferson would agree :) DNA cousins via this line have been  in touch..fascinating walk through history and your site makes it easier to contextualize. J

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Subject: FabPedigree Guestbook
09:51 PM ET (US)
de Coggeshall - my Harlakenden line starts with Mabel Harlakenden b1614, dau of Richard Harlakenden and Margaret Huberd Hobart. Mabel came to America to marry Gov of Mass Bay Colony, John Haynes b1594. She is a Gateway Ancestor.
09:39 PM ET (US)
I appreciate your labour of love in maintaining this very valuable site to accelerate our research. I am a Trump supporter but this is YOUR site and you can engage in whatever politics you wish. As a matter of fact, I rather enjoy reading what you have to say, and have great respect for your passionate position. We can always agree to disagree. What a boring world it would be if we were all alike.
01:24 PM ET (US)
Nice pedigree website. Would like to correspond more about pedigree programs. I have one in development.
10:12 AM ET (US)
The joy of Serendipity. Researching a name of from contemporary German society to check their ancestors, I stumbled upon the family name HEUBEL in my maternal line As they were from the same little city in a Thuringian Lutheran principality with roots in Bavaria I knew it was the same family. A little digging with clues from your site and other online sources, I was quickly able to fill in the pieces and connect to my line. Julius Ernst Wiegand Heubel was revealed as a 1st cousin 9x removed. His father a trusted adviser to the Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt and recipient of a Coat of Arms from Holy Roman Emperor Leopold. Dankeschoen! :)
05:20 PM ET (US)
Wish you would keep your politics to yourself. Free speech is not shoving your opinion down everybody else's throat. This is a genealogy page in case you have forgotten that. I have been constantly on this page for the last 10 years but no more. Just tired of your politics.
FabpedigreePerson was signed in when posted
05:15 AM ET (US)
Version 80 has just been uploaded. Lots of additions and corrections! Yay!!!

Information on America's on-going political tragedy is now presented in a less intrusive way, and only via links.
05:08 AM ET (US)
I definitely lack the expertise and time -- especially TIME -- to investigate conflicting sources. On some of these old British lines, there is usually much speculation and guesswork. I always insist that researchers use my site only as a starting point for hints and look for better sources.

Referring to your Coggeshall chart, other sources show different names (see parentheses)
1-4 Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas
5 Ralph
6 Ralph (John?)
7 John
8 John (Richmond?)
9 John
10 John

One source shows 7-John's wife as Sara daughter of Roger le Brun, another shows her as Sara daughter of John Bruen.

Richmond is an uncommon name -- there are only two other males with that name in my database.

If there's an especially good webpage, tell me and I'll link to it from the Coggeshall line.
de Coggeshall
11:26 AM ET (US)
Dear Jamie: Is there a way to assist with the de Coggeshall line to patch up the Skip Generation markers? I am happy to help as this will also shed more light on Family history and lore.

Am currently working on HARLAKENDEN also,friends of the Tudors, and also involved in a Great Migration mystery involving the Harrington, Clinton, Knyvett and Hastings Families.

Perhaps all genealogists would agree that such research never gets duller, only increasingly more thought provoking and enlightening. Thanks for MANY HOURS, DAYS, nay YEARS of ongoing edification! :)

Vis a vis current trends in our Constitutional Republic, I have found Monarchists albeit Monarchs, supporters of Independence, Reformers (some executed), Loyalists, Quakers, victims of the Salem Hysteria, Archbishops of Canterbury, Plymouth colonists married to Wampanoags, legitimate offspring and others not quite on the right side of the sheets,Bible translators, publishers (including of Erasmus) and even Luther as a Godfather to a Jewish ancestress. Love them all :)
Thanks for helping to bring unity to their stories and depth to our understanding of "Family!" :)
Edited 02-17-2017 11:27 AM
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