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Independent Reading Journal #3 1/16/2013

Quinten WoodardPerson was signed in when posted
02:44 PM ET (US)
Cryptic hunters
2. What is the setting(s) of your book and how is it relevant to the story?
The setting is a Jungle I think somewhere in the Amazon. The author goes into good detail about a typical idea you would have about a jungle. He also talkes about the way a locale tribe repel the local insectes. I also find it funny how the author doesn't go into much detail about Cryptic's. He does but, only the one that EVERYONE already knows about like bigfoot and the loch ness monster. In over all the jungle is well, a jungle in this book.
Dalton Feekes
12:32 PM ET (US)
What is the setting(s) of your book and how is it relevant to the story? I am reading the book Driver and i stopped on page 102. the setting takes place in a lot of states and they are sight seeing things like the mountains the Salt Lakes, Texas they are seeing things that we might not see all the time. They get to go up and down the hills and see the wonderful night sky. one place it takes place is up in vagus there is a lot of traffic they are dealing with and they are having a hard time to make the loads with the little time they have and they are getting to know the other driver out on the road. one place it takes place is at a large truck stop in Washinton State with a lot of truck and coffee the drivers like. i would like to see what the ending of this book is going to be.
Cody Watkins
12:19 PM ET (US)
Cody Watkins Finished Book Leviathen

If I could have a conversation with the authorI would ask him where he got the idea for this book. How hard is it for someone to write about these animals that are fake. Why did you Dyren a girl instead of the boy Dylan every one thinks she is. Do Alek and Dyren fall in love because that is where the story is leading me. Did you in-vision this book being a huge success. What do Alek and the Count do with there last gold bar. How has this story affected your life and how do you think it affects the life of others.
Edited 01-16-2013 12:20 PM
Abby Gacke
12:19 PM ET (US)
The book that I'm reading is Reunion and I'm on page 269. The settings of my book take place in Indiana and New York City. The Baxters all live in Indiana except for Luke and his wife Reagan. The Baxter parents had a kid when they were really young and they gave him up for adoption. Dayne's adoptive parents died in a plane crash somewhere in the forests of Africa when he was eighteen. He moved to New York City to become an actor. He doesn't know that he's adopted but one day he goes into a law firm and he talks to Luke, who is actually his brother but neither of them know it, and he see's an old picture of a man and a woman and he's seen the woman before but he can't remember where. When Luke isn't in his office Dayne takes the picture and tries to find out where he's seen the woman before. He goes to a storage unit where all of his parents belongings were placed after they died and he starts to open boxes. He finds a box that says adoption information. He opens up the box and that's where he finds the picture of the woman. When he tries to return the picture to Luke, Luke has already left the office for the summer for a family wedding and to see his dying mother. The only thing that Dayne can think about during the rest of his film is the woman in the picture and why he and Luke look so much alike.
Jake Anderson
12:19 PM ET (US)
No Excuses - Kyle Maynard; Page 201
1. If you could have a conversation with the author right now, what would you ask him/her?

If I could have a conversation with the author right now, the first thing I would ask is where did he find his will to succeed. I would also ask him for some advice for training. In the book he credits a majority of his success to his weight training and wrestling training. I would ask who his true role models were, and why he admired them. I am curious as to how he had the self discipline to push his limits every day in practice and to never slack off. To me he is a great influence on all wrestlers. His success makes me want to go out and achieve the same thing. He talks about maintaining his grades while being involved in activities, I would like to hear how he was able to this with the significant amount of time he spent working on athletics. I would like to know what the daily struggles were that he had to face due to his disability.
Rachael Vinzant
12:19 PM ET (US)
I'm currently reading the fiction book, Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I stopped today on page 174.

2. The setting of my book is in a small town in Gatlin. Gatlin is a very important part of this book because the main character Ethan continues to keep saying everybody knows everything in Gatlin. All his friends know every single aspect of Ethan's life and they don't approve of the girl he is going out with, Lena. This small town also has many people that are quick to judge. Lena hadn't been going to school for a week and people were already protesting that she was dangerous and she should transfer just because she is a bit different. They don't know anything about Lena and her situation when they are making these judgement calls. All that no is that she is living with and related to Macon Ravenwood which they deemed crazy a long time ago. In this book they spend a lot of time at school, Ethan's house, Ravenwood Manor, and Greenbrier which I have imagined to be a meadow. These places are all central to the story as a whole because some pretty crazy stuff happens at these places. The authors did a great job of describing the town because I'm able to paint a picture of the town in my head whenever Gatlin is mentioned in the book. Ravenwood manor is on the outside of town and the school is in the middle of town. The setting is a very important aspect of this book because some of the stuff that happens at their small school wouldn't happen at a larger school so I believe this story would be totally different if the authors decided to set the story in a large city.
Tayt Boeckholt
12:18 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book "Four Days to Glory" and I am currently on page number 83. The setting of my book is based in a small rural town in Iowa out of Cedar Rapids of a boy named Jay Borschel who is going for his possible fourth state championship, and a boy named Dan Leclare who lives in a small town of cogon. They both have one main goal; achieve a fourth state champion ship. They both want it badly, only 14 others have ever down it in the history of Iowa wrestling and they want to become one of the greats. The setting is a great place for the book because Iowa is nationally known for its outstanding wrestling and wrestlers. Every year Iowa produces some of the best wrestlers in the nation and this book just adds on to the hype of how great Iowa wrestling really is. It really becomes a reality and puts in a mindset of how great some of these wrestlers are, and to achieve perfection like they have, is just crazy.
Brittney Groenewold
12:17 PM ET (US)

What is the setting(s) of your book and how is it relevant to the story?

The first setting in the book was at the school the two girls go to. It is relevant because every kids has to go to school and that where the girls communicate with others like them or different from them. Plus it was where you get a little back ground history of Blaise odd love life in the past. Then the second setting was a vet hospital. It shows you how good Thea is with animals and how her and Eric really connect. The third and final setting is at the grandmothers shop/house and the girls bedroom. It is relevant because that where the girls can act like how witches are suppose to act, make spell and everything. In the bed room is where you really see how different the girls are and that is the same place where the trouble really starts.
Josh Mettler
12:17 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book: "A Long Way Gone" and I ended on page 83 today. The setting of my book takes place in Africa. He is located in Sierra Leone and is located in different villages. In this part of Africa, there are a lot of forest and jungle areas where a lot of violence takes place. This is essential to the story because Ishmael has a place to hide from the rebels that are taking over. He feels safe when he is in the jungle even tho deadly animals surround him. There are also any small villages in this country so, he can make pitstops from some friendly village people along the way. But it is a risk going to some villages because others are more cautious about Ishamel and his friends.
Emily S
12:15 PM ET (US)
#3 The book I am reading is The Kite Runner and I am on page 177. In this book, I love the way the author deals with difficult subjects and shows a completely different culture to the reader. This book talks about tough decisions made wrong, and shows the faults of the characters along with the good things. It covers rape, war, death, prejudice, and a lot more, but in a way the reader can handle. I like how the main character is very human, and not shown as perfect. This book shows fault and redemption. It shows the consequences for actions and how they follow the main character into his adult years until he deals with them. I also like how the author talks about the Afghan culture in a way that any reader can connect with. It gives you a whole different side to the way they live and makes it easy to relate to.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
06:58 PM ET (US)
Readers become leaders! You did a nice job on your first journals! Please think about capitalization and punctuation in your posts. Please write the full 8-10 sentence responses.

**The FIRST SENTENCE of EVERY one of your Journal entries MUST begin with the name of the book you are reading and the page # you are on right now.

Respond in a MINIMUM of 8 to 10 sentences to just ONE of the following three journal prompts. You may also go back to one of the topics offered in journal #1. Just don't write on the same topic. You can see the last topics by opening a new tab, going to assignments page, opening the link to Journal #1, scrolling to the bottom of the page, highlighting the topic you'd RATHER respond to and pasting it in today's journal response area.

1. If you could have a conversation with the author right now, what would you ask him/her?
2. What is the setting(s) of your book and how is it relevant to the story?
3. Finish this idea: "I love the way the author of this book..." Be complete and give examples to support your opinion

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