Thomas Raith Thomas Raith QuickTopic <![CDATA[Zennith | Wow. And nobody even considered that possibility! That's...]]> 2012-01-03T05:30Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | I will tell you that you were switched with Vesvius who is...]]> 2012-01-03T05:11Z <![CDATA[Zennith | Curse your flavor! Unnatural forces indeed. Otherwise,...]]> 2012-01-03T03:34Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | After this you blacked out and you don't remember anything...]]> 2012-01-01T02:29Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | You're surrounded by a white light and a feeling of faith...]]> 2012-01-01T02:28Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | do you hide one of the three dead bodies? if so whom?]]> 2011-12-31T06:26Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | correct and confirmed. body hidden]]> 2011-12-29T03:28Z <![CDATA[Zennith | Yeah. I'll hide who it was. Anyways, I'm not supposed to...]]> 2011-12-29T02:37Z <![CDATA[Zennith | At what time of the day should I be using my power to prevent...]]> 2011-12-29T02:14Z <![CDATA[Zennith | Cool Beans.]]> 2011-12-28T05:35Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | Lord Thomas Raith, the one who stands against his own...]]> 2011-12-08T00:04Z