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[How to Use OER workshop] Write a message for the next class.

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Linnea Vose
10:14 PM ET (US)
This OER course is short and sweet. It doesn't take a ton of time, but it does cover a lot of information about copyrights and provides a lot of links for OER depositories. I didn't realize there was so many resources available (lots of tests and assignments too, not just lectures/texts). It will take some time, but I'm looking forward to finding supplemental materials for my classes, as well as maybe brushing up on learning some new topics myself.
Steve Malott
02:48 AM ET (US)
The OER course has been an asset for me- I had no specific information about OER at all and now I have a good overview and feel qualified to implement OER.
11:55 PM ET (US)
The external resources are particularly informative and useful. I created a bookmark folder specifically for OER related materials. I foresee this folder getting a lot of use.
09:58 PM ET (US)
Terrific class. The quizzes are short and follow the short readings exactly. The assignments ask you to do precisely what you need to do in the real world to use OER correctly; they are 'target tasks' that sample only the skills you will actually use with nothing extra added. I had previous OER attribution experience, so this was precisely the refresher I needed. The links you receive both from the instructors and your classmates are invaluable. It's just what you need to take your classes back from being at the mercy of textbook publishers as regards your content, pacing, and establishing dialogic pedagogy.
C. Zupke
08:26 PM ET (US)
The various links are very helpful and are worth the price of admission ;).
Lyn Megow
04:37 PM ET (US)
This is a great course for those who are new to OER. If you get confused or need help, the instructors and other students are quick to help. Don't get discouraged; reach out instead. Lesson 6 was the most difficult for me but also most useful. I plan to practice what I've learned in the weeks to come so I don't forget everything. Even if I do forget, I can access the course again, and I can use the OER materials compiled by the state. Good luck and have fun!
Rosalba Gonzalez
03:22 PM ET (US)
The Open Educational Resources course is very informative. Learning about the great opportunity all of us have to offer and obtain great knowledge online at a low cost or free is a good setting for a change in the world. Of course, not everybody has the internet access needed but OER makes it easier for people who do have access and want to learn or share knowledge for the rest of people to learn and advance in their fields where they can even do greater work!!!
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C. Blaise Mitsutama
02:51 PM ET (US)
This is the second time I've taken this course and each time I learn something new and refresh what I've already learned. It can be challenging to find the right OER content and understand how to use it to develop or support your own course material. This class directs you to great resources and covers the issues (like copyright, Creative Commons licenses, etc.) you need to consider when using OER. I also appreciate the different points of view and experience shared by colleagues in the class. It's so easy to limit ourselves to one way of teaching, and this class opens up new and different opportunities to engage and support our students.
Laura Martinez
09:51 PM ET (US)
An amazing class! The modules will walk you through the various aspects of OER. The instructors will give you feedback on your work, and let you make corrections if something is not right. I learned a lot by making those corrections! Also, it was wonderful to work with the other teachers and see what they were doing/thinking!
AL Espinosa
06:40 PM ET (US)
Don't get discouraged if you fall behind. The instructors will work with you to help you finish on time. If you feel lost just look at the posts by fellow participants; their posts often helped me see what I should be producing. Use the pre-created passwd/acct for the assignments to save even more time. I learned a lot in short time and look foward to using my first OER text next AY.
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