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Independent Reading Journal #3 8/31

Allison Martin
11:11 AM ET (US)
State your opinion whether you like or dislike the main character(s). Why do you feel this way?

I like the main character Jacob in Water for Elephants. He is a strong person and he always tries to do the right thing in life. He always tries to make the right decisions. In the beginning of the book, he went through a very difficult time and I think the way he dealt with it was very strong. His parents just died and he decided to leave town and get away from all of it. What he did was cowardly but I would probably do the same thing.
Aurora Goetsch
11:24 PM ET (US)
Do any of the characters change during the story? If so, how are they different? What changed them? Did it seem believable?
 I am reading the book Just Listen by Sarah Dessen and ended on page 275. I feel in this book the main character, Annabel, changes the most. For example, at the beginning of the book, Annabel always holds back was she is thinking and will just make-up lies so she doesn't have to explain herself on how she really feels, however, she beings to change when she mets Owen. Ever since Owen and Annabel's friendship started, Annabel has been more truthful. If she has something to say, she tries not to hold it in because that is lying considering to Owen, whom never lies. Annabel always tries to tell the truth now in any way,shape, or form.I believe that Annabel will stick to this idea of telling the truth because she felt that being more truthful, reduced the number of problems in her life Another reason I believe Annabel will stick with it is because the idea was influenced by Owen and ever since they meet, Owen has interested and changed Annabel is ways she never thought was possible.
Bailey Meadors
04:21 PM ET (US)
Who are the main characters in the story? What kind of people are they? How do you know?
I am reading the lie, I am on page 202. The main characters in the story are Jimmy Seager, Sean Meyer, Skylar Thompson, and Lisa Murano. Jimmy is a natural born leader. He has just moved to a new school and all the kids are attracted to him because he says what is on his mind and likes to be in control of a situation. Sean is Jimmy's beast friend, Sean just goes along for the ride and agrees to what ever Jimmy says even if it might be wrong. Skylar has recently lost her mother and Jimmy and her best friend are the only ones that helped her through it. Due to that Skylar is always wondering what Jimmy is doing and what people are thinking about her, without Jimmy she would be nothing. Lisa is Skylar's best friend every since Skylar's mothers passing they haven't been the best of buds, but Lisa is a bright person and is always thinking on the bright side.
Nathan Saygili
12:23 PM ET (US)
Hello, you'e reached Nestor Masangkay, planetary Geologist. I am probably hunting meteorites and am temporarily unavailable right now. You can try me at (123) 456-7890. If it isn't urgent, you can contact me at NestorM@yahoo.com. If you are Macfarlane, hang up! Otherwise, leave a message at the beep. And remember, if there's a meteor out there, I'll find it! (Beep)
Melissa Voss
12:21 PM ET (US)
I am reading 'Graceling', on page 98.
Dear 'Diary'... who ever you are,
Helda told me to at least try to write to you, even though I don't even know who you are, but I shall write to you anyways. So today I arrived at Randa's palace again and his son dyed his hair blue that was supposed to help is 'headache'. I was forced to wear this long green dress that certainly I did not enjoy, and the food was completely terrible. I found out who was the Graceling who attacked me four nights ago, he is the seventh prince of the Leinids country, Prince Po. He seems to behold the grace of combat skills, but I beat him up the other night... It was very enjoyable. But I now have sore muscles and I got cuts from his rings, but the boy just wouldn't surrender until I told him where his grandfather was taken. The Lord Prince was in terrible condition, but Merrid helped with his fantastic medicines. But I believe I must retire for the night, Helda wishes me to take a bath and clean my wounds from the afternoon. I shall take my leave.
Sincerely, Katsa
Oriana Baxter
12:21 PM ET (US)
I am reading A Great and Terrible Beauty, and I am on page # 208.
Dear Libba Bray,

Your book, A Great and Terrible Beauty, has captivated me. I love how you put it together. One of the questions I have about the book is why would you have Gypsies in the woods right by Spence school? I know that Mother Elena reads their fortune, but why wouldn't the have the lady at the convention read their futures? At the end of the book something happens with Pippa, so I was wondering if that's why you decided to have Pippa have Epilepsy? Other than some small question about the book, I really enjoy it. I like how you wrote about an every day girl that becomes different when she finds out about her magical powers. When the girls find out that Sarah and Mary are died, really made me wonder how Gemma is going to figure out how to control her powers. She wouldn't have anyone to talk to about them. Overall I would recommend your book to anyone because I love how you wrote it and the story it told.
Oriana Baxter
Piper Lieberman
12:20 PM ET (US)
today i read to page 63 in the book To kill a Mocking Bird.
If i had to Relate to this book in any way it would be how my brothers acted in elementary school they were just like scout and everything they use to call everyone out on everything and they were the bullies of the school.
and What things happen in the real world that happen in the book are there are some people who don't always have that much money so they don't have good or new things and everyone makes fun of them or they feel left out and everything , just like the cummingham in this book with wearing nasty or no shoes and people knew he was pore because of it , well in todays day and age people do the same to girls and boys if they are not wearing the new Sperrys or vans or nikes or buckle jeans , and some girl and boys here buy there own stuff and work hard for it where others get it from there parents where in this book no kid ever asked for money from there mom or dad , and some of the kids in school and everything done either , just shows some kids can relate to this book and have nothing and work hard for what they want where others get it handed to them.
Ali Schoenfelder
12:20 PM ET (US)
25. Write a summary of the book as a whole.

I am reading The Notebook; I finished the book today (page 214). Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson spent one summer together, and that was all it took to create the most passionate love either have or will experience in their lifetime. When Allie moved away after the summer, Noah wrote her for two and a half years with no reply, thanks to Allie's mother who stole the letters. Fourteen years later, he has many unanswered questions the day she shows up at his house. They spend two days together, and now Allie is faced with a tough decision. She is engaged to Lon, a kind, respectable lawyer in Raleigh. Her family and friends all love Lon, and she does too, but not like her first love, Noah. Noah, on the other hand, doesn't have a well-known name or a lot of money, something Allie's parents did not like. What Noah does have is a genuine, real love for Allie and she feels the same. These two are destined to be together, and in the end, things don't go exactly as hoped.
Riley Schraeder
12:19 PM ET (US)
I read Remember Why You Play play David Thomas and stopped on page 130. The things in this book that happen in the real world are the obvious. One thing is football the book is about football but more specifically high school football. There are friendships that are made because of football. And symbolic families made by the team being united. The hardships of studying a new team to play under the lights on Friday night. Playing for the coach, for your teammates, and for your school. The not so obvious is to live up to your ancestors whether that be your dad, grandpa, or even your uncles.
Lisa Person
12:17 PM ET (US)
Do things that happen in this book actually happen in the real world?
I'm reading Flawless by Sara Shepard and i'm on page 148. Honestly, no. People can, yes, send text and calls from blocked numbers but you can simply go to the company and they would help you figure it out. So that part is a little sketchy. Referring the the characters, yes. Aria has a fling with her teacher, and that defiantly can happen in the real world. Hanna is a typical teenager that is skinny but things she fat and binges. Spencer is like anyone else hating her parents. Then Emily she is having troubles with her friends and boys. Also I don't know how this "A" can be stalking them every living minute, like wouldn't you notice them around you all the time.
Zach Dickerson
12:15 PM ET (US)
1. Explain how you chose your book. I am reading The Son Of Neptune and today I stopped on page 318. There are several different reasons why I chose to read this book. One main reason was that I read other books the author wrote and I liked them so I thought I would enjoy this series too. I started the book a while ago, but never had the time to finish it. I started reading his books when a past teacher recommended them to me. I read one of his first series, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. So that made we want to read the book I'm reading now. So those are a few reasons why I chose to read this book.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
10:38 AM ET (US)
FRIDAY FREE WRITE!!! Choose a topic off the list of reading journal topics or come up with a topic on your own. Please write 8 to 10 sentences. Remember that your first sentence needs to identify book and page #. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

If you were absent Friday, go to Google and type in "reading journal prompts." Choose the first site in the list, then pick a topic from that list. Be sure to identify the topic.
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