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Keeping in Touch

Ainslie KiwiGirlNorthmanPerson was signed in when posted
06:21 PM ET (US)
I'll have to remember to check it then.
MarziePerson was signed in when posted
02:57 PM ET (US)
As per Lauren's suggestion, I have started a small group on GoodReads for those who do not partake of Facebook. If anyone is interested in joining that group, just email me.
MarziePerson was signed in when posted
01:13 PM ET (US)

It's hard to believe that we've all been chatting since about late 2008 - early 2009, and even before that on the CH Discussion Forum! Reflections started out as a Mercy Thompson board to discuss Patty Brigg books but morphed into a board largely discussing Charlaine Harris books and then morphed again, into a wider look at books. This style of discussion forum has largely run its course however.

Those looking for short discussions of books in the UF/PR genre who also are on FB are recommended to request addition to the Books, Books, Books private discussion group on FB. You'll see many familiar faces popping in. If you want more info, just email me.

For those looking for longer and more detailed discussions, email is still a good option, or you can make your own thread here on quicktopic if you wish. It might look plain but it will be serviceable. ;)

And I'm sure that we'll all find ways to keep in touch.

It's been a pleasure getting to know all of you.


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