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Bay Area Bandits Mounted Shooting Club

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Gun Safe Gelding
06:02 PM ET (US)
Gun safe Gelding for sale $8500. Rio is finishing his last month of Cowboy Mounted Shooting training with World Champion Denny Chapman!! Great for trails, hunting or Dream 4H mount. Please call us for more information or to make an appointment to come see this nice horse. 859-333-7392 Delivery available!
Patti H
04:47 PM ET (US)
Good luck and safe travels to all of you that are going to The Easterns in Murfreesboro. Try to stay out of the storms way. I'll see you there Sunday night!
Clarice Bean
05:26 PM ET (US)
We are doing a small demo for the Rugged Cross Youth Ranch and Rescue next Friday 7/22 from 10 am to 2pm, we need to be there about 9 to set up. If anyone would like to meet us and ride and shoot you are more than welcome to. Please message me if you are interested. They are located south of Brandon in Lithia of SR 39, it's nice facility good parking and nice arena. Lunch will be provided and we will be demonstrating our skills to about 40 folks. Thanks in advance.
John Howard
04:37 PM ET (US)
Practice is cancelled tonight. 7-6
Clarice Bean
12:58 PM ET (US)
If anyone is planning to overnite during the Bandits match at the Florida State Fairgrounds, you can email me clariceb@tampabaysteel.com and I'll send you the reservation paperwork.

Also, want to let everyone know that you can bring your own shavings. If you want to use onsite shavings let me know how many bags, when you are arriving and I will have them delivered to your stall for you.
Gun Runnin' Mimi
08:50 AM ET (US)
We are still in need of Volenteers for this CLUB Fund raiser..... We have an Anouncer and Karl and Kathy have volunteered for ground crew.... We will need to purchase ribbons, need some one to get some donations for a raffle and we will need donation of Brownies or cookies to sell. We will also be running Jack pot for Barrels and Poles..... 30$ entry fee.... That could be fun for any of us.
Clarice Bean
07:59 AM ET (US)
Kyra Smeller (sp?) with KAS 7 ranch may be willing.

I know of her but always willing to ask.

I'm willing to help in whatever way you want.

Clarice W. Bean

Tampa Bay Steel
6901 E. 6th Avenue
Tampa, FL  33619
Tel:   813-621-4738 xt 475
Fax:   813-630-4503
Cell:   813-924-8960
Brenda kemp
08:05 PM ET (US)
Our club is putting on a Fun Show to raise funds for the club.... I'm putting together a committee to get this going... I need volunteers for any of the following jobs.....ground crew, announcing and score keeping, registration, music, concessions, raffle, gate keeper and ribbons. Any body know a tack vendor? The show will be 7/23 Saturday night.
John H
11:33 AM ET (US)
Carolyn and I would like to come celebrate with Lia. We absolutely love to see her out riding with us! Lia has worn her Bandits Bandana in every match she has ridden since we gave it to her! Maybe we could car pool if anyone else is interested!
Hannah Barnes
10:38 AM ET (US)
Lia "The Heartbreaker" Phagan is celebrating her 1 year Anniversary of her new heart on Saturday April 16, 5-8pm, with an Irish Hoolie at Fiddlers Green Irish Pub & Eatery, 544 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, Florida 32789. Lia would like to make this a big celebration and y'all are invited! The lovely Jane O'Connor will be singing. Please email me: hannah@titusmarine.com or text me (386)801-5128 if you know you are coming and I will reserve a table for you or join the event on my Facebook page. I would like to thank the Florida Peacemakers and Bay Area Bandits for being such a huge support to Lia. She is hooked! After a lifetime of being inactive due to her heart and the multiple surgeries, etc., riding and shooting have been the most motivational activities to get her moving and pushing her boundaries. Thank you for making it happen and for making a huge difference in her life. Hannah

P.S. Please wear red if you can!
Edited 03-30-2016 10:42 AM
Clarice Bean
02:38 PM ET (US)
I hope I'm not the only one with this question but when looking at the CMSA website, how come my points are not tracked via the club, or maybe my old eyes missed it. I even checked Peacemakers and they are not with them either. Just wondering and if I'm not mistaken I think someone else asked the same question. Thanks much! Happy Monday and it's Jackpot week!
John Howard
01:19 PM ET (US)
The fairgrounds has asked that when we come into the arena today and tomorrow that we turn left after the gate and go to the left of the covered barn and drive to the backside of the arena and park in the pit. They will have the gate by the office closed due to RVs taking up space on the road.
John Howard
06:47 PM ET (US)
Mike Lubell is looking to possibly set up some practices down south. Would anyone be interested?
John Howard
02:17 PM ET (US)
We need a head count for the dinner saturday night at the state match. Cost is $12 per person. If you put your name on the list at the last awards then we have it. Otherwise please text David Larson @ 540-207-5389 with the number of people. Also, there will be no exhibitions during the state match. Johnny Giannasi has graciously agreed to host a free shooting seminar friday before the match. it will begin at 4PM friday. This clinic will cover horsemanship and gun handling.
Brenda kemp
07:26 AM ET (US)
SAVE THE DATE!!!!! Bandits Trail Ride April 2 nd.... Alifia State Park. Ride out at 10:00 and bring lunch ....there is no Match that month !
Clarice Bean
08:22 AM ET (US)
Taylor I could come get you Saturday morning.

I don't mind letting you come get mine for Wednesday either. Hershel has a chiro appointment Weds so probably not shooting.
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