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FBI Agent- Sonny

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Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
06:47 AM ET (US)
Everyone name 3 players you would vote for right now, order them too, kaythnx.

Loveternity: Ginger > Kelvin > lost monkey
Ginger: Ginger > Kelvatore > Lost Monkey
Lost Monkey: kelvin > ginger > 3.summer Loveternity
summer solstice:

Loveternity vote Owner of a Lonely Heart
Gingér vote Gingér
Sonny vote loveternity
Spades vote Loveternity
Sonny vote Spades

Owner Of A Lonely Heart vote summer solstice
lost monkey vote sonny
Gingér vote loveternity
lost monkey vote loveternity
Spades vote lost monkey
lost monkey vote lost monkey
summer solstice vote lost monkey.
Sonny vote summer solstice

Kelvatoré vote Spades
Spades unvote
Sonny unvote
summer solstice unvote
Loveternity vote sonny
Lost Monkey unvote
Sonny vote no lynch
Gingér vote Sonny
Gingér unvote
Spades NK: Vanilla Town

Sonny vote CeresZal
Loveternity vote CeresZal
Gingér vote Gingér
lost monkey vote CeresZal
Kelvatoré vote CeresZal
Gingér vote CeresZal
summer solstice vote CeresZal
CeresZal Lynch: Serial Killer

Loveternity vote Gingér
lost monkey vote Kelvatoré
Gingér vote Kelvatoré
Kelvatoré vote Loveternity
Sonny vote Loveternity
summer solstice vote Loveternity
lost monkey vote Loveternity
summer solstice vote Gingér

Ginger vote Ginger
lost monkey vote Loveternity
Loveternity vote lost monkey
Sonny vote Ginger
summer solstice vote Gingér
Loveternity vote Ginger
lost monkey vote Ginger
Ginger Lynch: Mafia Goon

Sonny vote Kelvatore
Loveternity vote Kelvatore
lost monkey vote Kelvatore
Kelvatoré vote Kelvatore
summer solstice vote Kelvatore
Edited 03-04-2013 07:33 AM
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
07:43 PM ET (US)
1. Rank all current players as either: Town read, Scum read, Null read.
2. Pick a player you have played with before and are not currently reading as probable town and explain their play style.
3. How do you think you appear to others when under game stress?
4. Who would not want to vote for to lynch atm, give a couple of names:

Kelvatoré: Slight scum read He's barely said anything, not what I'd expect from him as Town. And what's up with the VT claim, who would not claim VT now?

lost monkey: Null read His inactivity at this stage fits both his town and scum meta. Should be getting more active soon as Town.

summer solstice: Strong Town read The slight SK read I had on him vanished with the death of CeresZal. He's been active in discussions and is showing his uncertainty. He even questioned whether Sonny is truly the FBI agent.

Gingér: Slight scum read I'm seeing a "go with the flow" thing in his posts, especially with his unvoting of Sonny on Day 1.

Sonny: Practically confirmed FBI CeresZal flipped SK, so yeah. If you are scum, your play is viable (and even then it requires balls of steel) only if 1) You were ridiculously confident of your read on her AND 2) You are expecting the real FBI Agent to not counter-claim for whatever reason. 1) is highly unlikely by itself and I see no counter-claim.

Kelvin is more enthusiastic than this as Town if my memory serves right. He is flying under the radar as scum and seems to be doing that in this game too.

LM could be anything as I said before.

Ginger questions people more as Town (Socio's game), goes with the flow as scum (cue's game).

Inconsistent and upset. >_> When Town, I WIFOM myself to death. When scum, I get desperate and it shows (to some, at least).

Sonny (duh) and summer solstice.

Now then... Eeny, meeny, miny... moe.

Vote: Gingér

summer solstice
Loveternity: Null read, tempted to Scum.
Kelvatoré: Scum read.
lost monkey: Scum read.
summer solstice: Town read. Very strongly. :kitteh:
Gingér: Scum read, bordering to null.
Sonny: Aren't you FBI... >_>

Baby, too much scum!

[I]Summer as you haven't played before, please expand some on why you are reading one player as not probable town, it can be broad.[/I]

Woohoo I get a special treatment :D


Loveternity: He just has skills, but I've not forgotten my suspicion of him before no-night mode settled in.
Kelvatoré: Scum read. Not a hard, concrete read. His presence/absence tickles me. :3
lost monkey: Scum read. Short answers, vague, not in a way that I'd say he's covering for himself.
Gingér: Scum read - mostly because he's just acting fishy.

When I'm playing online games like MMORPG's or shooters I become really focused. Sitting here behind my keyboard I'm just pondering, looking for clues, looking for a joke to make. I'm probably seen as more expressive under stress, but most of it is body language IRL. I don't know... We'll see if I get put under stress in this game? :wink:

Loveternity may come up with some clever ploy not to. The others... Gingér may do so just for kicks and fun and havoc. LM and Kelv, no clue.

lost monkey
Loveternity: Null Read- He has been too quite this game.
Kelvatoré: Strong scum Read- He is usually this quite when he is scum and doesn't contribute much to town.
summer solstice: Strong Town Read- He has been really active and he also questioned sonny whether he was actually the FBI agent.
Gingér: Null Read- He has been pretty different this game. Dont know which category to put him in.
Sonny: Strong Town Read- He is the FBI agent.

As loveternity as already said kelvin is usually very enthusiastic when he is town.
i have no clue on ginger and loveternity.

Usually defensive and aggressive under stress.

Sonny, me and summer

Vote Kelvatore

Loveternity: Slight town read but bordering on null. i'm not good at reading him anyway.
Kelvatoré: slight scum read why bother claiming VT right now? seems too eager to make sure his name is clean.
lost monkey: Null read. Don't know his meta but he isn't any more active than the other game I played with him, and he was power town.
summer solstice: slight town read as I thought he was the SK at first, but his activity and questioning makes me think town
Sonny: uber scum read i don't trust this bag of tricks as far as i can throw him, and i can't throw him very far :wink:

I've died extremely early in every game I've played (and then i stop paying attention to those games) so I got nothing.

I mis-lynched LM in my first game and he was power town. He wasn't freaking out, seemed quite calm about it.

Probably snippy, sarcastic, and very aggressive. I'm a self-pres player regardless of alignment.

Sonny and LM.

vote Kelvatoré

Loveternity: Scum read - His ability to use any situation to his advantage is uncanny. And his brief exchange with Ginger gave me scum-chills. Hunch >.<
lost monkey: Town read - The way he acts is very consistent to when he's town so far
summer solstice: Slight Town read - So far she's pretty aggressive in pursuing scum. But I haven't played with her yet.
Gingér: Scum read - I loved how he was accused me for having something to hide right away xD Pretty scummy, in my opinion.
Sonny: xD I'll ignore this guy because he's confirmed! Tis a hunch.

LVT - He'll WIFOM you so much that your brain implodes on itself. =)

Very inconsistent I guess. Ask the people!

Sonny, obviously FBI agent.
Maybe LM, because I'm pretty sure he's town.

Vote Loveternity
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
08:34 PM ET (US)
Oh sweet lord!
FacelessBeautyPerson was signed in when posted
08:33 PM ET (US)
CeresZal is Serial Killer

Good job, mate. :P
FacelessBeautyPerson was signed in when posted
06:37 PM ET (US)
Lol it shall be done, m'dear. :3
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
02:39 AM ET (US)
I'd like to target CeresZal for my investigation, kaythnx.
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
02:33 AM ET (US)
FacelessPax, I have the final votes as (ginger unvoted):

Summer solstice (1) CeresZal
Spades (1) Kelvatoré
Sonny (1) Loveternity

No lynch (1) Sonny
Not voting: Spades, summer solstice, Lost Monkey, Gingér
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
01:32 AM ET (US)
would want to appear as town as possible
would want to look like they were scum hunting
care only about avoiding being lynched or investigated

-Throws out FOS at Spades for voting LVE when there was 1 vote on him, dismisses Spades taking her vote off when it became 3, does not gel. Follows someone else's logic.
-Focus on SK "We still need to find the SK, however"
-Lists no skills as "1"
-Did not sit right, doesn't like mafia roles
-Wording off, why would scum need to find us "yes gather reactions from others and find SK and mafia before they find us. i know i know. just answering the questions before they come up"
-Where is the consideration for NK: "if you kill me, i will always try to die with a bang"

-Votes me for unvoting, not Spades who did it first.
-Ranks his questions on a scale from 1-10 with them all being mid range. Too modest, really.
-Would he though: "I'd kill anyone throwing accusations at someone else and watch if that "someone else" is pushed for a lynch the next day."

-Clarified if mafia had a NK.
-Pointed FOS at LM and Kelvin.
-Unvoted first, odd move.

-way too careless with voting LVE, then complying by taking it off, also didn't notice/care that he had 3 votes on him, not SK
-Unvotes straight after LVE votes me for unvoting

-Responded to my calling him scum straight away, didn't seem too phased
-Doesn't care if he looks like a threat: "The same as the first question, this is my first game, so I don't know, but I think my strengths are somewhat like that. And yes I only used 1's and 2's. :3"
-This was weird "Actually... Thinking about it a little more, why though? It is kind of raises the probability that an experienced player is the SK that way, cause you'd need to have been around for a while to know the skilled and threatening ones? If everybody was an experienced player, okay, but that's not always the case *waves noobie hand*."
-He wants to be killed?? "Well I don't know who's really skilled hahaha. But chances are, in this game, if the most skilled players get NK'd one by one, it would make me less suspicious, and the others (including the SK) more suspicious. I can't imagine that as a favorable situation for SK."

-is a lynch target

-Being somewhat reckless, not too fussed about anyone fosing him
-Ranks his strengths as mostly 1 or 2
FacelessBeautyPerson was signed in when posted
11:49 PM ET (US)
The votes tied though. :(
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
06:19 PM ET (US)
Yay to LVE for chatting to me and finger pointing! *jumps*

/backs the fuck off!

... the awkward point where I forgot it was majority for a lynch, not just most votes *facepalm*
Edited 02-21-2013 07:49 PM
FacelessBeautyPerson was signed in when posted
06:01 PM ET (US)
Awwwww. Withdrawn 9 powers should be your best friend in that case. :P
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
04:46 PM ET (US)
I want to make myself look like an attractive lynch target, without actually getting lynched.

It's all I got.


I do not do self pres well.
Edited 02-21-2013 05:42 PM
FacelessBeautyPerson was signed in when posted
11:45 AM ET (US)
Shhhhhhhh, love. No tears. Just dreams.

Math is nice. Don't hate. :3
And I think you're becoming more of a dangerous player, Sonny. Maybe you should come up with a plan to deal with that?
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
03:57 AM ET (US)

lol *croak*

Did you see how them bastards double teamed me in Clue? I mean I fucked off both the SK and mafia that they both needed me to gtfo N1 =O

Also, math sucks, no lynch is horrid, and I am ashamed of myself for engaging in those kinds of unsavoury activities.
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
03:28 AM ET (US)
Day 1 Lynch (5 town, 3 scum)
63% chance of hitting town (inc 13% chance of cop)
25% chance of hitting mafia
13% chance of hitting the SK
38% combined chance of hitting scum

Night 1 SK hit with a day 1 townie lynch (choosing from 4 town, 2 scum)
67% chance of hitting town (inc 17% chance of cop)
33% chance of hitting mafia

Night 1 SK hit without a day 1 lynch (choosing from 5 town, 2 scum)
71% chance of hitting town (inc 14% chance of hitting cop)
29% chance of hitting mafia
Day 2 Lynch with Day 1 and SK townie hits (3 town, 3 scum)
50% chance of hitting town or scum
17% chance of hitting SK or cop

Day 2 Lynch with only a SK townie kill (4 town, 3 scum)
57% chance of hitting town (inc 14% chance of cop)
33% chance of hitting mafia
17% chance of hitting the SK
43% combined chance of hitting scum

Plus the chance of a cop reveal.
If we lynch day 2 and hit scum then we would (probably) be down 1 town and 1 scum, if it is the SK then everything changes, if it is mafia then we ideally have leads on who their partner is.

Night 2:
The next SK hit will probably be another town (67% v 33%), but it takes us to 3 town 2 scum and if the cop still happens to be alive then hopefully 3 players can be removed from the SK list giving us 2 to lynch from.

Town, as much as mafia share our dream of a bloodless night life, they will want us to lynch day 1 because it will improve their odds and working together they can keep each other off the mobkill list. 63% chance of lynching a townie today is too high when we need numbers.
Sonny.Person was signed in when posted
11:41 PM ET (US)
Objective data-everythings coming in to create excessive information.

Then filtered with subjective logic. Yup-yup.

Just wait till the WIMFOMING starts... if I can live long enough =/
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