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Evidence-Based Challenging Behaviour Course

06:35 PM CT CAN)

Eyeglasses Lenses for Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a special challenge for people 40 or older, because the eye's natural lens and internal focusing muscles become less flexible with aging and no longer can accommodate vision at all distance ranges. Presbyopia typically is noticed when print begins to blur, even if you never wore eyeglasses before.

  This means that the usual type of eyeglasses lenses you've likely been accustomed to wearing, known as single-vision lenses, no longer will work well for you.
Multifocal and single-vision eyeglasses lenses available for presbyopia correction
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Deidre Anderson
08:31 PM CT CAN)
Hi everyone...looking forward to some interesting discussion!

Kirsten WirthPerson was signed in when posted
08:30 PM CT CAN)
Welcome to the bulletin board for the Evidence-based Challenging Behaviour Course. Please feel free to interact with your co-students by asking and answering questions and posting your thoughts when they arise from the course material. I will help out if needed, or post when I received similar questions from a number of students.

Happy Posting!
Kirsten Wirth

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