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IDTTL History/Archive

08:07 AM ET (US)
Suffolk Records Office as part of the Olympics, are now requesting that any clubs or leagues in Suffolk may store any sporting records with them.

Therefore The IDTTL have set up an archive of handbooks/newspaper reports which are securely held, in fire proof, air conditioned rooms.

If you have any records that you would like stored, either club/league/personal TT records please either take them direct to Suffolk Records Office and quote the IDTTL archive box or pass them onto myself. Much better than left in the loft/attic ann then they get thrown out. They can be retreived at anytime as they will only be loaned to Suffolk Records Office.

We are looking for the following...

League Handbooks (pre 79)
Match Scorecards
Newspaper articles
Finals Night Programmes
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03:03 AM ET (US)
Items relating to IDTTL History...

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