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Open Salt Collectors
All Collectors.

All posts should be about Open Salts, Club meetings and other collectible information. Please feel free to post questions, pictures or information you may have about salts.
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Linda H
09:48 PM ET (US)
Since this chat page is schedualed to disappear may isuggest to those of you who need or want a daily dose of chatter might consider checking out the message board at opensalts.us. it's very similar to the facebook page. There's a monthly topic. This month its chunkys. And theres a lot of reference material on the main section.
07:25 PM ET (US)
I talked with Leanne today she has been under the weather. Convention salts will be mailed as soon as she can get them ready.
04:04 PM ET (US)
Hi I need to let every one know that the Northern California group has not disbanded but have gone inactive. We will still have meetings when we can. Our group still has members but only 3 that can drive any distance. We did. Close the treasury for it was costing us each month and since we didn’t use the monies the bank had already made our account inactive. The national delegate are a Linda W. And myself.

Another issue is the web page Jeff had done a great job but the web master is only as good as information that is given to him. He spent countless hours on the web page especially when it was pulled down by the forces. It was no time at all that he had it up and running again. This was during a 3 day holiday he was on the phone all this weekend even spending his own funds. Jeff if no one else has said it I will Thank You so much. I am so greatfull for all you did during this very trying time.
Edited 10-11-2019 04:05 PM
OSC WEB MASTERPerson was signed in when posted
07:43 AM ET (US)
Hello chatters! Please be advised that this chat board will be deactivated, possibly soon, or definitely before the end of the year. At the OSC Board Meeting last month, we decided to focus our efforts on the web site opensalts.info and on our Facebook page, Open Salt Collectors of the World. The web site will be redesigned, and the FB page is quite active, with over 500 members! Please join us there!

Thank you, on behalf of the OSC Board
Judy Johnson
10:19 AM ET (US)
Thanks Judy we have been having a problem with our mail,so I like to know when something might come so I can be on the alert.
OSC WEB MASTERPerson was signed in when posted
09:26 AM ET (US)
Any questions on convention salts need to be addressed to LeeAnne Kornbau. She and Jeff handled all of that. But I think Mary is probably right. They are likely still getting organized and will surely ship them as soon as they are able. I emailed LeeAnne with a question early last week and still haven't heard back, so that's probably an indication of how busy they are. Hang in there!!

Empress Judy
Rainy, cool Upstate NY
11:18 PM ET (US)
Don you are sooooo cool!!! and again congratulations....
I had purchased two and was going to pick them up at the convention, but obviously that did not happen. I have not received notification that I owe more for the mailing... I am sure they are still trying to get organized Sarah - If memory serves me right- the convention was just last weekend. I wouldn't panic for a while. They maybe making stops on the way home too... Am I wrong on when it was... It was just last weekend right???? Someone help me here, I can't afford to lose it again...........
EMPRESS JUDY where are you when I need you ............. Halp... Yours truly Eggo
10:33 PM ET (US)
I’ve got a question when we’re the convention salts sent out. I keep hoping mine would be here by now.
Don Rabourn
06:51 PM ET (US)
Hi ALL, Well Susie delivered my salts from the convention today(buy & sell, display, and of course BOUGHT salts!) It was certainly NICE of them to save us from flying them in! Susie also got us connected to the Facebook page, when she was here. Don't expect a lot from us, I'm more of a "looker, than doer"! Judy, I bought that Morton Doll at a Garage Sale, less than 2 miles from my home! We're NOT "into dolls", but a "light went off" when I saw her! I guess the "rest is history"!
Lynda LaLonde
04:35 PM ET (US)
  Anyone have an idea how this Web page will be changed? Looking forward to see what's going to be done.
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