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Reading Journal #5 9/11

Piper Lieberman
11:38 AM ET (US)
For your journal today, write about any heroes or heroines you have come across in the books you have read so far. Did one of the characters display great courage under difficult circumstances or simply extended a hand when someone needed it?

the book i am reading is Water for elephants by Sara Gruen i am on page 179.

the hero in this book would be the main charter , he shows great courage under difficult times because of his parents dying , i believe he's strong and has great courage to stick up for himself and move on with his life and try to take over the family business and when he gets denied he tries to find a way to get around it and when he cant he ends up going a different rout where i don't think i could ever be as strong willed and tough as he is or can be , i have a lot of respect for him and the people who are trying to help him i know i could never be in the state of mind of losing both parents my house family job and everything all at once at such a young age shows how strong willed and determine he is to keep moving on and pushing forward and trying to keep everything okay. some day i might understand it but i honestly don't know how he could do it. and i also think he is strong because of the fact he is trying to find out a different way to live now because of his parents being gone so there for he's trying to get into the Cruces and trying to become something and maybe one day get the business back and up and running.
Melissa Voss
10:32 PM ET (US)
I finished the book Mist-wood and I am going onto Torment. One of the heroes in the books I have previous book Graceling, the main person that was a true of the books I have read was Katsa. Even in the toughest of times, she stuck her ground to whatever she believed in. She saved the princess and kept the prince in to condition. She had to bear with an terrible past of being rejected and ignored for her Grace, but she stuck with her gut and just worked harder with her grace. Katsa is the one who hunts, fights, and survives on her own and keeps other encouraged. She even kept her faith to her master and kept him and his son save. She even left herself exposed to the enemy so that Po and Bitterblue would escape. Katsa is a true hero because she never lets her friends down and she has her true heart to what she wants to do.
Nathan Saygili
02:01 PM ET (US)
I'm reading Purple heart, the third book this semester. I'm on page 10/199. A hero I've come across in the book I was reading earlier today was Mr. Fielding. A mysterious man with a little known history. The book begins shortly after his death. He had obtained a power that Houdini had-indestructibility. One day, he was watching Houdini perform, and was chosen as an audience participant. Houdini said, "you are indestructible," and so the power transfered to Mr. Fielding. A hundred plus years later, while letting his adopted son Jacob, the main character, drive, they hit a tree. Right before they crashed, Mr. Fielding said, "You are indestructible," and that sets the scene for the book. He saved Jacob, and tht's what makes him a hero.
Oriana Baxter
02:00 PM ET (US)
I am reading Bud, Not Buddy, and I am on page 81. In the book A Great and Terrible Beauty, I think Gemma should be considered a hero. Even thought she thought that the other girls wouldn't like her if she talked to Ann, she still listens to Ann, and she became friends with her. Gemma is kind and she ended up helping solve Pippas' problem. At the end of the book Pippa wanted to stay in the realms forever, Gemma had so much courage to let Pippa go. Since Pippa stayed in the realms, she died in real life. It would take a lot of courage to be able to allow your friend leave you. She also had to make the decision to smash the magic crystals. If she didn't break them, the dark creatures would be able to use the magic. These types of situations would be difficult to figure out what to do. I think Gemma had a lot of courage while she took part in these events.
Riley Schraeder
01:59 PM ET (US)
I am still reading Remember Why You Play by David Thomas and I stopped on page 236 today. In the book there was a freshman that a senior took under his wing. Then when the senior was down after a loss the freshman consoled the senior. Also after the starting quarterback got injured. A freshman had to step in during the playoffs. When the team played the team that beat them last year in the semifinal game they played as if it was their last game. And when the first and second string quarterbacks went down two juniors who hadn't played quarterback since junior high stepped in. Thus allowing the team to run their plays that they needed to run.
Bailey Meadors
01:59 PM ET (US)
I am currently reading the book Soul Surfer and I am on page 53.
The hero in my last book I Want To Live was the girls' brother. He had taught her everything she needed to know. He was the one who her some of his bone marrow to help cure her leukemia. He helped her in every way he could and looked after her in this difficult time in her life. He was very strong for her to help through the pain and process. He taught her new things, and so did she. This strengthened their bond and made him, her forever hoer.
Aurora Goetsch
01:58 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book That Summer and today I stopped on page 70. I believe if there had to be one hero in my book is would be Sumner. I am not that far into the book but so far Sumner seems the most heroic if I had to choice one. When Ashley was dating Sumner it seemed like Sumner held her family together. They always seemed very happy around him and lived like life without problems. Before had her family hadn't been that close, but when Sumner entered the picture, things just changed and they became closer and more friendly with each other. Not only did Ashley's family change, but she changed for the better too. There hasn't been many other characters that have shown this trait or really heroic traits in general so that's why I choose Sumner .
Lisa Person
01:57 PM ET (US)
I just finished my book Flawless by Sara Shepard. Most of the time all the girls display great courage by covering up a friend of a crime. For example Aria was suppose to tell her mom about how her dad has an affair with another women. She was very nervous and didn't know if she could say it but she did. Aria thought that if she didn't tell her mom would find out and she would be disappointed in her. She didn't want to say anything because she thought their perfect family would be over with. Which as we know now Bryon, the dad, is completely out of the picture he left Rosewood. Also Hanna use to steal a lot of jewelry form stores and they never caught her. Even though it was wrong of her to do that she told the truth and didn't blame it on everyone else.
Ali Schoenfelder
01:57 PM ET (US)
I am reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks; I stopped on page 51. Last week, I read the book She Said Yes. Misty Bernall wrote the novel about her daughter, Cassie Bernall, and her short life. Cassie was under all circumstances heroic and courageous. She lost her life in the Columbine shooting because she said 'yes' when asked if she believed in God. It would have been very easy for Cassie to respond by saying 'no', but she stayed strong in her faith the last seconds of her life. Her story has been told all over the world, and people write letters to Misty about how amazing and inspiring her daughter's unwavering faith was. Cassie is and was a role model to people she knew and people who have read Misty's book or heard the story in another way.
Edited 09-11-2012 01:57 PM
Allison Martin
01:56 PM ET (US)
I'm reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and I am on page 268. After Jacob's parents died and he decided to leave his final exam to graduate, he started walking and he didn't know where he was. When he finally stopped he heard a train. He decided that he would jump onto the train and just go from there. Camel found him and informed him that it was a circus train. Generously, Camel talked to the boss and got Jacob a job for the circus. Camel helped Jacob when he was in need and that shows that Camel is a good person.
Zach Dickerson
01:54 PM ET (US)
I am reading the book Burger Wuss and today I stopped on page92. I did come across some heroes in the first book I read. The hero in the book's name was Percy. He showed heroic traits by protecting his friends when they needed it and he would pretty much help anyone if they needed it. Only under certain circumstances, he wouldn't help someone if they needed it. Mostly because they were one of the bad characters in the book. I thought Percy was a hero because of all the things that he did.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
01:49 PM ET (US)
Today, September 11, is Patriot day, a day we pause to remember the Fallen Heroes of 9-11.

For your journal today, write about any heroes or heroines you have come across in the books you have read so far. Did one of the characters display great courage under difficult circumstances or simply extended a hand when someone needed it?

Remember to start with the book you are reading and page you are on.

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