Esperrachius Esperrachius QuickTopic <![CDATA[Snowflake | Purify guljons.]]> 2012-01-08T22:23Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | You and one of your partner watch as your target is encased...]]> 2012-01-08T06:33Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | I believe that if you wanted to see it this Night it won't...]]> 2012-01-08T06:27Z <![CDATA[Snowflake | Sorry, I'd like to purify Lindsey instead of draconian.]]> 2012-01-07T15:02Z <![CDATA[Snowflake | I'd like to purify draconian. Riley, am I allowed to change...]]> 2012-01-07T14:50Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | You and your brethren all picked the same person, A white...]]> 2012-01-06T02:07Z <![CDATA[Snowflake | I want to see Thorned Namshiel's actions and purify]]> 2012-01-05T03:32Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | Your target is surrounded in brilliant white light. He is...]]> 2012-01-04T01:28Z <![CDATA[Snowflake | I'd like to purify Aekiel..]]> 2012-01-03T12:48Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | ...]]> 2012-01-01T06:56Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | Has tempted one person during the night. has not received...]]> 2012-01-01T02:45Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | It's fine and if someone is dead, there's no use in...]]> 2011-12-31T21:09Z <![CDATA[Snowflake | Uh, does that mean we can try to purify dead players? O.0 I...]]> 2011-12-31T17:54Z <![CDATA[Snowflake | I'd like to see Nicodemus. Sorry about the confusion, I'm...]]> 2011-12-31T17:03Z <![CDATA[Riley Pool... | If a Denarian is purified, they become a simple townie, any...]]> 2011-12-31T16:31Z