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10:43 AM ET (US)
Sorry about the delayed response, but good job. I was coming in here to ask if you wanted to be revealed, so you definitely made the right choice.
03:48 AM ET (US)
Just responded to Aziraphale when he wanted to know who was your partner. FIgured it was fine to, since I am basically making myself look like scum anyways.
06:17 PM ET (US)
I think me not being properly active and missing things people are saying is giving me seriously scummy vibes. At this point, if I were someone else, I would think I was scum. Might try and stay up till 3 30 and try and be part of the discussion so I'm not way behind. Not sure if that will happen though
06:52 AM ET (US)
I hate missing all the discussions so much! By the time I get back everything has been discussed and there are so many things to try and take in that it is hard to try andm ake new thoughts haha. I just really don't get Custer right now, he is on the top of my list so I voted for him.
05:27 AM ET (US)
I hope you don't die tonight. The town must prevail! Who is big on your suspicions list? I just don't get why Ashaya would claim that particular character if she were scum because it will make us try and night kill her. And even if she can provide a night kill then she would still get lynched the next day. So in my mind it makes no sense for her to be scum and claiming Marcone..
06:53 PM ET (US)
Well, that's that. Try to survive as best you can, Loch. Hopefully we'll both still be in this after tonight concludes, but I'm not so sure I'll make it through for much longer. Sorry.
10:48 AM ET (US)
Okay sorry had been really really busy/ no internet / figuring out my move (I'm moving from Germany back to Canada on the 14th) but now I have internet and am less busy so my attention is back on the game for its next day. I read through the stuff but fast and I haven't gotten time to form my own opinions on it all yet. Went with the Zennith lynch because it definitely made sense. Even if Aekiel is scum, I believe the stuff about Stojil and Zennith, but just because I believe it doesn't mean I think he is innocent. Gotta read everything, this game is seriously a confusing one with all the rules haha.
09:50 AM ET (US)
No, it's good for us to keep toward differing targets this early, and being on separate schedules like this should also keep suspicions reasonably low, so I'm glad to see you thought of someone else to aim for last night.

And yeah, it is disappointing, but at least Stojil is temporary out of our way. And I know what you mean, this early we kind of have to play it by ear and see what we can read out of the other posters meanings, so a slip up like Evan did and Stojil earlier on are more or less all the evidence we can latch onto easily.

If it came down to one of us about to be lynched, I don't think roleclaiming would guarantee our survival. In all probability we'd still be NK'd and the scum would have one or two definite roles known and out of their way, allowing them to focus on the truly-able characters. If we go to a lynching silent, we could be any of the town roles and no one else will know, for good or ill, save the Ectomancer.

Hey, cool. Enjoy the show, and on that note Happy New Year.
09:18 AM ET (US)
So just want to let you know, tomorrow I won"t be around till late. It starts at 3am here and I am not going to get home for many hours after that. When I do get home I will go to sleep and then my boss bought me tickets to go see Peter Pan at 3pm. So yeah, I won't. Be around till late to discuss or post
04:58 AM ET (US)
Ugh that was frustrating, no lynch. only 20 people voted at all.

Okay my problem is that I keep giving people the benefit of the doubt, need to start getting proper suspicions. PS I would like to off Smile as well. Will build up an argument for the next day phase. I had been going for Uncle Stojil today so that we could move on, but clearly we haven't. Gonna say that we need to stop focusing on him then if we are not going to lynch him so we don't have issues like today's.

And also question, do you think that if one of us becomes the lynch target soon (I don't think it will be the next day phase as no one is suspicious of us at the moment), we should roleclaim, since we have no powers and it just gives people two confirmed town? Was just wondering what you thought about that and the good/bad effects of it.
08:40 AM ET (US)
Of course I don't mind if you vote haha, I actually posted after you, and don't really agree with the whole Evan Tide thing, but it's not like I actually know who is scum, so your opinion is as good as mine! I mean with the amount of scum there are out there there is a good chance that Evan is. I just didn't really agree with that reasoning. So I went in another direction, I hope you don't mind either :)
07:54 AM ET (US)
Well, so much for trying to off Smile just yet. I think guljons raises a good point, so I hope you don't mind that I voted. I probably won't be able to post much over the next couple of days/nights, and I'd rather not miss a vote and wind up on somebodies list for that reason.
11:10 PM ET (US)
Ah, excellent. Good job, Loch.
12:29 PM ET (US)
Woohoo looks like we got our lynch, unless everyone rescinds their deadline votes. Just hope he was scum because that would be a great start.
10:29 AM ET (US)
Yeah I'm pretty new to this too. I did the Slumber Party mafia but got night killed pretty quickly, it's still going on. And I played the very end of the Beginner's Cup, not very well I might add haha.

Just watching people's posts right now. Don't have too much to say right now in the thread, probs will have a lot more suspicions on day 2.
08:32 AM ET (US)
Yeah your idea really took off, so good call Loch.

First time I've been in one of these kind of games, but I agree, it is nice knowing for sure. I'm probably going to aim to knock off Smile or whomever else the band-wagon begins pouncing on, so I'll do what I can to avoid dragging us into the scum category.
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