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WiiChat Mafia: Mafia QT

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08:47 PM ET (US)
Edited 08-12-2012 08:47 PM
05:46 PM ET (US)
Also, if we get a no-lynch today we win. All we have to do is Roleblock Missingno., kill anyone at night (besides MR; it's very possible he's been lying the entire time and still has his commuter ability available), then we tie votes with MR and Fraz the next day's lynch for another no lynch. One more night kill after that, and we win.
Edited 08-12-2012 05:46 PM
05:44 PM ET (US)
MR sent me a PM. Relayin' it just in case.

There is a possibility that I did not save myself but wasted my power and the doctor saved someone else
and read my convo with neosquid
he says there is a doc

so you would have to die anyway
If you are mafia then we are against one person
If you aren't we still are against one person

and how do I know you aren't a scum strongman
considering the redundancy of our powers

That aside, a possible argument came to mind that I may be able to use against MR. As an already-killed mason, the mafia would absolutely want him dead. He hasn't been targeted even once since then; we can use that to our advantage by incriminating him as mafia. This starts by me sayin' MR is mafia, and joinin' on the bandwagon against him. The reason I can so boldly claim this, is multiple reasons. MR never voted against me since he was using me after gaining my trust, but now my role is done so he happily bandwagoned with Missingno against me. He never voted against Missingno. since he's the other mafia, hence why they're voting together. He never voted against Pichu since he's the mason, and also was mole-bait. The only logical route they can take at this point is to vote against me or you, and since I'm the easiest of us to lynch, he goes for me. Furthermore, I'll present some of MR's PM conversation with me, where he claims to be the commuter. This will be disproved and I'll accuse his claim of bein' a commuter was simply a fakeclaim to gain my trust, by me explaining that if the doctor saved someone that night, he's lying.

That's when you chime in on cue to fakeclaim that you're the doctor. Say in the thread who you saved (whomever) during Night 2, and MR will look suspicious at the very least alongside me. I'll also include reasoning why it's okay for the doctor to reveal themselves; so late in the game, it doesn't matter if the doc saves someone or not since a successful lynch today guarantees town win.

This way if Pichu does show up, he just may join our side. Does the plan sound good? ... I think it's a lot better than the other one I hastily thought up at the least lol.
FeralizePerson was signed in when posted
05:32 PM ET (US)
Ah, I see. Yeah, that sounds better, the problem being, we'd definitely have to frame someone tonight if no lynch happens, since we only win if we outnumber the town.
05:17 PM ET (US)
Well, I planned to wait until the very last few minutes of the day to make a vote. If I just-plain vote now, MR will 100% know I'm mafia since we've discussed so much via PM. If MR knows, so does Pichu. If Pichu logs on in time to get the idea, he is guaranteed to change his vote to me immediately.

I'll still vote now if that's what ya want, just sayin' it might not be the best idea for me to jump the gun. ... MR is online right now too, and I'm a tad nervous (dontchulaughatthenewb). A tad too nervous to argue with someone over a completely obvious exclamation that I'm mafia, really.
Edited 08-12-2012 05:19 PM
FeralizePerson was signed in when posted
05:11 PM ET (US)
I hope he logs on to break the tie.

Vote with me, so we at least get a no lynch if he doesn't log on.
04:47 PM ET (US)
MR (used up job + dead mason), Missingno. (doctor), Pichu (mason) and us are still alive.

Erm... Ya don't have some sort'a excellent plan better than mine? Balls. ;_; I really don't think they'l trick themselves into the ploy, but if Pichu does show up and change his vote, that's all we got... Lookin' at his log-on times, he just might not show up in time.
FeralizePerson was signed in when posted
03:24 PM ET (US)
I'm not 1-shot lynchproof. I would die at the expense of making you confirmed town.

EDIT: Derp, re-read it.

I suppose it could work if this is the last lynch we need to win. Since Nick hasn't really been updating the OP to reflect the changes in the game, I have no idea how many people are still living.
Edited 08-12-2012 04:27 PM
11:49 AM ET (US)
After thinkin' on what a corner MR has put us in, I've come up with a plan; a very risky one that should only be used if we can't tie votes for a no-lynch.

I'll call you out as mafia, as well as Missingno. He'll (hopefully) respond with "lynch her first" for whateve reasons he says. I'll counter this with claims that you're the Godfather, still with your 1-shot lynchproof. Therefore, if everyone votes for you first, the lynch will have no effect, leaving the mafia in a guaranteed win position. As a result, everyone will vote to lynch Missingno. first. I may be able to convert at least one person to vote Missingno. if the other two do vote for me, which means we'll tie things up for a no-lynch or better.

This is my last-ditch plan, since if Missingno. doesn't respond at all/not with an accusation to lynch you first, we may be perfectly exposed, and not even have a chance at all to pull off some lucky bullshit during day 5. There's a chance either Pichu or MR will be very adamant towards my easily debunked argument, and they could quickly change each other's mind to keep their votes on me. Since odds of the plan's failure are high, I won't try it unless ya give me the A-OK, expert.

Also, the reason why I'd have to be the one to do this, is 'cause my fakeclaim and actual job conflict. MR already knows I'm 1-shot lynch, and I'm confident he'd catch on, so you would unfortunately have to be the bait in this all-or-nothin' gamble.
Edited 08-12-2012 11:58 AM
04:52 AM ET (US)
MR has found good reasoning to lynch me. He'll of shared it with Pichu (the second mason) by the time voting is locked as well. Here's our little exchange.

-----SSBfreakCK: Bro, why the hell're you votin' for me? If this is some sort'a ploy to draw someone's votes, ya could warn me first. ._.;

Mr. MR: What if I was mafia?
A commuter that is allied with the mafia
what then?
Would I want to rid you from the town?
to take out the weak link

SSBfreakCK: ... Which means you not only had me tricked, but quite possibly also the mason. Well played, good sir. =/ I ain't 'bout to go out without a fight though. You'll regret PMing me, overzealous rat.

Mr. MR: Ok
That was all if's
if you believe it then you are a fool
but you are a fool for believing me anyway if you are town

If you are town then check this out

CK (strongman)
MR (commuter)
Pichu (possible mason or doc)
Missing (possible mason or doc)
Feralize (possible mason or doc)

If you are telling the truth then one is a mason and one is a doc leaving it a one man mafia
If you are lying then we have a two mason mafia which seems more likely
so believe what you want you are the next logical person to be killed

so give me a good reason to let you live

SSBfreakCK: So you're not mafia? Jeebus Christo man... ;____; thnx 4 thuh panic

You can't rule out that there isn't a doctor, bro. The doctor hasn't saved anyone once, and the fact that there're multiple people (you 'n I) with a mafia kill-immunity job, that's at least a statistical sign pointing to the fact there may not be one. Certainly not proof, but a chance that can't be ignored.

Every little thing like this needs to be considered. If the mafia is two people, all they need is one more townies dead kill. If there's no doctor, they're guaranteed to get it tonight. If there's a no-vote or a lynch of a townie, town loses. If we're wrong on who to lynch today, that's game over. If I die, we lose. =/

I went through the entire thread, and that's all I can find as reasoning to not vote me into oblivion so far... Can't say it clears my name, but from what I'm sayin', it sure as shit should give ya motivation to scour the thread like I did. I'll certainly be re-readin' it a second time. -----

If I get lynched, Missingno. absolutely needs to be framed during Day 5, I'd imagine. I can help your claim to be town by voting against you if my vote won't tie things up and prevent the lynch. I can die fighting at least.

If this is what happens, be sure to nightkill Pichu. MR may of lied about using his commuter, and may know that there is most definitely a doctor. MR needs to be the very last town to go.

I doubt we'll be able to frame him either way, though. MR isn't stupid. I've been talkin' shit 'bout Missingno. for quite some time, so he'll likely take note of that and realize if I was tryin' to play mindgames by voting against the other mafia player.
Edited 08-12-2012 06:08 AM
04:21 AM ET (US)
Mistakes happen, no worries Nicky.

Well, Missingno. is the last man who may end up lynched. Time to end this in mafia victory. ~ Be prepared to fakeclaim doctor if Missingno. decides to defend himself via that route, yeah?
Edited 08-12-2012 04:24 AM
NeosquidPerson was signed in when posted
02:37 PM ET (US)
I can promise you that I won't derp up again with the vote tally. One time thing, I guarantee it.
10:51 AM ET (US)
So you're convinced Missingno. is the doc, then? That would make Fraz the second mason, so now we know everyone's role. Lovely. ♪

Kill: WiiAssasin

Oh... ... ... No wonder the role name of "Strongman" randomly came to mind, 'cause it's an actual role. I had no idea lol. Guess it's better to be safe than sorry 'n not bring the fakeclaim out in front of Missingno.

What about Day 4's vote? If things go as planned durin' the night kill (don't see how it could go wrong), I've got a rather simple idea. So long as we get a no-lynch or anyone but us lynched, we win, yeah? If you can find the time in your schedule, we can both avoid discussions entirely on Day 4, and blitzkrieg voting just a few minutes prior to the votes gettin' locked (a moment before the stroke of 8 PM EST), to get that no-lynch via tied votes at the least. So long as all three of 'em don't target a single one of us, we've essentially got a guaranteed victory, yeah?
Edited 08-11-2012 10:54 AM
FeralizePerson was signed in when posted
10:32 AM ET (US)
I'll roleblock Missingno then, and we'll kill him. He seems like the safest option.

Nice fakeclaim btw, only you got the name of the role wrong. A Strongman is a mafioso with a 1-shot vig kill that cannot be stopped. Though, you can attribute it to Neo, cause maybe he was derping that day ;; /don'tkillmeNeo

Roleblock: Missingno.
Edited 08-11-2012 10:34 AM
03:03 AM ET (US)
Alright, so... Are we after someone else? Or does the double voter take priority for this night kill, and that lil' speech of how the double voter isn't the most important just a bit of hogwash?

Either way, Fraz and Missingno. are mason and doctor. Which one is which, I can't say. I won't press MR very hard (and certainly not right this second), but if he reveals the mason without said pressuring we'll be good regardless.

Oh, and Nick gave us a hint towards the doctor's identity in consolation for a slight mistake he made (accidentally revealin' Assasin was town and the double voter). "Why did your kill on Night 2 fail? There was a reason. Said reason can point to the identity of the doctor. Roleblock him, and Assasin's death will be near concrete."

If doctors can't protect themselves, it's obviously Pichu. If they can, I'm not sure what to think.

Also, I used a fakeclaim to get in good with MR. It'l also be brought up if Assasin or Missingno. are smart enough to confront the results of Day 1. This is said fakeclaim.

"Dear Dirgey, you are the strongman. You are immune to one lynch or nightkill, whichever comes first.

You are allied with the town. You win when you eliminate the mafia.

Think how you can use that extra life to your advantage like by baiting a lynch or nightkill."
08:02 PM ET (US)
Mr. MR sent me this lovely PM.

---"Dear MR, you are the commuter. Once during the game during a night phase, you may PM me with "Escape", and you will be immune to all night kills and night actions during that night phase.

You are allied with the town. You win when you eliminate the mafia.

(Some advice. Since you can only do this once, do it when you think the mafia might try to kill you) "

If you are mafia and you kill me then I will make sure the mason kills you---

He thinks that we targeted him last night, which is working in our favor since he's now cooperating with me. Since he used his ability yesterday (unless he lied to me), his only use is voting now, so keep that in mind if I end up lynched by the time ya read this (looks like a no-lynch day at the moment). I could really of used your vote against Assasin 'bout now... ;_;

It's lookin' like Missingno. is either double voter, doctor, or mason, and Assasin is one of those choices minus Missingno's and mason, with one of 'em as the double voter. Assasin wouldn't vote for MR so viciously if he were mason, so he's almost assuredly double voter or doctor. Either Pichu is the other mason, or Missingno. is.
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