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Independent Reading 2nd Quarter Journal #2

Allison Martin
11:35 AM ET (US)
1. Create a timeline of events from what you have read so far. Timeline must include 5 important plot events with descriptions. (2 sentences each event)

I am reading Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen and I am on page 136.
Event 1: Colie arrives in Colby, North Carolina. Colie goes to live with her aunt Mira in the beginning in the summer while her mother is in Europle. She is greeted at the train station by Norman and he was the first one to be nice to her. She goes to her aunts house and finds out that Mira is a little strange. She then meets Morgan and Isobel who become important people in the story.
Event 2: Colie is brought to the restaurant Last Change during a rush hour and is needed to help. She gets a job there with Norman, Isobel, and Morgan. She starts to be friends with Morgan but Isobel takes awhile to get along with. Colie likes her job and works a lot. Colie starts to see that Morgan and Isobel are really close and have a good friendship.
Event 3: One day at work, Colie's antagonist of high school shows up for vacation in Colby. They see each other when Colie is working at Last Chance. Colie breaks down and Isobel brings her back to her house and gives Colie a make over. This is when Isobel starts to like Colie and they become friends finally.
Event 4: On the 4th of July, Isobel, Morgan and Colie go to watch fireworks on the beach. Colie runs into a guy and she sees him again later. He calls her over to him and Colie sees her enemy from high school again. Colie walks up to her, tells her off, and walks away. The guy runs after her and tells Colie that he wants to see her again. Colie gives him her number. The next day at work, Morgan and Isobel tell Colie that Norman likes her and that he was jealous of the guy at the beach.
Event 5: Norman wants to paint a portrait of Colie and they work on it everyday. They start to get closer and they start telling each other their secrets. When the portrait is finished, Norman makes dinner for Colie and presents it to her. When Colie sees the painting she realizes that she is beautiful just the way she is and she gains all the confidence that she lost before.
Melissa Voss
11:15 PM ET (US)
I am reading Just Listen by Sarah Dessen; I am on page 68.

2.Annabel is going though many problems in the book so far, even though I am only a few chapters. Her parents keep fighting with each other and her grades have been dropping significantly because of it. But she tries to tell her parents that she hates the fights and one threatens to go live with her sisters, it has been working so far but I wonder how long it will go for. Her friend, Sophie is being cruel toward her by calling her a bitch and a whore, and Annabel is crying herself to sleep. Her and Annabel were friends ever since Sophie moved to town about five years back. Even though Annabel wants to fix their relationship, Sophie starts to hang out with a bad crowd and soon shuns Annabel completely, but Annabel is still trying to get back to the old Sophie. One of Annabel's worst problems so far is that her sister, Whitney, is going though a eating disorder and I suffering badly from it. Annabel really wants her sister to get better, but Whitney is afraid of gaining weight and sometimes refuses to eat even at the therapy center. But she still goes to see her sister once in a while to give Whitney some encouragement and to tell her that she will always stand by her side. I think that Annabel will get through these problems, but she might need a strong support when she might fall.
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Nathan Saygili
12:24 PM ET (US)
Black Hawk Down, P 114/422

1 America sends in Delta and Rangers to kill Farrah Aidid and destroy Habar Gidir. After remote land mines kill 4 American soldiers and injure 7 others, Jonathan Howe's request for Deltas came through with a bonus- the Rangers.

2 An unknown clan, allegedly Habar Gidir, kills 24 pakistani soldiers. They ambushed them and mutilated some of the bodies.

3 The Abdi House Raid follows the murders of pakistani soldiers. Although the number of Somalians killed is disputed, four reporters were murdered by an angry mob, which causes worldwide hatred of Somalia. This precedes the Battle of Mogadishu.

4 The rangers accidentally raid Some UN employees. The story eluded the press, or US involvement in Somalia would have ceased

4 operation black hawk down. 2 black hawks are shot down
Aurora Goetsch
12:19 PM ET (US)
I am reading North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley and I am on page 59.
1. The first event that has happened is Terra is born with a big red-strained birthmark on her cheek. I know this isn't a huge event but if this wouldn't of happened, Terra would not be the person she is today. That birthmarks makes her very insecure about herself. Another big event is Terra moving to Methow Valley to Seattle because if Terra wouldn't of moved she wouldn't of been the person she is now today. Her moving has allow her to meet all the wonderful people like her boyfriend Erik. One big event is that her dad is a hard-core scientist in the field of directions & places. If it wouldn't of been for her dad, Terra would have make so many references about thing on maps and dealing with directions. When Terra gets her job at Nest & Egg it's a big deal because this is when Terra first gets introduced to art. If it wouldn't of been for this job on at the art studio Terra would of never applied for arts college. The last big event I have read so far is Terra applying to Williams College for art. This is the dream school for Terra because it deals with art and it is also 3,000 miles away from her hometown. I believe Terra will come across a lot of events as I continue to read this book.
Oriana Baxter
12:17 PM ET (US)
I am reading Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl, and I ended on page 81. In the beginning of this book, Anne was talking about her life. Then jews started getting banned from everyday things some examples are grocery stores,the theater, and public bathrooms. She had to try to figure out how she was going to change her life to fit with the new laws. That was hard because she had to learn how to be home by a certain time because you would be put in jail if you were out past that time. Because Anne's family are jewish they had to go into hiding. The started living in the Secret Annex which was hard to live in because you had to be quiet all day, and you weren't allowed to go outside. Anne tries to occupy her time by reading, doing homework, and playing games so that she doesn't think about her wanting for outside. Anne doesn't get along with most of the people that she is in hiding with. Everyday it is a struggle for her to remain polite to them when they are being rude back. Her dad suggested thinking about the situation in the other persons eyes, so she has been trying to look at it from the other persons point of views.
Bailey Meadors
12:17 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading Shark Girl and I am on page 163.
2. The main character has gone through many struggles with losing her arm due to a shark bite. One struggle was to over come going out in public with her prosthetic arm the she calls "Chuck" and also going out without her fake arm on. Her friends helped her to overcome this and at first they would just go out for coffee and sit in the coffee shop for ten minutes to see it she would make it with all of the people around her staring. Over time they worked their way to an hour and then started going to the mall. She has had to overcome the emotional toll this has taken. Her therapist has helped her to get through it and also her intermediate family. she was told to write in a journal every day to help with it all. Her fiends have given her pep talks also her brother told her that laughter was the best medicine and told her to read magazine that have funny jokes in them. Understand her fake arm took some while for her to get used too. She had to control when the hand opens and shuts from her shoulder. She had to go to physical therapy for moths in order for the prothesis to function properly and to do everyday rings agin like drawing, doing the dishes and mowing the lawn.
Lisa Person
12:16 PM ET (US)
I'm reading The Back Door of Midnight by Elizabeth Chandler. The first problem Anna had to face with, was her mother's death that happened when she was only three. She has gotten past it, but she still thinks how different everything would be. The next problem would be her going to her great aunt and uncle's for the summer. She was so excited to go and spend time with her uncle but once she got their she realized he was dead. She asked her aunt about it but she doesn't even know what really happened and when it happened. Last problem, is that her great-aunt is "psychic" she talks to goats, apparently, and has a huge memory problem. Anna doesn't really know how to take it all in but she's trying to get her help. The boy next door, Zach, said he knows nothing about the incident. Anna feels as if he does but doesn't want to tell her anything. She has only talked to him twice in the book so far, but I'm sure she'll find out what it is soon.
Ali Schoenfelder
12:13 PM ET (US)
I finished Stolen today.

Event 1: Gemma is stolen from the Bangkok airport by Ty. She was on vacation with her family when he took her and brought her to the Australian desert.
Event 2: Gemma takes Ty's car and tries to escape. She ends up almost dying in the desert, but Ty found her and brought her back.
Event 3: The snake Ty had been hunting in the Seperates bites Gemma. Ty tells her it isn't serious so that she'll remain calm, but it almost killed her.
Event 4: Ty takes Gemma to the mine site for help and then goes with her to the hospital, though he knows that doing this will end it all. He turns himself in and will go to court.
Event 5: Gemma writes Ty a letter reflecting on their past and talking about their future. She says a lot about what she will say at court.
Riley Schraeder
12:13 PM ET (US)
I am reading Found because I finished The Big Time and I stopped on page 82 today. My character, Jonah, has faced a few problems so far. He is adopted and he is now trying to figure out who his birth parents are and why they gave him up. He had his dad contact the agency and they got some guys name and they are in a meeting with him now. He has a friend who is the new kid in town and doesn't know anybody. His friend just found out that he is also adopted. When the duo went looking for Chip's birth certificate they found the same guys phone number. He is also trying to decide if he wants to go out for the basketball team. He has practiced really hard with his new friend Chip. But he doesn't think that he can make it even though Chip knows that Jonah is good enough to do it.
Zach Dickerson
12:11 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book "The Mark of Athena" and today I stopped on page 286.
2. There are a lot of different problems in the book. The main characters are trying to figure out what the Mark of Athena means, and what to do with it. They travel to several different states and places. On their journey they encounter several different monsters and other dangerous things. One problem, is that a spirit possessed one of the main characters and made him attack the Roman camp. Once they got away the Romans started following them, wanting to get revenge. Another problem would be that there is a prophecy, saying that Nico, one of the characters, is going to die in 5 days unless they free him. They are still trying to solve the problem, and there are 3 days left. The final problem is where I left off at today. They are in the Atlantic Ocean, when a giant sea monster attacks their ship, and ends up separating the group. I don't know how they are going to solve it, because I ended with that part today.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
10:46 AM ET (US)
Start with current book and page #. Write a minimum of 10 sentences.

1. Create a timeline of events from what you have read so far. Timeline must include 5 important plot events with descriptions. (2 sentences each event)

2. Describe at least 3 problems or challenges your main character has faced so far in the book and talk about how the character worked to solve it or is working to solve it.

3. What special way did the author write (for example, flashbacks, told in first person, multiple voice narrative, foreshadowing, descriptive words that create visual images in your mind, etc.)? Did that make reading it better or worse? Explain.

4. What you are reading is going to be made into a movie. Make a list five characters, what famous actor will play each character and what about the character makes that actor the best choice for the part.
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