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DLP Tinyhunt - Game Comments

kaidashPerson was signed in when posted
02:11 AM ET (US)

As evidenced by the swift destruction of the coven in tinyhunt 1, Lurking is a pretty suboptimal strategy no matter what role you are!

If you're scum: Posting maybe can be seen as a negative, since it lets pro-town players get a read on you (But maybe you can deceive them with your guile?)! However, not posting can be just as deadly for you. If a pro-town power role like the priest is unsure what to do, they might go 'hey Billy is not posting much so I have no read on him. But since I have nothing else to go on today I guess I will check billy!'

It's even an even worse situation for scum if the judge or vigilante think that (and in some ways it is even easier for them to do so) since like, if you're lurking and not giving opinions/contributing to discussion they might think 'Hey, even if I kill billy the lurker and hes actually town, it does not matter much since he was not doing anything anyway. And obviously, if he is scum then I have just killed someone who is probably gonna evade group suspicions for a while!'

Lurking is a kinda good way to evade the suspicions of a group, but against individuals with power it's very suboptimal!

If you're town: Posting is good! You let the town power roles (or maybe you are a town power role) get a good solid read on you, so they're more likely to use their powers on someone else, which is a net gain if you are actually innocent! Also if you actively post and give certain information, later down the road that info can be used to catch the witches in a lie!
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01:56 AM ET (US)

Unless you're roleclaiming priest or acolyte (in support of your priest/to debunk a fake priest) it's almost always better to do a multiclaim in the form of

I am role X, Y or Z (For this example, lets go with vigilante, eager cadet or dancer). (Pretend this is day 3 and only 1 kill happened on night 2)

If I am the vigilante, then I was not offered a chance to kill on night 2. If I am given a kill tonight, I'll kill billy.

If I am the EC, then the spiritualist should know since i've probably been protected at some point. However, the spiritualist should NOT roleclaim to save me if I'm to be lynched anyway!

If I am the dancer, then I'll dance tonight.

Obviously, you do not have to include your real role in such a roleclaim. Remember, a good lie can be gamewinning if it Witches make incorrect decisions based on it!

Another few hints

Priest can roleclaim acolyte well if he needs to (Since obviously, the real acolyte isn't going to out his priest as fake claiming acolyte).

Roleclaiming desperado is almost always a mistake, since the real desperado will probably use their power on you! Same with Judge.
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11:57 PM ET (US)
>What do you consider the two most important (pro-town) roles in tinyhunt and why?

Ignoring priest because obvious. Vigilante is next most powerful town because it's the only way town can know if they mislynch.

Other strong town roles are - Acolyte (knowing who the priest is is huge), Spiritualist (You're kind of like a backup priest), Martyr (You can confirm someone as 99% town by saving them in the night),
kaidashPerson was signed in when posted
10:36 AM ET (US)
Day 2 part 1

Irene exploded the thread lol. I think fishing for information would normally be the right move here, except the way the game is being played getting info is almost impossible. In this game I think just waiting it out and hoping you don't get NK'd would have been better. Also, too much focus on Lutris makes you look like the Acolyte to his priest.

Zeit made a mistake too which stems from a combination of his playstyle (POST LESS IS GOOD) and not thinking his questions through properly. Fishing for information is OK! But, Fishing for information while 1. not posting and 2. not giving any information yourself is not ok. The first question implied lutris was a top tier role (bad!) and the second question is -ev town tbh because it just identifies the players who have paid the most attention to previous games.

Lungs I think would be surprised at how little xp i have. Also giving someone lump 'just to see what happens' not a good move.

The fiat zeit townfight happened... again. No further commentary needed :|

Lutris made an ok move by saying vira is sus, but nothing can repair the lump bandwagon!


Also, reads prior to say day 3-4 aren't terribly reliable because there just hasn't been enough information going around.
kaidashPerson was signed in when posted
06:29 AM ET (US)
Day 1

Lump: Was given out way too freely - Town had no information about lutris or zeit (and even if they aren't witches, town wants to kind of know they aren't giving lump to a strong power role). Also nobody seemed to realize that the priest could just check the person who got lump ? =
Lynching: People are so reluctant to lynch they aren't even pressuring people, so it ended up going to the judge and judge didn't even know anything about Aekiel or the other suspects so they couldn't make a solid decision. Town needs to pressure people so they reveal information (it doesn't matter if they lie, as long as they are saying something of substance!) so that the people who can get things done (vigilante, judge, priest, etc) can make better decisions. It's fine (and even a great +ev town thing to do) to pressure people, as long as the pressure doesn't devolve into a lynch train that hits the pressure target no matter what they say or do. It was even worse this game because no info was revealed during the lump vote either.

General Mafia stuffs: The difference between an innocent and a witch is the following - shameless offsite link

Night 1

NK: I think Ashaya is a pretty polarizing player. Left alive, the town may have lynched her imo. That's the thing about good players, they're dangerous to leave alive, but at the same time if you do leave them alive the town thinks 'hey this is really odd that X is alive - maybe they are actually a witch and we should lynch them?'.

Protect: Good move by aekiel to not protect the EC.
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kaidashPerson was signed in when posted
10:18 PM ET (US)
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