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VergiliusPerson was signed in when posted
02:16 PM ET (US)
- if actions are not submitted in the specified format they will not be considered.
  use these < b >____< /b > without spaces for the 'bold' effect.

- you may change your night actions and votes as many times as you wish. Only the newest set will be be processed.
01:49 PM ET (US)
VergiliusPerson was signed in when posted
06:04 AM ET (US)

If I were a human, how would I know who are the Olympians and Titans to pick a faction in the first place? Or do I just pick a side abstractly and then try to figure out who are who?
You have to decide to pick a side based on who you think is winning.
The basic thing is trying to get 70% votes for one faction, because if you don't land 70% votes, you will not have a chosen faction and therefore, you will not be able to attain your wincon.

Do the humans only vote or do the Olympiana and Titans vote as well?
Olympians and Titans cannot vote to decide the chosen faction. It is an ability exclusive to the humans.

What about the Castaway? Do humans have to get rid of them as well?
Getting rid of the Castaway is a part of the WINCON of the Olympians and Titans. And because humans have to assist their chosen faction to attain their wincon, the castaway must be eliminated. So, indirectly, the humans are required to kill the castaway.

Say humans thought of someone to lynch one night and the person turned out to be an Olympian - the side they decided against. What if the night after, they accidentally lynch a Titan?
First of all, the lynching happens during game day.

Lynching a member of the chosen faction (say, Titans) is detrimental to the humans, while lynching a member of the other faction (Olympians, in this case) is favorable.

But, know that you will win, only if the chosen faction (Titans, in this case) are able to attain their wincon.

So during game day, humans have to decide on the Mafia thread who to vote for, right? 70% of us have to agree to vote for one faction. Am I getting this right?
During the game day, humans have to do two things. Decide to vote for one faction and weed out members of the other faction and the castaway.
Know that supporting a faction which is losing its members might not be in the best interest of humans. Be careful when you decide...
Also note that attracting too much attention to yourself might get you killed.

(You may be revived, but there is no guarantee)


Also, the Olympians and Titans and Castaway also get to post in the thread or not?
Yes, all players get to post on the thread.
VergiliusPerson was signed in when posted
04:33 AM ET (US)
Welcome Human.

- You can vote for either Olympians or Titans in this quick topic at night. Your vote must be sent in as follows:
vote (faction name)

- Please post all your questions on this QT only.

Have fun. Best of Luck.

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