Erlking Thread Erlking Thread QuickTopic <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | You were surrounded by a feeling of faith. As you revel in...]]> 2012-01-08T06:38Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | Alright. Might as well set my hunt target, just in case....]]> 2012-01-07T23:50Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | Much appreciated.]]> 2012-01-07T02:10Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | Uhhh, I don't know about your hunt with you dead, but I'm...]]> 2012-01-07T02:01Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | There's still a shot I might win this by myself. If Forthill...]]> 2012-01-06T05:44Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | Secretly my ulterior motive is to fuck with as many people...]]> 2012-01-06T04:34Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | Success]]> 2012-01-06T02:08Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | Alright. Might as well get my Night Action in now. Taint:]]> 2012-01-05T01:10Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | Wait, my completly random hunt target actually hit...]]> 2012-01-04T03:00Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | Your hunt will be carried out tonight unless blocked...]]> 2012-01-03T05:21Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | I just want to express how hilarious I found the fact that...]]> 2012-01-03T04:19Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | Fair enough.]]> 2012-01-02T13:11Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | I already let you pick you victim, if I let you change now...]]> 2012-01-02T06:47Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | Since this is such an odd situation, can I change my hunt...]]> 2012-01-02T05:11Z <![CDATA[Vesvius | No problem. Hunt: Lindsey]]> 2012-01-01T12:53Z