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Open Salt Collectors
All Collectors.

All posts should be about Open Salts, Club meetings and other collectible information. Please feel free to post questions, pictures or information you may have about salts.
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Nina Robertson
04:40 PM ET (US)
I agree with Nancy. It’s hard to say looking at that view. It could be a tea light holder. Those are often confused with open salts. But it’s very hard to say from that perspective.
Nina Robertson
Nancy Dietel
12:57 PM ET (US)
Nancy, your piece looks lovely. But we need dimensions and perhaps another view from a different perpective.
There are people on this site who have a lot of knowledge and they love to help collectors. Just give us some more information.
Nancy McLaughlin
02:06 PM ET (US)

Is this a master salt cellar or some mystery item to put in my cabinet of pretty things?
Edited 11-18-2018 02:07 PM
Sharon Davis
09:45 AM ET (US)
QT--Thank you for clearing that up for me. Does my little candle holder have any value to it? Thank You for your help. --------------------------------------------
12:09 PM ET (US)
Sharon - He was sold with a candle - They had several animals - curled up cat - turkey - etc. - I think the late 70's - Very popular but unlike the bowl on the square base - never sold as a salt - only as a candle -
10:58 AM ET (US)
Brenda M---Yes this is my turtle and on the bottom is AVON 13. thank you for your reply and do you have any other infor. on this turtle. He is 3 1/2" long
Sharon Davis
10:44 AM ET (US)
Hi Judy--thank you for your advice and it sounds like you had a really fun weekend-Sharon
08:28 PM ET (US)
I loved that one the most - Candle holder - but then so is the pedestal one - The salt I have in the garage is not a turtle or the Cape Cod one - Another AVON item that is so close to a salt it is scary - but I know it was never sold as one - so what is am it - Just need time to find the sucker -- lol
Brenda M.
07:49 PM ET (US)

Could this be the turtle in question?
Judy JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
02:14 PM ET (US)
Hi Sharon Davis - sorry to be slow responding. I was at an open salt meeting!! And it was awesome! (The four-hour drive home a bit less so.) I am not aware of any turtle that Avon ever produced, but maybe someone is. I would suggest posting your questions on the Facebook page. And if you can also post a picture, you know, 1,000 words! I do have one of the Cape Cod red open salts. I purchased it from Lorraine Ayers (Mary knows who that was), so it's extra special to me. My MIL, years ago, bought loads of Cape Cod things for me for birthdays and Christmas. Now you can't give the stuff away, but the salt will always stay with me!
Tired Empress Judy
Sunny Upstate NY
Sharon Davis
10:38 AM ET (US)
Hi Judy---I have tried to find out more infor. about my Avon turtle, but I am new to this and I have not found out anything. If anybody in your group has any information or a site that I can go  to (yes I went to the Avon site) please let me know. I so appreciate my connection with you and your knowledge. Thank You--Sharon
Sharon Davis
09:46 PM ET (US)
QT--I love that I am sending so many people out to their garages
Sharon Davis
09:44 PM ET (US)
Hi Sharon--My little turtle is 3 1/2" long and on the bottom it says AVON 13. He has a head and a tail. I will go to the site you suggested and I am new to this so I am working on getting a picture. This has been a very fun site--Sharon
Sharon Davis
09:38 PM ET (US)
Mary--thank you and I will be anxious to find out about this little turtle.
Sharon F (AZ)
12:36 AM ET (US)
Hi, Mary... Oh. OK. I didn't know about the Cape Code red one. The one I was thinking of was clear, not red. I don't believe it was from any "collection" It was just a master-sized salt with a candle in it. I guess Avon put out several salt-type pieces :o)
09:49 PM ET (US)
Oh no - Not that one - this was from their - Do they have a Cape Cod collection that was in red - Very popular at the time - anyway - which ever name it went by - there were a few napkin rings that wound up with bases and became salts - They were never promoted or sold - They were for the President's Club or something like that - I had several at one time and slowly they went to new owners - I had one I got from Ed Bowman that had the plunger go too far down and caused an uneven rim - Not sure if I still have it or if it also found a new shelf to sit on - The garage tomorrow and then I will know - Won't take too long to find them - or not - as I finally have my salts in drawers out there awaiting shelf space inside --
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