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Gumdrop Falls

GreYPerson was signed in when posted
02:41 PM ET (US)
Putting this here for postgame

Why the cursed crown could not be invented:

Only one player in the game has the ability to kill at this point, that is mementoss. If he gets the crown, he would be unable to kill anyone or use actions, and because the crown can only change hands through a kill, that would mean mementoss would instantly lose and scum would lose the game.

Also, because nisani can give to whoever he wants, and knows he cant kill, he can give it to someone and wait for them to die, and not ever worry about himself getting it back. Therefore because nisani is the only left of his faction, it poses aboslutly no risk to himself, only benefit.

Town has no powers left, save for foolishness (who could prevent the death by the crown), therefore they dont suffer from the adverse effects of the crown. in addition, the crown only gets transfered by night kills, so either they A) lose a townie to the crown B) lose a townie and the crown to a misslynch that would happen anyway (wouldn't happen because the person would just claim they had the crown, and then be saved to see if they live in the morning. If they live they die.) or C) scum kill them, and then the scum dies because he has the crown and can't do shit.

All in all too good of an item for town, and it gives no potential drawback to Nisani for how powerful it is.
GreYPerson was signed in when posted
07:26 PM ET (US)
All town has to do is obviously lynch mementoss and nisani. Foolishness should use his power at this point only if he is about to get lynched, or if he believes desperatly that town is headed to a mislynch.

Town lynching Mementoss today is the best option, and then a follow up on nisani after. Nisani will have a rough time having mementoss lynched this early, because he cant give himself an item yet, and will have to start giving town useless items to stay alive.

if town mislynch it will be 3-1-1, then 2-1-1 assuming the worst (nisani does not get shot).

At this point mementoss is very likely the next candidate, but if town still dont lynch him...

1-1-1 again assuming a town lynch, and then mementoss either shoots nisani or a townie. if a townie town obviously loses, and then sleeper and scum go to a stalemate resolution thing we planned. if mementoss shoots nisani mementoss wins assuming nisani did not give the last townie some game saving item thing.

Basically town cannot survive 2 misslynches.
GreYPerson was signed in when posted
07:20 PM ET (US)
Mementoss is able to attach up to 2 cores, and at this point in the game becuase he is the last team member alive he can use his core power and his normal kp. The KP core is gone from the game.


Best case scenario is Nisani lynched today, but any lynch which is not foolishness is fine. (this is because if foolishness is about to be lynched, he would use his power to skip the lynch, and prevent kp at night)

so 4-1

Shoots Foolishness


At this point mementoss needs to gamble, Becuase he has been in the sights for too long. He needs to claim that he attached a core last night that gave him a DT check, and got red on someone, jayjay or phagga are both good targets, but i would personaly go for phagga at the moment.


shoot someone


GreYPerson was signed in when posted
07:15 PM ET (US)
For Nisani to win, we are going to assume he makes no more KP items until he can give items to himself.

mav might be lynched today


mementoss kp on foolishness


then we assume town lynch mementoss because that is what it looks like they have been wanting to do

hopefully nisani can give to himself by this point.
so gives himself a DT check sounding item
lies to the thread saying its a dayshot
and wins
GreYPerson was signed in when posted
07:13 PM ET (US)
Nisani=Sleeper Cell
Foolishness=Blue (Godsend from ressurection mafia)
         at this point he can sacrifice himself, move game immediatly to night, and prevent all deaths in the night phase.
all rest are VT at this point.

So 4-1-1

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