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Independent Reading Journal #7 12/7

Ali Schoenfelder
12:08 PM ET (US)
1. Pedro and Me
2. Pedro Zamora was twenty-two when we came on the Real World, and the same age when he died. Pedro had AIDS, and he knew that would eventually kill him. While on the show, he builds a great friendship with Judd who wrote the book to tell Pedro's story.
3. My first reaction to this book was that it was kind of hard to read. Since it was my first, I didn't know the order of the pictures and what to read first. As I figured it out, however, the book was more enjoyable.
4. The thing I liked most about the graphic novel was that the writing was split up. It's broken up with pictures, which I don't care for, but it helps give you time to think about it and create your own image. I think this kept the book interesting and easy to read.
5. I really didn't like the pictures from this graphic novel. I thought they were cheesy and they did change the image I had in my mind. I like being able to imagine what I'm reading, and this kind of took that away.
6. I thought the art was done well in Pedro and Me. I really don't like cartoon type TV shows or pictures, so I wasn't too interested in them. However, the pictures did show artistic skill.
7. I honestly think anybody could enjoy this novel. Both boys and girls would like it because it's more about the book's message as a whole than what happens in the story. I know some of my friends, like Sara, would enjoy it because they like the same type of writing as I do.
Nathan Saygili
11:45 AM ET (US)
1 Frankenstein
2 Frankenstein is about a genius chemist that one day find the power of life. He then begins to make a being, but when he gives life to it, things go wrong. The creation, one by one, kills all of his loved ones.
3 I read a little bit of a graphic novel. I thought it was an interesting way to convey a story in a short amount of pages. It told a long story-the story about capturing Iwo Jima- and condensed it through the pictures.
4 It is short. Since it uses pictures, it doesn't have to describe what happens as much. I like this because i got the story but it didn't take too much time
5 Not as descriptive. Relying on the pictures is also a bad thing. If you miss a important part of a picture, then the story may seem off.
6 The quality isn't amazing. It is good enough to understand what it's showing, but the lines aren't to fine. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, though.
7 If you want a quick read, enjoy science, or enjoy classics, then is suggest reading this novel.
Oriana Baxter
11:34 AM ET (US)
I read the book 1. Frankenstein.
2. The book "Frankenstein" talked about how the monster Frankenstein was born. Mr. Frankenstein, the doctor, wanted to know knowledge about live and what creates it. He would't help out the monster Frankenstein, so Frankenstein killed his family and friends.
3. This has been the first graphic novel I have read. I thought that it seemed very similar to a normal chapter book. The down side to graphic novels is that they remind me of comic books. I am not to overly fond of comic books because I like reading words on a page instead of words with pictures. It still told in the information, but it did in a different way.
4. While I was reading I liked how I could look at the pictures. I felt like they were like a break. You read a couple lines of words, then you are able to look at the pictures. I also liked how the pictures could help you understand what the writing was talking about.
5. If you put the same amount of information in a graphic novel as you did a chapter book, the novel would have to be quite a bit longer because of the space the pictures take up. Some of the pictures showed could distract your brain from what you are reading. It didn't seem as professional as a chapter book.
6. The art in "Frankenstein" explained/showed what the words meant. The art work was good. Since the art was in a book, I understand that the art is not going to be top notch. I liked how the background of some of the pictures were black where all you could see was the outline, eyes, or limbs of Frankenstein.
7. I think younger people who like easy, fast reads would like "Frankenstein". Some other people that may like this book are people who don't like an overload of words on a page, or people who have an active imagination. My brother, Zane, would love this book because he likes fantasy books about creatures and magic.
Aurora Goetsch
11:30 AM ET (US)
1. Garfield & Co.
2. Garfield & Co. was made up of three short stories of American's favorite cartoon cat, Garfield. The book started with a story about his challenging experience taking a family picture and ended with a dream Garfield had that made him realize he shouldn't eat Lisa's fish. . The second short story was about how Garfield pretends to be nice to Nermal to get what he wants.
3. This was the first time I have read a graphic novel. To be honest, I was kind of dreading this assignment because I find cartoons rather boring so why would I like a graphic novel, but it was okay. The book was a really fast read but I felt like we didn't even get the chance to know the characters so it was rather plain.
4. The thing I like the most about graphic novels is that they are really easy to read. Graphic novels are a fast and easy read that doesn't require a whole lot of understanding. Plus graphic novels has pictures and who doesn't like pictures? I know I like pictures.
5. The thing I disliked the most about graphic novels is they are kind of plain. In other books, you get to truly learn the characters, but in graphic novels you don't. Plus it could get a little confusing because they are not written in complete sentences and I really did not like that, but overall it was okay.
6. I think the art is this book was really good! I know it's just the classic Garfield art, but it was very colorful and neat. Overall, the art really helped explain the stories, especially the first one.
7. I think little kids or people who like newspaper cartoons would like this. Little kids love picture books that don't require much understanding so this would be the perfect book for them. I also think that people who enjoy newspaper cartoons would like this because it's basically a newspaper cartoon but longer. This book gives Garfield lovers even more of Garfield! :)
Bailey Meadors
11:29 AM ET (US)
I am reading Tracks by Ellen Hopkins and I have just started it today.
1.) Garfield & Co.
2.) My Graphic novel was about a cat named Garfield trying to over come the love his owner has for his girlfriend when he is used to all of the attention. Garfield loves lasagna, you can make him do anything if you tell hime that get some or even more. He gets over the fact that his owner is making a family portrait for his girlfriend with lasagna.
3.) This was not my first time reading a graphic novel. AFter I read this book my reaction was that I really don't like these types of books. I remember reading my first graphic novel that I loved them, they made me fell like I was a main character.
4.) What I liked most about the graphic novel was the character and their roles. I thought that garfield was a very laid back cat who really did not care about most things other than lasagna, kind of like me. I also liked the
5.) I did not like the way the book was set up. I got lost about three times in the book where I supposed to be reading. I felt like I was missing out on the book.
6.) I thought that the art was well done. In some places like when I was supposed to be dark outside it was half light and half dark. Overall I think that they did a very good job.
7.) I think that my younger sister Peyton would like the book because she finds the littlest thing funny, and she like graphic novels.
Riley Schraeder
11:29 AM ET (US)
1.) Frankenstein
2.) Frankenstein was about a man, Frankenstein, who became obsessed withe helping human life. He thought that if medicine could help bring dying people back to life then he could bring the dead back to life. However, this experiment went terribly wrong after completion.
3.) This was my first graphic novel. It was alright I prefer to read normal books to it. However, it was nice not having to visualize everything yourself that was happening. I prefer the normal books to these because of the detail that those books go into and I didn't like the drawings they weren't what I imagined.
4.) The thing I liked most was that it was really short and didn't take long to read. I also like the fact that there were pictures there for you to help you. And that was a simple read.
5.) However, I did not like it because it was difficult to look at the pictures when to imagined something completely different but that was not the only reason I did not like it. The book was childish almost I was meant for someone younger. I did not like it because of the unrealistic pictures.
6.) I didn't think that the art was very realistic. But it was very good. It showed the blood, for example, in the way that it would come off the axe and the bullet. But it was not what I wanted.
7.) Anyone who likes horror stories or anybody who is interested in the mythic novels.
Zach Dickerson
11:26 AM ET (US)
1. I read the book Maus by Art Speigelman.
2. The book is about the main character interviewing his father about his experiences during the Holocaust. He told his son all about how he met his mother and a lot of different things that happened. It started in the 1930's and ended in the mid 1940's.
3. This was the first graphic novel I have read. At first I was a little skeptical about the book, because it looked more like a cartoon. But I started reading it, and it ended up being a pretty good book. I knew the book was about the Holocaust, but I wasn't sure why the characters were animals. Jews were mice and Germans were cats.
4. I liked how it was really easy to read, and relatively short. I also liked learning about the Holocaust and some of the father's clever ways of escaping death. Overall there were several things I liked about the book.
5. There were very few reasons why I didn't like the book. One was that it was kind of hard for me to follow with their names. I didn't really like how it switched from the story, back to the present.
6. I thought that the art was very well drawn. It showed emotion, like when they were mad or sad. I also liked how the words were in word bubbles, and not just all in one spot like a regular book. I like when books have pictures because I think it makes it easier to understand what's happening.
7. Anyone who likes cartoon books would like Maus. They would like it because Maus has pictures on every page which makes it easier to recognize what's happening. Also anyone who likes learning about the Holocaust would like the book because Maus is about certain events that happened during the Holocaust.
Melissa Voss
11:25 AM ET (US)
1) Kitchen Princess
2) The book is about a girl named Najika who lost her parents, who were bakers, in a car accident a couple years ago. When she noves to the orphanage, she accidentally slips into the river and gets caught by the current and is saved by a mysterious boy. When he gives her flan to cheer her up, we goes away and Najika realizes that the spoon she used had a school symbol on it, so she went to that school to find her 'flan prince'.
3) Actually, I read this about two years ago and it was my first graphic novel series. It went up to ten volumes and it was sad because one of the people who helped Najika out was killed in a car accident. But she fell in love and found her flan price who was a boy named Daichi. He had memory loss from the time he met Najika because of an accident that killed his mother, but later he recovers those memories later in about the eighth volume.
4) I love that it has pictures that are used to show off the whole entire story. I love how there is so many types of books like this that are the same as any other book, there are tons and tons of series to this genre! I love how it's an easy read and it keeps me entertained.
5) What I don't like is that there is not that big of a selection over around the whole library system. Also, it could be better if the volumes were thicker so you wouldn't have to wait so long for the next volume. But all in all there is not that much to complain about when it comes to graphic novels.
6) It's amazing! In Japan, the graphic novels are called manga and some of the art is amazing~! One of my dreams to do when I get older is to go to Japan and by some graphic novels in japanese so I would have to learn japanese to read it. But the art work is very detailed and I love how it show's you the actual characters so you don't have to think up the character yourself.
7) I think my friend Jholayne and my sister Dana would love Kitchen Princess because they read graphic novels all the time but I do not think they have read this one yet. Jholayne loves the romance and the comedy manga, so she would love this one because sometimes Najika has her blonde moments and it makes me crack up. Dana enjoys the action and drama manga and this one would fit her perfectly because the sports that Daichi does and the fights he gets into really make up the story...
Lisa Person
11:22 AM ET (US)
1. Wonderland

2. The white rabbits maid, Mary Ann goes through wonderland. She meets a lot of characters that mess with her mind and put her in bad situations. She also learns a lot about others in the book, as well.

3. It was my first time reading a graphic and i loved it! It's a very creative way than just reading page after page in a regular book. I also like how the pictures explain whats happening.

4. It has always been one of my favorite movies and this book gave it a little twist. I liked how the pictures were sketchy and how it was a very easy and fast read!

5. When I first started it i never knew where to go, but as i progressed i got the hang of it.

6. It was very sketchy and there was some but not a lot of detail. I liked how it wasn't as put together as most pictures are.

7. Anyone who likes Alice In Wonderland the Disney movie would enjoy this book. It's not at all like the movie and it throws in a little twist and new characters through it all!
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
10:44 AM ET (US)
A graphic novel is a comic book that looks like, feels like, and tastes like a book! After you finish reading your graphic novel, post responses to the following questions about reading a graphic novel. I would suggest highlighting and copying these questions right now so you can copy them to your message box and be able to see them. Then you can erase them after you respond to them.

1. Name of your graphic novel
2. In three(3) sentences (no more!), tell us what your graphic novel was about.
3. Respond in at least 3 sentences: If this was the first time you'd read a graphic novel, what was your first reaction to this type of novel? If not yuor first graphic novel, what do you remember about reading your first graphic novel (not cartoon book!)
4. Respond in at least 3 sentences: What did you like MOST about the graphic novel as a type of literature?
5. Respond in at least 3 sentences: What did you like LEAST about the graphic novel as a type of literature?
6. Respond in at least 3 sentences: What did you think about the quality of the art in the novel?
7. Tell us WHO you think would enjoy this graphic novel. Answer this question both broadly AND specifically. (Ex. Anyone who likes____ would enjoy… or Sally would enjoy this novel because…)

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