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Civil War in Pennsylvania

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Steve to Donna
01:22 PM ET (US)
Thank you for finding a missing link. The 17th is now linked up on my page of regiments on the upper level of the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg. George's name (or someone close to his spelling) does indeed appear to have been removed from the monument. Perhaps George was re-assigned to another post or ill during the battle of Gettysburg. Perhaps the NPS at Gettysburg could help you with that information.
Donna Ewald
06:50 PM ET (US)
When I visited Gettysburg several years ago I went to the Pa State Monument and looked for my great-great grandfather George B Snively. He was from Franklin Co, Shady Grove, Pa, a couple of miles away. He was at Gettysburg. He was in the 17th Reg, PA Cav (162nd Volunteers), from Oct 18, 1862 to Aug 7, 1865. Upon finding the correct panel, much to my horror, I saw his name was scratched off the monument. At least I think it was his name since it was right where it would have been alphabetically. I was so happy to see your website and check my memory. However, the 17th Regiment of Cavalry does not seem to be on your website. It was also called the 2nd Pa Prov Cavalry, but I can't find that either. Is there a way to see that panel? His ID is 210021. I have his ceremonial discharge and he is listed as fighting at Gettysburg July 3, 1863. Thanks for any help!
11:34 PM ET (US)
The roster of the 108th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database. Spelling errors have been corrected in main database.
Steve to Steve
12:49 PM ET (US)
From the Pennsylvania Archives....Thomas was 18 at enrollment in December of 1861. He enrolled at Harrisville, PA and was mustered in at Kittanning, PA. His height was 5 foot 9.75 inches, his residence Butler County, PA and his occupation was Yeoman. Feel free to email me at sam21 at if you need a bit more help.
09:15 PM ET (US)
There is a Thomas Day who is listed as having served in Company I of the 103rd regiment. He died at Washington D.C. on April 3, 1862 and is buried at Military Asylum Cemetery (now called Soldiers Home National Cemetery, I understand.) It's possible he is my great-great-grandfather. I would like to find out more information about him and his family so that I can determine whether he is, or is not, my great-great-grandfather. . Would you be able to help, or direct me to resources where I could further my research?

Thank you,
Urbandale, Iowa
01:00 PM ET (US)
The roster of the 69th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, has been added to the database.
03:49 PM ET (US)
The roster of the 97th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, has been added to the database.
02:16 PM ET (US)
The roster of the 147th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, has been added to the database.
01:28 PM ET (US)
The roster of the 74th, New York Volunteer Infantry, has been added to the database. Some errors corrected as well.
Steve to Dale
10:56 PM ET (US)
The 63rd Pennsylvania was in the Union III Corps at Gettysburg, commanded by General Sickles and fought at or near the Peach Orchard on the second day. This unit was badly mauled by units of Longstreet's Corps and fell back late in the day to the north of Little Round Top. Many units whose command structure was broken that day gathered in that
area and acted as a quasi-reserve for the Army of the Potomac. I hope this helps.
Dale Ruffing
07:41 PM ET (US)
Great Grandfather William McIntosh, Second Corps, PA 63 Regiment, Company I. I wonder about his positions during Gettysburg three days.
01:38 PM ET (US)
The roster of the 1st New York Artillery has been added to the database.
11:52 AM ET (US)
The roster of the 60th, New York Volunteer Infantry, has been added to the database. Info. has been added about George Pell as well.
Steve to Charles
11:06 PM ET (US)

George is a mystery....he's not in Bates or the PA. system, but he is in the NPS system. I'll add his record to my database the next time I update it. Thanks for bringing him to my attention.

Charles Quant
03:42 PM ET (US)

Found more info on George Pell while looking up other family tees.
George died April 16 1864 on Foley Island South Carolina.

Steve to Judith
05:33 PM ET (US)
Leonard Swingle was a member of the 1st Regiment, District of Columbia Infantry. Even though he was from Pennsylvania, he was not in a Pennsylvanian Regiment, so he isn't listed in Bates' Volumes or my database.

From Wikipedia

1st District of Columbia Infantry Regiment, Active 1861–1865
Allegiance Union, Branch Infantry
Part of II Corps, Army of Virginia
XII Corps, Army of the Potomac
XXII Corps, Department of Washington
Engagements Battle of Cedar Mountain
Battle of Fort Stevens
Notable commanders James A. Tait
The 1st District of Columbia Infantry was a Union Army infantry regiment which fought in the American Civil War.

The regiment was organized during the summer of 1861 by James A. Tait, who served as the unit’s first colonel. After serving in garrison duties in the defenses of Washington, D.C., the regiment was sent to the Shenandoah Valley in May 1862, although it did not see any combat during the 1862 Valley Campaign. When Union forces in the Shenandoah region were consolidated into the Army of Virginia, the 1st D.C. Infantry became part of the 2nd Division, II Corps. As part of the army, it fought in the Battle of Cedar Mountain and served in reserve at the Second Battle of Bull Run. Following the campaign, the regiment was reassigned to the defenses of Washington, where it served for the remainder of the war. At first, it was part of the XII Corps of the Army of the Potomac, but was transferred to the Department of Washington.

During the Battle of Fort Stevens, the 1st District of Columbia helped defend the northern line of forts and entrenchments but failed to see any combat. On February 28, 1865, the regiment was consolidated with the 2nd District of Columbia Infantry.
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