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Open Salt Collectors
All Collectors.

All posts should be about Open Salts, Club meetings and other collectible information. Please feel free to post questions, pictures or information you may have about salts.
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09:56 PM ET (US)
Any one with mercury glass salts that would be willing to send pictures and allow us to use them in The National Newsletter - Please let me know as soon as you can - We have the article - but need pictures to go with it - Thank you -

Empress - Would you mind posting this on the super duper face book page for me - Thanks a trillion and one
10:20 PM ET (US)
Brenda M. Thank you for sharing! This is good news. It takes a great deal of work to set up a web site and have it be an active and interesting one. This is a thanks to us as salt collectors for our desire to have a website and a REAL thanks to Jeff, our webmaster, for the years he's put into it! Applause!
Brenda M.
07:07 PM ET (US)

Check it out....salt collectors got a shout-out in Harry Rinker's column in Antique Weekly. Personally, even though I know he's a big gun in the antiques industry and I totally respect his wealth of knowledge, I find him a little self-indulgent....but the fact is, he recognized us! :)
Lynda LaLonde
04:43 PM ET (US)
  Sarah, Just read the board. I am in High Springs just below Lake City. We were, remarkably, hurt very little by the hurricane. Many did not even lose electricity. I thank God every night.
Catherine cole
06:56 PM ET (US)
Looking to sell my collection from over 50 years ago collecting, if interested please email me at ccole7007@gmail.com. I live in Dallas, Texas and would like to sell all as 1 lot. I am not aware of any collectors or groups in our area. Please feel free to contact me via email if you can give me any help or resources for selling. Thanks
Edited 09-24-2017 06:58 PM
04:17 PM ET (US)
Thanks Sarah - But all of the congratulations goes to Kent this time - He went through hundreds of pictures to come up with just the right ones - All the speakers could not be high lighted and I feel he chose the best one to do so - Personally I think his decision to include a working resume on all of the artists that had their work included in this convention was above and beyond - I made one correction and it was on something of mine - so all the applause and bestest and goodest words of praise belong to him - This time the 100% editor of this co-editing team --
Sarah Kawakami
12:41 PM ET (US)
Wonderful Newsletter thanks Mary and Kent
Sarah Kawkami
01:53 PM ET (US)
Every one caught in the storm please let us know you are OK. Been praying for you safety. I have a cousin in Lake City how bad is that area?
Sarah Kawkami
05:20 PM ET (US)
I just got a phone call from a lady in the mid-waest that wants to sell her salt collection of about 350 salts. She does have some lacies and silver salts and others. If you are interested in her information please email me at hgsalts9@gmail.com. Sarah
Donna Cass
12:39 PM ET (US)
Yikes…too hot for me even living in Florida!!!

Fair winds and smooth seas,
Rick & Donna

> On Aug 31, 2017, at 10:55 PM, QuickTopic daily digest <qtopic-46-tQpjGXaMAXMx@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Gary Nelson
11:30 AM ET (US)
Sarah, thanks for the update of your email address. Very very hot here in Santa Clarita as well. Up as high as 114. And oddly enough, yesterday afternoon heavy rain, thunder and lightning.
Sarah Kawkami
02:46 PM ET (US)
Ok where is every one???
 Has any one heard from our members in Texas. Hope they are OK.

Have a safe Holiday on Monday. Wish this are luck for the weather is to be hot starting today with a possible 114 tomorrow.
Sarah Kawkami
11:46 AM ET (US)
I need your help for I can now get e-mail. Since I can't get into my old e-mail I have lost every ones address. If you wish me to contact you please email me so I can build my contacts again, I do have a new e-mail address it is now hgsalts9@gmail.com. If you want to contact me please note the new address. My birthday brought me a IPAD Pro. From my family.

 Here in Antioch we got to see 3/4 of the eclipse yesterday and it was assume.
 Thanks Sarah
Sarah Kawkami
06:34 PM ET (US)
Have a safe 4th.
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