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my thoughts on de2

kaidashPerson was signed in when posted
02:31 PM EST (au)
minor correction for last post

I wonder what would have happened if vesvius had gotten lynched instead?

Lynched is meant to be warlock killed
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10:17 PM EST (au)
haha atomicwalrus was the warlock. it makes sense that he killed ayreon now (although a vesvius kill probably would have achieved an aekiel lynch that day too, giving walrus an extra night, but w/e) and this post:


makes clear that he has a power role of some kind but since healer, auror and hit-wizard are taken it must be warlock or sorc, and sorc reads as scum anyway so it doesn't make so much difference. Making warlock the obv conclusion

But the way he defended aekiel made him seem incredible scummy, so i didn't really consider that he could be a power role.

funnily enough, I did make the right choice in having aekiel be the warlock kill for first night, since when he wasn't killed (and instead an innocent was killed) he got on the fast track for lynch-ville.
I wonder what would have happened if vesvius had gotten lynched instead? Aekiel probably roleclaim warlock to prevent getting lynched and atomic counterclaims maybe?
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12:14 AM EST (au)
got night killed and aekiel didn't get warlock killed.

Aekiel can't be warlock, because he would have killed fiat.

Vesvius is a tiny chance for warlock, but I think my DE read is good.

not sure who could be warlock, since they've really screwed the pooch. maybe inbn?
Edited 05-09-2011 11:02 AM
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03:21 AM EST (au)
aekiel and vesvius both 100% scum now.
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04:09 PM EST (au)
day 6 thoughts (hashasheen the dark lord got lynched)

revealed and got hash lynched

also heh thought there was 1 more scum than there actually was, so my thinking on previous days maybe out a little.

krogan (surprisingly-ish?) and kensington are 100% innocent

ashaya is probably innocent. i'm thinking warlock even. we're probably boned if ashaya is a DE (but i don't think that is very likely tbh)

fiat is also probably innocent. the visited by sorc message is likely legit and he doesn't feel scummy, just a bit like a zealot.

palindrome is also probably innocent, maybe warlock.

ayeron, mrinbn and vesvius i have no real read on tbh. cbf at this point to go looking.

Aekiel and Walrus are gonna die, pretty sure they're both DE.

scrittore is kinda scummy, so i suggested he die first after aekiel and walrus.

Vesvius is next in line to die for no real reason really other than he isn't cleared in my mind.

Giving warlock free run to kill ayeron, mrinbn or palindrome (putting palindrome there kinda just for obfuscation, assuming she's the warlock - less likely for a random DE kill if she saves her power)

I definitely don't think warlock is aekiel or walrus, even if they are innocent. so any other warlock can use two shots (night 6, night 7) even if they are scrittore or a confirmed innocent who will be dieing on night 7 (ie: warlock is krogan or kens)
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06:10 PM EST (au)
post day 5 thoughts (aziraphale the healer got lynched):
The DE's can do one of two things, kill me and roleblock fen (good plan, maybe even it'll get fen lynched) or kill fen and roleblock me. I think anything else is pretty unlikely on the part of the death eaters, after how much i had to reveal to try to protect aziraphale.

If I survive to tomorrow and don't get roleblocked, obviously I'll reveal and tell on whoever i saw. If i do get roleblocked, I'll reveal and point at atomic or aekiel. I figure they have a higher chance of being scum than fiat or whoever else we're likely to bandwagon tomorrow.


for voting patterns

atomicwalrus and aekiel both definitely DE imo.

fiat 90% innocent

krogan unsure, kinda scummy. checked innocent

scrittore has never voted in a lynch, kinda scummy.

hashasheen pretty scummy

palindrome i hope she's the warlock

kensington innocent, hopefully. checked innocent

ashaya lurking hardout, can't really get a good read.

ayeron lurking hard, no read

mrinbn lurking hard, no read

vesvius no read

potential DE clique's

atomicwalrus, aekiel are in all possible DE groups.

if hashasheen is a DE then ashaya and ayreon are not
kaidashPerson was signed in when posted
11:51 AM EST (au)
aekiel - dark lord, makes sense with the mishie vote off with fiat and krogan being antagonistic to him. They are hopeing that fens checks him and he gets cleared as innocent.
Krogan - playing off fiat too much
Fiat - DE very likely
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12:11 AM EST (au)
krogan - probably de, comments: suspicious of taure day 1, voted for rats. plays off of fiat alot
fiat - since i'm the hit wizard, azira is the healer and fen is the auror, if he's making this claim (that he got visited) he has to be the sorc or a de.
palindrome - maybe warlock.
Hashasheen - conflicted. DE tells in that he underplays what is happening re vira and jwlk. town tells in that he suggests he might wanna quit because he thinks he isn't doing a good job (maybe that's too obvious though?)
aekiel - maybe de, but i don't think he could be a de if fiat+krogan combo is.
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11:05 PM EST (au)
Aekiel - probably DE
ashaya - dunno atm
atomicwalrus - dunno atm
ayeron - dunno atm
aziraphale - healer
fenraellis - auror
fiat - probably de
hashasheen - probably de
kens - probably de
krogran - dunno atm
mishie - maybe dl? checked innocent
mrinbn - bad lurker
palindrome - probably de
scrittore - probably de
vesvius - dunno atm
zeitgeist - probably de

Sorc didn't visit taure night 1 or visit fen night 2, so they've gone and fucked up bad since now auror can't be roleblocked at all until healer is dead.
Edited 30-08-2011 11:54 AM

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