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Morgan's Thread

The Rogue Commander
10:48 AM ET (US)
Warden's Journal - Donald Morgan

Several days passed, other than a few mutterings of myself being a "lurker" like some sort of Black Court filth and then this morning The Merlin revealed himself to all of us, and once he requested I reveal my identity as well, I was happy to oblige him. I suspected the "Aziraphale" man was the Merlin for a couple days, and now The Merlin, Dresden, and I are out in the open for the Red King to murder. Along with the Blackstaff and the local Ectomancer (Note to self this man seems to be majorly skilled, must bring him to the council later. He could be a valuable resource for the Council)

Here;s hoping I survive the last few days we are in this forsaken building.

The Eighth of January of the year Two Thousand and Twelve
The Righteous Warden
09:48 PM ET (US)
Warden's Journal - Donald Morgan

Yesterday I woke to the smell of death, it must have been Mavra. The undead sorceress perhaps was attempting to prevent me from taking any action. Thankfully this morning no signs of evil were near me.

If we are lucky the Merlin will reveal himself, but I fear for my own sake if no one else claims to be me. With luck in a day or two someone can claim my name for their own, that way the various dark forces about can end the wrong person's life.

After that, they will attempt on the Merlin's life and waste their efforts. With the listing of all the people here and my knowledge of their abilities, the only person this would work very well with is the criminal Marcone, perhaps he'll risk himself soon, ensuring my survival, and the Merlin's as well.

Dresden seems to at least be pointing fingers at the right people, his investigative skills, as loathe to say it as I am, are reputed as being quite excellent. Once he fingers someone today I'll be able to vote for the as well.

This Third of January of the year Two Thousand and Twelve
Riley PoolePerson was signed in when posted
09:38 PM ET (US)
You smelled death and decay in your sleep. You aren't impure, you can feel that, but someone from the Black Court definitely visited you during the night.
The Righteous Warden
10:52 AM ET (US)
Warden's Journal - Donald Morgan

The day passed with the death of a silent man, but I worry that he may have been important. A man who holds his tongue may simply have nothing to say.

Many others had nothing to say, and yet they nattered on like yimmering dogs, the kind I've seen in Los Angeles. They resemble rats.

Nevertheless, I shall continue to endeavor to root out the nefarious Vampires and Denarains that apparently fill this place.

I wonder if I will know if the Merlin is killed? I'm devoting nearly all my willpower to protecting him, and at the same time I've no clue how he is.

This Twenty-Ninth of December, Two Thousand and Eleven
The Rogue Commander
01:12 AM ET (US)
Warden's Journal - Donald Morgan

I have arrived on orders of the Merlin in Chicago. While Edinburgh can be just as cold or even colder, I prefer the innate strength of the place and the power coursing through the hewn pillars and walls of the place. I fear I will be held here far too long thanks to the insanely dangerous shenanigans of Wizard Dresden.

I'll be watching him, and by the seven laws, my blade, and my bloodless Warden's Cloak, I shall ensure that Dresden does not besmirch our council, nor endanger innocent lives... again.

This Twenty-Sixth of December, Two-Thousand and Eleven.
Riley PoolePerson was signed in when posted
02:53 PM ET (US)
Warden Donald Morgan, you are being called to service. There is a conflict growing in the midst of Chicago. I am bringing you here to investigate and enact our laws upon the populace as needed. I'm trusting you not to fail. Keep a watch over Harry Dresden(Dhulli), he's in town and I have a feeling he may be connected somehow.

Morgan's Powers:
-As long as he lives, the Merlin has one lynch survival
-Due to the nature of his assignment, he has followed Dresden everywhere and knows who he is. (Knows who Dresden is, but can not communicate with them)
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