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Allen Jhon
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Isabelle Edwards
01:33 PM MT (US)

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04:49 AM MT (US)
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Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
07:08 PM MT (US)

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Katrina HarmsPerson was signed in when posted
11:28 AM MT (US)
Hi all - I just found out that the census response rate up here is only 5%, compared to 43% for Boulder County overall. That’s horrifying and will starve our area of financial resources from the federal government.

Please go to http://www.my2020census.gov/
as soon as possible and help get our numbers up! Thanks!
Katrina HarmsPerson was signed in when posted
10:59 AM MT (US)
An update from last night.

UPDATE 8:10 p.m. March 17, 2020

Resources: If you and/or your family are being economically hurt by the virus response, here is who to contact:

Families and individuals under 60: Kristi Venditti, EFAA Mountain Resource Liaison, kristi@efaa.org or 720-422-7813. Please leave a message if her voicemail picks up.

Anyone over 60: Colleen Sinclair, Boulder County Area Agency on Aging csinclair@bouldercounty.org) or 303-258-3068

*Both Kristi and Colleen can route you to appropriate resources.*

If you are in Gilpin County:

Senior Meals of Wheels are being delivered M-F. Call 303-515-4292 to sign up. Gilpin Food Bank is open Tues and Thurs.with a drive-thru system, 1:30 to 4:00. County offices are closed, but call 303-582-5444 to get signed up for state services, or go to Colorado dot gov/peak

We are assembling a number of databases:

1) Businesses and nonprofits status, open hours, services, this database is pinned to the top of Nedheads and Nederland Area Community Support - Coronavirus page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/515487406036464/). It is open to updates by anyone. It will be published in the Mountain Ear this week.

2) People who are willing to help/People who need help. Claudia Schauffler is assembling this database. Email her at theshopned@gmail.com.

3) For Nederland area restaurants open and providing walk-up service go to https://nedtogo.com/.

4) B&F is saying they are open today, without the deli and Mtn Burger, and did get a shipment. Their hours seem to change suddenly, Nederland Facebook pages seem to be a good place to go to check the most current info.

I was asked to repost this information here as new info is added, I hope it is helpful.
Katrina Harms
01:09 PM MT (US)

UPDATE 1:00pm March 17, 2020

B&F in Nederland is open 2-6 today.

Resources: If you and/or your family are being economically hurt by the virus response, here is who to contact:

Families and individuals under 60: Kristi Venditti, EFAA Mountain Resource Liaison, kristi@efaa.org or 720-422-7813. Please leave a message if her voicemail picks up.

Anyone over 60: Colleen Sinclair, Boulder County Area Agency on Aging. csinclair@bouldercounty.org or 303-258-3068
*Both Kristi and Colleen can route you to appropriate resources.*
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Janette TaylorPerson was signed in when posted
10:46 AM MT (US)

Just a reminder that the 9 Health Fair, Human Services Fair and Nederland Food Pantry distribution will take place tomorrow, December 16, from 9 to Noon at the Nederland Community Center. See you there!
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Janette TaylorPerson was signed in when posted
08:04 PM MT (US)

The Mountain Human Services Fair will be taking place at the Nederland community Center from 9 am to Noon on Saturday, November 16. Get information on Health Insurance options, SNAP, transportation, housing, addiction treatment, counseling, home assistance for people with disabilities, senior help, gift cards for groceries, Thanksgiving food baskets from the Ned Food Pantry, First come first served free flu shots. In conjunction with a 9 Health Fair.
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Janette Taylor, P2P HHS
10:11 AM MT (US)
The last of the insurance sign-up opportunities for 2019 help from Boulder County at the Nederland Community Center is coming up on Thursday the 10th. The specialist will be in the BOCO Seniors office, and will be providing enrollment assistance, and will have paper applications as back up. WALK IN between 9 am to 3 pm.
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Tyler KeslerPerson was signed in when posted
04:27 PM MT (US)

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Dennis Whalen
03:29 PM MT (US)
Walk-In Health Coverage Enrollment Event and Resource Fair on Jan. 28
Enrollment Deadline for 2017 Health Coverage is Tuesday, Jan. 31

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County will host a final walk-in health coverage enrollment event and comprehensive resource fair on Saturday, Jan. 28 in Longmont as part of Open Enrollment for Connect for Health Colorado. At the event, Boulder County’s Health Coverage Guides will provide free, confidential assistance to help people find coverage that is right for them, and in some cases connect them with financial assistance to help cover the costs of premiums.

     What: Enrollment Event & Resource Fair
     When: Saturday, Jan 28 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
     Where: St. Vrain Community Hub, 515 Coffman Street, Longmont

Open Enrollment for 2017 health coverage through Connect for Health Colorado (C4HCO), the state’s health insurance marketplace, runs through Jan. 31.

Boulder County has trained and certified bi-lingual Health Coverage Guides who provide education about insurance options, assist with the online application, and link people to other human services supports as needed.

As an added benefit to the open enrollment event this year, Boulder County programs including Double Up Food Bucks; Workforce Boulder County; Head Start; Women, Infants and Children (WIC); Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP); Longs Peak Energy Conservation (LPEC); and Housing and Financial Counseling will also be present for a resource fair. Visitors can also learn more about Boulder County’s Kestrel affordable housing site in Louisville, and the Boulder County Transportation Department will have staff and information available.

Boulder County estimates several thousand county residents are without health insurance, with a majority of these uninsured being Latino residents and young adults. Since the Affordable Care Act was implemented, Boulder County has seen a 111% increase in the number of people with health coverage under Medicaid and the Child Health Plan Plus. Boulder County has also led the largest Colorado counties in per-capita coverage through the Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace.

“There’s been a lot of discussion about the future of the health care expansions,” said Patrick Kelly, Project Director for the Boulder County C4HCO Assistance Site. “But the fact remains that health coverage is critical for protecting both physical and financial health, and the law still requires coverage for everyone. For many uninsured people, one accident or illness is all it takes to create a crisis. These walk-in enrollment events make it easy for people to find the coverage they need.”

Boulder County continues to utilize the successful health coverage outreach campaign titled “Why Me?” The campaign targets residents who currently do not have health insurance to encourage them to learn about their options for coverage through Connect for Health Colorado. The most recent campaign includes print and social media advertising as well as community outreach and enrollment events. More information is available at www.WhyMeBoulderCounty.org.
Janette Taylor
12:46 PM MT (US)
The Nederland Food Pantry has their regular 1st Thursday Distribution Day coming up on Thursday, January 26, from 10 a.m. to Noon. Check nederlandfoodpantry.org if you have any questions!
Nederland Food Pantry
08:06 AM MT (US)
The Nederland Food Pantry is CLOSED today. The Clothing Closet is CLOSED as well.
We will be open on Saturday, January 7th from 10 to Noon. Stay safe and warm!
Jamie P for Cal-Wood
04:06 PM MT (US)

Hi everyone! Happy new year!

I know it's hard to think about summer time with all of this snow in the forecast, however, Cal-Wood just opened up summer camp registration for 2017 and we're so excited! We have lots of great camp options for kiddos of all ages (from those entering 3rd grade to 12th grade!)

We currently have our early bird discounts applied to all of the camps through the end of January. For more information, I've attached the summer camp flyer and our website is: www.calwood.org/camps

Let me know if you have questions or if you'd like to talk about summer camps more! programsATcalwoodDOTorg
Nederland Food Pantry
09:19 AM MT (US)
The Nederland Food Pantry will be open on Thursday, December 29th from 10 to Noon for regular food distribution. The Clothing Closet will be open at the same time if you need clothes or have donations to make. New clients, please bring proof of residency in the Peak to Peak region. The Food Pantry and Clothing Closet will be closed on New Years Eve, Saturday, December 31st. Regular times are from 10 to noon every Saturday and the 1st and last Thursday. Visit www.nederlandfoodpantry.org for info on how to volunteer or donate. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Nederland Food Pantry
09:45 AM MT (US)
The Nederland Food Pantry is open for regular food distribution to residents of the Peak to Peak area this Thursday, November 3rd and Saturday, Nov. 5th from 10 to Noon. Please bring proof of residency. The Clothing Closet is open at the same times if you need clothes or would like to drop off donations. Warm winter gear is needed!

Please make note of these up-coming events!

Saturday 11/12 - Housing and Human Services Fair 9-Noon
EFAA Thanksgiving Food Bags, 9 Health Express Fair -Low cost Blood screenings (vouchers available), Free Flu Shots and more!

Sunday 11/13 Ned Community Thanksgiving - Noon
Bring a Potluck side dish and our own plates & utensils. Turkey and all the Fixin’s provided

Friday, 12/9 3-5 pm Set-up Holiday Food Boxes, Volunteers needed !

Saturday, 12/10 9-12 Holiday Food Boxes, Distribute Holiday Food Boxes, Toys and Clothing
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Dale Porter
11:07 AM MT (US)

​The Summer 2016 update of the "Where to Get Help" guide to mountain health & human services is now available online at the Town of Nederland website:


The guide lists agencies and services for all kinds of health and human service needs in Boulder and Gilpin counties.

Dale Porter, for the Peak to Peak Health & Human Services Task Force.
11:00 AM MT (US)
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Cal-Wood Education Center
11:40 AM MT (US)
Cal-Wood is running a daylight savings time inspired discount for summer camps through March 18th with the discount code: SPRINGFORWARD.

Check out our camp offerings, dates and register at: http://www.calwood.org/camps
01:48 AM MT (US)
Nederland Food Pantry
08:56 PM MT (US)
The Nederland Food Pantry will be open this Thursday, December 31st and Saturday, January 2nd from 10-Noon in Room 106 of the West Wing of the Nederland Community Center. Please bring proof of residency in the Peak to Peak region. The Clothing Closet will be open at the same times. We ask that clients come to the Food Pantry once a month for supplemental food assistance. The Pantry and Clothing Closet are open every Saturday and the 1st and last Thursday of each month from 10am to noon.
Boulder County HHS
11:44 AM MT (US)

Join us on December 17th, January 14th & 28th, 2015 from 9AM – 4PM at Columbine Family Care located at 20 Lakeview Dr. #204, Nederland for free, confidential application assistance. Bi-lingual assistors will be available to help complete an application for health coverage and to provide guidance in selecting health insurance. No appointment necessary
Nederland Food Pantry
12:18 PM MT (US)
The Nederland Food Pantry will be open for food distribution on Thursday December 3rd, Thursday December 31st as well as every Saturday from 10 to Noon in Room 106 of the Nederland Community Center. Please bring proof of residency in the Peak to Peak region. See our website www.nederlandfoodpantry.org for more information on how to participate, donate or volunteer.

Our Holiday Box event is on Saturday, December 12th from 9-Noon. Generous Holiday Food Boxes as well as toys for kids and winter coats, hats and mittens will be available to individuals and families of the Peak to Peak region.
05:05 PM MT (US)
Moving Sale Sunday!!
Everything negotiable Everything must go!!
Photo paper, pictures some framed, house fix it item like outlet covers, furniture, antiques, knick knacks, movies, clothing boys sz 14 womens sz s-m.......free stuff too
58 Nelson St Ward
Easy access look for signs
06:29 PM MT (US)

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Sal DeVincenzo
07:23 AM MT (US)
Spring has sprung, the grass has ris,
Wondering when our garage sale is ?
This weekend !
All sorts of fantastic items you just can't live without, Household, Computer, Tools, Music Stuff Etc, Etc.
Lemonade and grill-able delights (maybe some veggie ones too) while they last...
Visa, Master Card, Discover, PayPal, Barter, Blackmail, Good Jokes, Bad Jokes, Cash & Checks all cheerfully accepted.
Onsite staff to assist in the buying experience....

Want to participate?
Call us to organize and mobilize.

Where: 538 Ranch Road (Bar-K Ranch) When: Friday-Sat-maybe Sunday Contact: Karen & Sal DeVincenzo 303-459-3359
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Sal DeVincenzo
05:18 AM MT (US)

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Jennifer Beauvais
11:42 AM MT (US)
Hi there mountain Moms and families--I wanted to let you know that I'm offering in-home play therapy and individual counseling services, meaning that I would come to you rather than you having to come to Boulder (I cruise around with a big suitcase of toys when I work with children). If you think you might be interested, you can call me at 720-984-1207, email me at mountaingen@gmail.com, or check out mountainfamilyhometherapy.com.
Leesa Bolden..4th of July
04:43 PM MT (US)

Hello Mountain Mamas,

I am so excited for the celebration on Friday...

We are gathering lots of fun items for the raffle...
Savory Spice Shop ~ Tasting for 20 people ($300 Value)
Greenbriar Restaurant ~ Champagne Brunch for 2
Gold Hill Inn ~ $100 Gift Certificate
Hotel Boulderado ~ One free night in a Boulderado King Room
Woodley’s Fine Furniture ~ $100 Gift Card
Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery ~ 2-$50; 1-$25 Gift Certificates
Under The Sun ~ $25 Gift Certificate
Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar ~ $50 Gift Card
Arugula Restaurant ~ $30 Gift Card
Tangerine ~ $20 Gift Card
Murphy's Grill ~ $25 Gift Card
Salvaggio's Deli ~ 2 - $25 Gift Cards
Tortuga's ~ A fish house $40 Gift Card
Jese Engwall ~ Framed Art – Value
Blaster Bouncer ~ $75 gift certificate
Boulder Arts & Crafts ~ $40 gift card
Heather Yahnke ~ Free Heatherization (that's a haircut above other haircuts)
Mountain Strong Wellness Center ~ Free one hour massage; 1 free acupuncture treatment
Harmony Music School ~ 3 free intro music lessons
Full Cycle ~ Gift certificate
Liberty Puzzles ~ 3 small puzzles
Bob Taratino Recording Studio ~ 3 hours of recording plus CD

There are more coming in everyday... and some need to be picked up... Can you help with that?


leesa_bolden at yahoo.com or call my cell phone 512 784 6929
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Lisa Cass
07:30 AM MT (US)
Baby boy clothes are spoken for.
Edited 02-20-2014 06:53 PM
A Hardy
04:32 PM MT (US)
The Peak to Peak Climb is HERE!
Starting next Thursday, February 13th, The Climb will begin a Thursdays only fixed route from Ward to Ned to Rollinsville. This route was designed to serve the Nederland Food Pantry (at the Community Center), connect with the RTD N Bus to Boulder, and help kids along the Peak to Peak HWY get home from after school activities. There are multiple runs and multiple stops throughout the day!
First Month Free! After that, $2/trip.
Go to www.the-climb.org for the exact route and schedule.
Email ahardy@unitedwayfoothills.org if you have any questions.
If you could use a stack of brochures to give out, do let me know. Please spread the word via your networks!

Please do get the word out as this is a pilot project and will only be continued if it is ridden.

Even though $2/trip seems cheap, some folks in the Peak to Peak region won't be able afford to ride. We already have a generous donation of 50 free trips. Contact me if you or your organization would like to help through purchasing ride books for those who can't afford it. Also do let me know if you know of those who cannot afford to ride. We'd like to make sure EVERYONE can get on the bus!

See you on The Peak to Peak Climb!
Deleted by topic administrator 05-17-2014 06:21 AM
A Hardy
05:08 PM MT (US)
The Nederland Community Closet (located in the Community Center) is in DESPERATE need of winter clothing: coats, snowpants, hats, gloves, etc. particularly for children of all sizes and men.

Drop off times are Saturdays 10-Noon, Wednesdays 10-Noon, and the first and last Thursday of the month 10-Noon.

If they come to Ned to take clothes and find it is closed (because they couldn't get a volunteer) feel free to drop off the clothes at Wild Bear School next door to the police station in the shopping center.
A Hardy
01:24 PM MT (US)
Mountain Case Managers Needed!

Do you have time to volunteer in the mountain communities to help flood survivors get back on their feet?

You must be willing to:

• Complete a two day Case Management Training.
• Help Flood Survivors develop a Recovery Plan by jointly reviewing the assistance they have received, identifying any unmet urgent needs, and determine possible sources for gaps in resources.
• Present individual cases to the Long Term Flood Recovery Group, when appropriate.
• Refer the client to another program or agency when appropriate.
• Remain in contact with the client until disaster-related needs are met and/or the case is closed.
• Keep detailed records of every case, every home visit, every referral and every contact with resources on client’s behalf.
• Enter your data in a computerized database.
• Be willing to report directly to a supervisor regarding your caseload.

You do not necessarily need a background in social work to be a highly successful case manager. A caseworker’s positive attitude toward clients is more important than past experience.

• Your case load depends on how much time you want to volunteer.

• Case Managers from impacted communities welcome provided they themselves are not currently in the recovery process.

• Transportation costs paid for those older than 55 in RSVP program.

If you are interested in helping mountain residents through the recovery process, please contact:

Amy Hardy
Mountain Resource Coordinator for Foothills United Way
look at this
10:18 AM MT (US)
xxLdSn I cannot thank you enough for the post.Thanks Again. Will read on...
Spam deleted by QuickTopic 01-15-2014 12:07 AM
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
09:23 AM MT (US)
Wolf's Foreign Car Care is running a "Winterize" special till the end of the week.
Complete vehicle Winterize / Inspection for 1/2 price.
Normally $79.00 Sale price $39.99
Call 303-443-6095 or click and book your appointment online.

(work need not be scheduled for this week-just the appointment)

Serving Boulder from the same location for 25 years !

Wolf's Foreign Car Care
1855 Folsom St
Boulder, Co 80302

Questions? Email Sal
Nina Andaloro
02:14 PM MT (US)
We are looking to assemble a team of volunteer Office Assistants to provide support for Tara, Mary Ellen and Rebecca in the office so that they can remain focused on rebuilding our town and helping its residents.

Job Title: Jamestown Office Assistant

Location: On-site at the Jamestown Town Hall, please note that the current drive to town from Boulder is just under an hour on paved roads.

Purpose: By assisting the Mayor, Town Clerk and Town Advocate with daily office activities, you will be allowing them to focus on making the most of FEMA support, work with contractors and the county, and attend to all of the tasks associated with rebuilding our town. This is a great way to support and connect with your community.

Job Responsibilities:
• Greets visitors and directs them where needed including Jamestown residents, FEMA representatives, volunteer groups, and state/county officials
• Answers the main telephone and directs calls
• Answers questions about the town and provides forms when necessary
• Hands out re-entry passes to residents and logs the entry
• Opens and distributes mail
• Records and enters donations into a database
• Prepares correspondence as needed
• Other administrative tasks as they arise

• Pleasant demeanor
• Good social skills
• Ability to find answers to questions
• Resourceful
• Good communication skills
• Ensure messages get to the correct people
• Attention to detail
• Knowledge of Excel spreadsheets useful
• A high level of sensitivity is crucial

Time Commitment: Office Assistants are needed Monday-Saturday from 8:30 am until 4 pm at the Jamestown Town Hall. We are putting together a schedule for 2-4 hour shifts, so please specify your preferred time slot. Training will take place on-site at the Town Hall.

Contact: Interested volunteers should contact nandaloro@gmail.com or 303-809-3121
Michael Watkins
09:47 PM MT (US)
Get rich with PayPal

All you need is:

1) An email address
2) A PayPal account
3) $6.00


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Amy Hardy of United Way
10:04 AM MT (US)
Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) is going to hold office hours in the Ned Area Seniors office in the Nederland Community Center for at least the next few Fridays, starting this Friday, October 11th.
Appointments available from 9:30 to 3:30pm. Call 303-442-3042 for an appointment. NO WALK INS!
You don’t have to be a flood victim to apply!

At your scheduled appointment, caseworkers will begin by collecting basic information, including who is in your household, where you live, and income information. Your caseworker will review a monthly budget to understand what expenses you have. We will use information from your budget to discuss the forms of assistance EFAA may be able to provide, in addition to a variety of community resources that may be of assistance.
Please do your best to bring the following information to your appointment:
• Current proof of address (like a utility or phone bill or lease)
• Photo ID
• Current income verification
• Estimate or documentation of financial request (for example, a lease, Demand for Payment, medical or dental work estimate, utility bill)
For qualifying clients, EFAA may be able to assist with rent, food, transportation, housing deposit, emergency hotel, eyeglasses, minor medical and dental costs, energy-related utilities like gas/electric/propane, ID and birth certificate fees. EFAA may direct you to an organization local to you for certain needs, depending on which town you live in.
For clients with flood-related needs we may also be able to assist with storage, gas vouchers, or car repairs.
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
07:54 PM MT (US)
Make you smile dept. The beautiful children of Gold Hill today held up traffic just a little bit with their Bake Sale to benefit Jamestown Elementary School...Sweet kids.... Thank You.
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
09:35 AM MT (US)
Kate call me if you get a sec please ?
no nap for me today :-)
Kate Voegeli
09:33 AM MT (US)
Good morning, mountain parents!

I'm making a promise to myself to be more diligent about checking this and the Bar K QT. And getting deeper ingrained in our community.

I would LOVE to organize a weekly gathering of kids. We can play in the street, by a pond, at my house, at the picnic area, at a rotation of houses, in the valley or national forest, or whatever works. An hour would be amazing. And kids don't need much to have a great time, so this shouldn't be stressful. With the roads as they are, I would love some socialization of all ages close to home and have definitely been too recluse. Would anyone else be interested?

If yes:
1. What day of the week would work best? On my end, Wed-Sun are all great days right now.
2. And given all of the different nap times of various ages of kids, I'm wondering if an early evening is the common time, say 5-6pm? Or 6-7pm? Or another time that's fairly reliable?

Be well.

Spam deleted by QuickTopic 10-03-2013 12:08 AM
Eric Knouse (Ranger Ric)
02:50 PM MT (US)
FREE CAT -- We have a healthy laid back 2 year old male grey cat (Alphie) that needs a home. I will be traveling for extended periods of time to Europe. Will miss Alpie :( Included are: all current vet shots, neutered, lots of toys, litter box with top, carrier if needed for extended trips, etc. Three large 25lb. bags of SWheat Scoop, and much more. If you are the person to open your home to Alphie, please contact me at 303-325-3143. Eric
Julia for Elise
12:56 PM MT (US)
Hi all,
Little Elise has a high fever and needs some kids Tylenol/acetaminophen. If anyone has some and could deliver to Laura & Tom's at 95 Cody Trail, we all would appreciate it!
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
10:14 AM MT (US)


(Max's Band)
Come to the Merc...
Eat Some Food.....
Hear some music...
Support Thy Locals !
Lisa CassPerson was signed in when posted
07:26 PM MT (US)
Along the same lines as Jen's post- I have baby boy clothes 6-9 months, a boppy, a Chico keyfit bucket style car seat, and a baby tub seat that all need to go away. The car seat was purchased a year ago, never in an accident, and used less than 6 months. I also have a box of baby toys. If you know anyone, have them contact me. mountainvetATgmailDOTcom or 303-718-twofouronenine.
Jenn, Cole, & Kaia
02:28 PM MT (US)
Does anyone need or want some baby girl clothes, ages newborn to 2T? If so, please call me at 303-459-1101 or e-mail me at jennbaumber@gmail.com. I'm planning on taking them to Savers on Friday if no one is interested. (I'm willing to meet someone or drop the clothes off at the interested person's house too!)
Jenn, cole & kaia
Leesa Bolden-4th of July
11:56 PM MT (US)
Hi everyone,

We are getting so super excited about the 4th of July.

For breakfast and brunch, 8-11:30 we will have some super yummy pancakes with or without organic blueberries, green eggs and ham... OK so they aren't green (darn it)

For late lunch and early dinner, lunner if you will... 2-7:30 We will be serving up some of Dom's yummy BBQ, coleslaw, beans and Texas toast (cuz I'm from Texas;) Yes Sir! AND most of the produce is LOCAL.

Please come out and show your support for the volunteer fire department and EMS. Imagine life without these people... Do you sleep better knowing that there are teams of volunteers to help save lives of the people in our communities by administering first aid, putting out fires, etc? I sure DO. They are so super stressed as these mountains get dry, storms erupt, humans do stupid human things and lightning strikes! Your acknowledgement for these brave firefighters and EMS crews is much appreciated AND your $$$ is very much appreciated as well. So bring enough to buy a shirt $20, a really good meal, a glowing bracelet, and LOTS of RAFFLE tickets! And listen to some great music to boot. ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO THESE DEPARTMENTS. The memories of the day and helping to pay for some much needed gear for the JVFD and EMS... Priceless.

You will have a wonderful time and a wonderful meal, I promise you. Come see how lovely this little town can be. Make a new friend, let bygones be bygones, be grateful for having the experience, exactly as it is. That is the spirit of the this party.

Leesa Bolden
09:25 PM MT (US)
Looking for Football Attire for Boys size 14 and 8
Please call Becca at three0three 45nine 022nine
Kristi & Skyla Rutledge
01:41 PM MT (US)
Hi there Mountain Mamas!
Play dates? My Daughter Skyla (7.5 mths) and I would like to see if anyone is interested in a play date or hike??
We also go to the Boulder Library here and there and would love company.

We are around most week days (I work from home) or weekends. If you're around, give us a shout!

Happy Summer! : )

Kristi & Skyla Rutledge

rutledgeke at gmail
Leesa Bolden-4th of July
08:24 PM MT (US)
Hello mountain mommas...

Just wanted to let you all know that your gonna want to put JT on your agenda for the 4th of July.

So, it is going to be another super fun day here in paradise... but... I have some not so great news... We can not party in the big park this year. The grass is still too young and fragile. I know! We are all bummed about it but we are going to have a great time regardless. Also, NO fireworks.

Check out this Music line up that Rainbow put together: (The times in the afternoon are being juggled a bit but it is looking something like this)

8-8:45 Barefoot Kenny and Friends
9-9:45 Farmer Sisters
10-10:45 Wild Mountain Kids
11-11:45 Kevin Dooley Band
12:05 Katie Farmer
12:15-1 Eat the Sun
1:15-2 Michael Brotherton Band
2:15-3:15 Laura Williams and Friends Followed by Bisquets n Gravy
3:30-4:20 Dead Phish Orchestra
4:30-5:15 Chimney Choir
5:30-6:15 Swamp Koolers
6:30-7:15 Alcapones
7:30-8:15 Big Medicine Gang
8:30-9:00 Measles
9:15-10:30 Gasoline Lollipops
Jordyn Monnin
08:07 PM MT (US)

I am available for babysitting services this summer!
For your convenience I made an online website for you to schedule babysitting appointments.

Please check out:
or Call
720-352-6216 or 303-440-3728

~Jordyn Monnin
07:52 AM MT (US)
We're happy to see that in Mountain Moms, the key ingredient to success is collaboration, this is why I prefer to travel in small groups and I always fly British Airlines. I usually purchase my plane tickets online straight from google and I also take advantage of all possible discounts because I purchase my ticket 2-3 months in advance. That way I get to travel and spend quality time with my friends.
01:40 PM MT (US)
Hello Peak to Peak Mountain Transit Project Supporters,

Thank you all for your support. I wanted to give you an update on where we are with our mountain transit proposal, that is, a public transportation option from Allenspark to Black Hawk via the Peak to Peak Hwy.
Collaboration and support is imperative for the success of this public transit route along the Peak to Peak Hwy. We are currently working very closely with Via and both the Gilpin and Boulder County Commissioners to submit a Colorado Dept. of Transportation rural transit grant. The good news is this grant deadline has been pushed to mid-July which will give us a chance to write an accurate proposal for the most used (and likely funded) route.

How you can HELP: Once we have the grant application in our hands, we will ask you (individuals) and local organizations/business for a letter of support to CDOT. A similar letter to the Boulder County Commissioners will also be very helpful as we would like to approach them for funding. Please start to think about these questions for your letters of support.
1.) Describe your organization/and location on the Peak to Peak.
2.) What is your relationship to Via Mobility Services (used to be Special Transit)? Who do you think this route will serve? (Remember to identify user groups such as older adults, people with disabilities, students-before and after school enrichment, recreation, health services etc.) Describe specific routes/locations the route would be used for (ex. Mountain family health, connect to Ned RTD etc).
3.) How will you as an individual/organization support Via in the Peak to Peak Transit Project? This may be in promotion and ridership referrals. Please stress the number of riders the organization anticipates as ridership, time of day, and days of the week needed. What fare do you feel is reasonable?
The letters to the Boulder County Commissioners can be written as soon as possible and sent to commissioners@bouldercounty.org.
Thank you for your support and we will let you know how our progress goes…
Carrie Parsons
08:50 PM MT (US)
Hi Kate! I think I met you yesterday! I'm your next door neighbor Carrie. If things fall throw the with Jordyn please let me know. I'm more than happy to help.
On Apr 27, 2013 8:23 PM, "QT - kate voegeli" <
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kate voegeli
08:23 PM MT (US)
Is anyone interested in toddler-sitting this Wed, 5/1, from 4-11pm? Jordyn, I'll call you tomorrow, but it doesn't sound like you're available weeknights. My husband or I would get you home safely. Leif will be two in May and goes to bed at ~7:45pm. And you're more than welcome to fall asleep after he does. I think this will be the second date for August and I since Leif was born and we're super excited. Please let me know. Thank you!
The Easter BunnyPerson was signed in when posted
05:43 PM MT (US)

Come one come all to the ANNUAL JAMESTOWN EASTER EGG HUNT!!!

When: Saturday March 30th
       10am to hide eggs
       11am to find eggs

Where: Elysian Park- Yes, we are back in the big park this year!!!!!

Who: Kids and Adult Kids of all ages. Everyone is welcome to come and join in the fun!

Details: Parents, please plan to come hide at least 12 hard boiled eggs, plastic eggs filled with goodies, or small toys for each child that will be hunting. For the kids under 3, we ask that you bring small toys or treats wrapped in FOIL so they will be easy to find. There will also be three special prizes for the lucky finders of the special hidden ELMO eggs! I am currently accepting donations for the prizes- if you have something that would make an awesome prize (game, puzzle, kite, toy, etc.) please let me know! (new toys only please!)

Questions? Did I forget anything? Please email Lisa at mountainvetATgmailDOTcom
Spam deleted by QuickTopic 01-15-2014 12:07 AM
Carrie Parsons
12:39 PM MT (US)
Hi all! I'm a new Bar-K resident and I have a beautiful, almost 7 year old, little girl named Penelope who is looking for friends. Penelope is now attending Jamestown Elementary. I suppose I could use some friends as well. :) Looking forward to meeting you!
Laura Williams for JAM!
08:57 AM MT (US)
is coming
S O O N!
Presented by JAM (Jamestown Area Artists & Musicians)...ALL AGES, STYLES, and LEVELS are welcome!

SIGN-UP SHEETS POSTED at the Merc: Sunday, February 3rd by 9 a.m.
DRAWING at the Merc: Sunday, February 10th @ 4 p.m.
PERFORMANCE at JimTown Hall: Saturday, April 6th
It goes like this....musicians of any age have ONE WEEK to sign up for an instrument of their choice after the sheets are posted. At the DRAWING, we pull a name out of each instrument "hat" to form a band. Each band has until the PERFORMANCE date to create a half-hour set of original or cover songs for the event. There will also be a KID BAND to kick off the whole show!

We are also seeking ARTISTS to contribute artwork to our flyer, program, and other goodies OR to display/sell pieces at the event, as well as ADVERTISERS to purchase an inexpensive, business card-sized ad in our program.

More info in the coming weeks...in the meantime, SPREAD THE WORD and PUMP IT UP! This unique event is GREAT fun for ALL, especially during these cold winter months!
Jordyn Monnin
06:20 PM MT (US)
Hi, I'm Jordyn Monnin a 13 (almost 14) year old living at the red caboose house with Matt, Julie, and Penelope.
I would love to start babysitting regularly for a family. I have been certified through the Red Cross and can provide references.
I can babysit this Friday after 4:30 PM and Saturday all day. Otherwise, I'm available every other weekend. (available weekends- 1/25-1/27; 2/8-2/10; 2/22-2/24; 3/8-3/10; 3/22-3/24 and so on...
Call 303-440-3728 if you need a babysitter on any of those days!
Mr.fedex Sounouvou
04:32 AM MT (US)

mr.fedexsounouvou@yahoo.dk har sendt en invitation:


torsdag den 3. januar 2013 11:00 - 12:00 (GMT+00:00)

Dear Friend,
I am MR.FEDEX SOUNOUVOU the manager of bill and exchange at the foreign remittance department in the AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK (ADB). In my department we discovered an abandoned sum of US$19.3m dollars in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer (MR. ANDREAS KIM from Munich, Germany) who died along with his entire family on (Monday 31st July 2006) in a plane crash.
Since we got information about his death, we have been expecting his next of kin to come over and claim his money because this bank cannot release it unless some body applies for it as next of kin or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking gildings and laws but unfortunately we learnt that all his supposed next of kin or relation died alongside with him at the plane crash leaving nobody behind for the claim.
It is therefore upon this discovery that I now decided to make this business proposal to you and release the money to you as the next of kin or relation to the deceased for safety and subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it and we don't want this money to go into the bank treasury as unclaimed bill.
The banking law and guideline here stipulates that if such money remained unclaimed after sis years, the money will be transferred into the bank treasury as unclaimed fund. The request of foreigner as next of kin in this business is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and a Burkinabe cannot stand as next of kin to a foreigner.
I agree that 40% of this money will be for you as a respect to the provision of a foreign account , 10% will be set aside for expenses incurred during the business and 50% would be for me Thereafter, I will visit your country for disbursement according to the percentage indicated Therefore, to enable the immediate transfer of this fund to you arranged, you must apply first to the bank as relation or next of kin of the deceased indicating your bank name, your bank account number, your private telephone and fax number for easy and effective communication and location where in the money will be remitted.
Upon receipt of your reply, I will send to you by fax or email the text of the application .I will not fail to bring to your notice that this transaction is hitch-free and you should not entertain any atom of fear as all required arrangements have been made for the transfer.
I believe the most important thing in this transaction is faithfulness and confidentiality.Surely this transaction is legitimate,there is no risk involved,it is 100% risk free business.Also important is for you to be honest enough and not betray me eventually this fund gets into your account. Regards to this transaction, I have worked hard for two years now trying to gather all the required information about this deceased customer after I found out that all his supposed next of kin are all dead leaving nobody behind to put claim over his left balance with this bank.
I also got into his security file jacket in this bank and got all the needed information about his account and all information his next of kin should know.Because he was a foreigner, A munich German nationality, then I started looking for a foreign partner who will help me put claim over this fund. I will forward to you all the needed information and will guide you adequately in this transaction.Good underground work has been done within the bank, I have been working hard towards the success of this transaction. Everything has been put and the transaction is 100% risk free and will be finished in less than 7 bank working days after the application is tendered to the bank as next of kin to the deceased putting claim over his 19.3m balance with the bank.You have to also re-assure me that my own share of the funds will be safe in your hands after the succesful inheritance and transfer of this fund into your account.
If the above detailed explanation is acceptable to you i want you to inform me so that we can proceed,
If you are interested, please forward me the bellow information's; Your name: ............................
Your country: .........................
Your phone Number: ......................
Your Tel/fax: ...........................
Your age: ...............................
Your occupation: .......................
Thank for your anticipated co-operation
await for your urgent reply.
More blessing to you and your family.
Best regard.
Mr.Fedex Sounouvou.
S.U. nu!
Pam Harrington
02:21 PM MT (US)
I know this is short notice but I am looking for a babysitter for Kylie for tomorrow night from 7:30-12:30 ish. She should be sleeping the whole time and we will be in the neighborhood if needed, so it is a pretty easy gig. Please let me know at 3088 if you can help. Thanks and Happy New Year!
Lisa CassPerson was signed in when posted
10:14 AM MT (US)
Found a home for the clothes :-)
Edited 12-26-2012 09:10 AM
02:38 PM MT (US)
Hello. I am in need of the following crafting supplies to keep the boredom at bay with the kiddos I nanny. If anyone would be so inclined to collect the items at their home, I would be more than willing to come and pick them up. Just let me know here or at charrayDOTreillyATgmailDOTcom. I am especially in need of magazines. THANK YOU!

*Oatmeal containers (the old-school cardboard ones)
*Shoe boxes
*Large cardboard boxes (think appliance boxes)
*Tin coffee cans
*2-liter plastic soda bottles
*Large plastic yogurt containers
*Cardboard milk or juice cartons
*Small mirrors (from old cosmetic compacts)
*Cardboard tubes (toilet paper or paper towel sized)
*Rubber bands (all sizes, thickness)
Leesa JT Acupuncture
06:01 PM MT (US)

Hey Mountain Mamas,

Lyle and I would like to invite you to our home for a FREE 3-week study of the Law of Attraction with my friend Doug Krueger on Nov. 12th, 19th, & 26th at 7:00pm.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal LAW, not unlike the Law of Gravity. We are all using the Law of Attraction everyday just as we are using the Law of Gravity everyday. You do not have to believe in the Law of Gravity to hit the ground when you jump off a building. You do not have to believe in the Law of Attraction to attract that which you do and do not want. Join us as we learn together how to effectively use the Law of Attraction to get what we want instead of continually getting more and more of what we don't want.

We will begin on November 12th at 7:00pm by listening to a short introductory audio as a group and for all who are interested, Doug will loan us the first 6 cd's that we will listen to on our own over the week. We will meet again on November 19th and discuss the cd's we listened to and ask any questions that arise. Doug will loan us all the remaining 7 cd's and we will meet again on November 26th to discuss and ask questions and talk about our manifestations.

Hopefully we can continue to regularly meet as a group after this to discuss additional materials on the topic and to manifest as a group.

If you would like things in your life to change... You have to change things in your life. Join us and let's create some positive change in our lives. If the times just will not work for you, please notify me and I will get the cd's to you and connect you with Doug for any questions that arise.

Please RSVP with Leesa at 303-443-2211 or leesa_bolden@yahoo.com

Thanks Ya'll
Debbie Koch
09:37 AM MT (US)

FOR SALE--> CHICCO Polly HIGHCHAIR - Asking $60.00 (New $149.99) It's in GREAT condition-just like new!

Features: Highchair can be adjusted to 7 height positions
  4 Locking Wheels
  5-Point Harness (two height positions)
  Footrest with 3 positions
  1 Hand Recline
  Backrest reclines to 3 positions
  Padded Seat
  Includes: 1 Tray, 2 Tray covers, User Manual
  Tray with 3 positions
  Folds up for easy storage
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11:03 AM MT (US)
B O O !

Tonight is the annual Jamestown HALLOWEEN PARTY SPOOKtober 31st from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in JimTown Hall! A suggested donation of $3 per person or $5 per family benefits Jamestown School's PTO and buys a jam-packed hour of fun, games, prizes, noise, laughter, and a mini-haunted house lovingly created by the parents of our schoolkids! As there will be no food at the party, please feed all costumed creatures ahead of time by patronizing our wonderful Merc's Spaghetti Night starting at 4:30 p.m.!

We'd love to see some new faces from the Bar-K , ghostly goblins and ghastly ghouls, both young and old! Hope you'll join us tonight.

TRICK-OR-TREATING around JimTown begins @ 6:30 p.m.!

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07:59 AM MT (US)
Kristi & Aaron Rutledge have a new baby girl!
Would anyone care to help these brand new parents?
If so, please visit the Jamestown Make-A-Meal calendar to help welcome Skyla Maggie Rutledge into the world...


"I never thought through love we'd be, making one as lovely as she, but isn't she lovely made from love."

(Thanks to Julie & Ben Perry)
Lisa CassPerson was signed in when posted
04:09 PM MT (US)

Free! We have a couple of extra cozy buntings that we will not be using. One is a gray baby gap 3-6 month and is very thick and toasty. The second is a Gymboree striped also 3-6 month size and is thinner fleece but definitely still warm. They are both gently used but no stains or rips or anything. If you can use one or both or know someone who can, let me know mountainvetAT gmailDOTcom
Debbie Koch
09:27 AM MT (US)
Baxter and I are heading down to check out the new Jamestown playground around 10:45/11 today. If you're around, come join us!
Leesa JT Acupuncture
01:03 PM MT (US)

***** COMMUNITY DAY ***** Friday 9-28-12 // 11am to 7pm

Jamestown Acupuncture & Chiropractic

New and return patients welcome. Come in and see what we are about and how great you can feel. If you are feeling ok or even good now, you can feel even better. It is easier to stay healthy/balanced than to get healthy/balanced.

Prices on Community Days are as follows...
New Patient intake: $20 or $30 for a combo treatment
Acupuncture: sliding scale $20-$80
Chiropractic: sliding scale $20-$40

Due to continued interest and need, these community days will be offered every second and last Friday of the month through the end of the year. You CAN afford to come in regularly enough to get and stay feeling great.

Feel free to call 303-443-2211 and schedule an appointment or just come in and we will have a table available soon.

Cheers to feeling good NOW and continuing to feel even better,

Leesa and Lyle
Pam Harrington
05:02 PM MT (US)
It is all good. We found a sitter!
Pam Harrington
01:12 PM MT (US)
Hey everyone, I am looking for a sitter for tom. while I am riding in a clinic here in the BK. You could even watch Kylie with me there if prefered. Call 3088 if interested.
Leesa JT Acupuncture
10:55 PM MT (US)

Reminder Reminder Reminder

We are celebrating our One Year In Business tomorrow Saturday the 15th and Monday the 17th (our actual official one year) from 10am to 4pm by having a community day (most services 1/2 price - some more than half)


"The Wheel of Health" Fundraiser for the Jamestown Elementary School ~ $20 per spin ~

we have some great prizes...

Acupuncture or Chiropractic and Combo treatments (of course)(6)
Massage with Nicole Olexa
Massage with Susan Bernard (who sends her love from Italy to everyone)
Personal Sound Healing from Joe Kershner (2)
Smart Shields ( set of 3) from Paradise ER (these protect your brain from EMF's)
One bottle of Ling (it's like an energizing non-alcoholic alcohol drink) from Paradise ER
A haircut from Heather Yahnke
A month of Recycling from Green Girl Recycling (2)
Set of two hand made tea cups from Joy Boston (2)
Gift basket from Suuthe (available only Monday)
Something great for your Doggie from Deb DAndrea "For the Luv of Dogs"
and for one very lucky winner "kisses from Scooby"

Come give your luck a spin!

105 Main St. (across the street from the Merc)
Laura Williams for JES!
08:46 AM MT (US)
Jamestown School is having another FUNdraiser!!!

THIS Saturday, September 15th @ 10 a.m.
Corner of Overland Drive and Peak-To-Peak Highway

commUNITY BAKERS UNITE!!! Donations of your individually-wrapped tasty yummies and/or whole cakes/pies would be greatly appreciated! Please drop your goodies off at The Merc anytime on Friday, directly at the sale on Saturday, or by calling (3o3) 442-5847 for other arrangements or info!

All proceeds directly benefit our little mountain school and its children, so please join us by baking, buying, and enjoying!

Leesa JT Acupuncture
04:58 PM MT (US)

Jamestown Acupuncture & Chiropractic Celebrates Our One Year Anniversary on Monday, Sept. 17th. In appreciation and as a way to give back to this wonderful commUnity, we are having a Community Day and "The Wheel of Health" fundraiser for Jamestown Elementary School.

Due to the 17th being on a Monday we are offering this on Saturday, Sept. 15th as well as Monday, Sept 17th. Please stop in the clinic anytime between 10am and 4pm.

What is a Community Day?
At Jamestown Acupuncture & Chiropractic we have 1 or 2 Community Days every month, depending on interest and our availability. On these days our sliding scale prices are greatly reduced as our way of making WELLNESS affordable for ALL, regardless of income level. New patient intake is $20 or $30 for a Combo treatment. Sliding Scale Prices: Acupuncture $20~$80, Chiropractic $20~$40. ALL are welcome, pay what you can.

"The Wheel of Health"
For every $20 donation to the Elementary School, you will receive one spin on the wheel where you can win FREE Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage w/ Nicole Olexa, one month of recycling w/ Green Girl Recycling, and much more. You may use the certificate yourself or give it to a neighbor, a friend or a loved one who is in need. Please stop by the clinic (105 Main St.) anytime between 10-4 on Saturday, Sept 15th and/or Monday, Sept. 17th for a spin on the wheel.

Our 1 Year Anniversary Specials
10 Combo (Acupuncture & Chiropractic) Treatments $750
10 Acupuncture Treatments $450
10 Chiropractic Adjustments $350

Much love and light to all,

Leesa & Lyle
Julie P
11:04 AM MT (US)
Hi Kate et al,

Our son Colin is also at Nelda's daycare. He started there as an infant when I returned to work full time several years ago. He's still there and loves it! (he's about 2 1/2 years now) Kate, maybe I'll see you there--small world! I also recommend it highly if anyone's looking.

Leesa JT Acupuncture
06:10 PM MT (US)

***** COMMUNITY DAY ***** tomorrow, Friday 8-31-12 // 10am to 7pm

Jamestown Acupuncture & Chiropractic
105 Main St. Jamestown (across the street from the Merc.)

New and return patients welcome. Come in and see what we are about and how great you can feel. If you are feeling ok or even good now, you can feel even better. It is easier to stay healthy/balanced than to get healthy/balanced.

Prices on Community Days are as follows...
New Patient intake: $20 or $30 for a combo treatment
Acupuncture: sliding scale $20-$80
Chiropractic: sliding scale $20-$40

Feel free to call 303-443-2211 to schedule an appointment or just come in and we will have a table available soon.

Cheers to good health,

Leesa and Lyle
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04:19 PM MT (US)

Remember that baby boy on the way?
He is here !
Craig & Rachel !!!
Bring on da food...

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07:09 AM MT (US)
It's new-born baby time again. Well, soon ... due date September 1
Let's help welcome Craig & Rachel's little boy into the world by
making them some meals after his arrival....
Details at:
Spam deleted by QuickTopic 01-15-2014 12:07 AM
02:40 PM MT (US)
*This is a re-post from the Jamestown QT. I apologize for the repetition.*

Hello all! Charray here, a.k.a. Cooper's cousin that came to visit and never left.

I hope it's okay that I'm crashing the QT party, but I just wanted to post about two things:

1. I need a place to live. Though I am very grateful to my cousin and the lovely Kristin for letting me stay with them while I figure out what life after public school teaching looks like, I cannot dwell in their basement forever, and I want nothing else right now but to call this great little place home. If anyone knows of any leads on houses for two people, one crate-able dog, and a cat, please please please let me know here or via email at charrayreilly@gmail.com. I have EXCELLENT rental references. (You can also let Joe at the Merc know.)

2. Thanks to Wendy for putting it in my head, but I am toying with starting the after-school program back up. As a certified and experienced teacher, I think it would be a great fit and a great way for me to give back to the community, something that's super important to me. However, this is dependent upon me finding a permanent place to live. If anyone has any tips or info on making this a reality, don't hesitate to let me know! And in the meantime, if anyone has any babysitting or nanny leads for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I have experience working with newborns to 19 year-olds, am certified to work with children with special and gifted needs, have been trained in CPR, and am SUPER FUN! Juna is my local reference, but I have other superb nanny references as well. Regularly-scheduled or one-timers are all good. :)

Thanks for reading and helping!
Craig & Rachel
11:50 AM MT (US)
Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a nice summer. We are looking for a pediatrician in the Boulder area. Could anyone make a recommendation? If you'd prefer to email directly rather than post, please send to rredwards76 at gmail. Thank you!!
Leesa Bolden, LAc
09:33 PM MT (US)

Hello all you infamous bakers.... These are the prizes for the 2012 best 3 cakes and pies. Let's get bakin'.

And to all you wood choppers... These mugs are for the 2nd and 3rd place wood choppers. Get your swing on.

Thank you Joy Boston for making and donating such unique and beautiful awards.
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08:04 AM MT (US)
Only 6 days till the 97th annual (okay that's a stretch) Bar-K July 4th hike to Jamestown for pancakes !
Put on yer hikin shoes, air up the bike tires, and walk / bike in the footsteps / tire tracks of the hundreds that have gone before you.
Yes folks it's just around the corner and we want ->You<- to join us, especially all you new nabes.
Bring the kids, bring the dogs, and bring money cause you'll want to eat when you get there.
It's about a 2 hour walk down to town for the pancake breakfast, parade and all the festivities.
Ride back up provided...free !@
7:15 am Wed July 4th 2012.....538 Ranch Rd meeting place. 303-459-3359

Bring sun screen, water, car keys, money, a pair of water shoes in case the creek is running high, and your camera for the Jamestown festivities.
We will have coffee here and some morning nibbles to get the hike going.....don't miss it !
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08:04 AM MT (US)
Fire Preparedness Planning Tonight
Jamestown Town Hall
Wed. June 27, 7:00 pm
Leesa - July 4th co-chair
10:38 AM MT (US)
Please join us in the Jamestown town square for another wonderful 4th of July celebration.

The list of events:
7:30 AM to 11:30 AM we will have our famous pancake breakfast. ***Gluten FREE options available***
11:45 National Anthem will be sung by the beautiful and beautifully talented Katie Farmer
Noon - The World's Wackiest Parade! Complete w/ Kazoo band!
12:30 to 6:00 Burgers, both meat and veggie and of course ***Gluten FREE options available*** and Hotdogs
3:30 All Pie & Cake entries must be in.
4:30 Wood Splitting Contest
Kids games throughout the day

ALL DAY raffle... We have some great items this year so buy lots of tickets..... Including a round trip airfare plus all inclusive stay for 3 nights in Hawaii. Ok so not really. But we do have some great items to raffle off.

All Day long there will be live music ~ exact times will be posted as the we get closer to the event.
Farmer Sisters
Danny Shafer
Kevin Dooley and Friends
11:45 Katie Farmer National Anthem
12:30 Plume Giant
As the Crow Flies
Full Frequency Modulators
Chimney Choir
Bisquets n Gravy
Gasoline Lollipops

We would prefer that ALL dogs be left at home for this event. I fyou must bring your dog, they must be on leashes and attached to a person who will be responsible for them at ALL times. Owners of unattended or unleashed dogs will be asked to leave.

Alcohol will not be sold and drunkenness will not be tolerated. So, if you become falling down drunk or create problems, you WILL be asked to leave. If you can not walk here, please bring a designated driver and be conscious that this is a family park, a family event and not free-for-all drunk fest.

Hope to see you here on the 4th of July.
kate voegeli
12:10 AM MT (US)
Hello, ladies. Sorry that it's been awhile since I've checked in. Bridget is correct, no more Alex. She flaked on us, too, and when I tracked her down, she said that her sewing business was too busy to nanny/babysit. Good for her business. We would be very open to sharing someone. We're saving money and should be able to elicit 1-2 days/week of help come July/August.
Bridget Johnson
09:27 AM MT (US)
I don't know what happened to Alex.. we used her a couple of times and she was great - then flaked 3 times on us when we really needed the help and were counting on it.  We use Eve Sinclaire (she's also a Mom up here) and she's AMAZING - not sure if she'd be into more work (she helps me on Mondays and another Mom on Tuesday and Thursday mornings now).  I'll ask her- Bridget
Green Girl Recycling
We Make Recycling Easy!
(303) 442-7535

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Subject: Mountain Moms
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Pam and Kylie
09:18 AM MT (US)
Kate we would also LOVE to share a babysitter if you have found one. Would love for Kylie to have time with other kids!
Pam and Kylie
09:17 AM MT (US)
Hi all, We are looking for childcare to cover 3 short (2 1/2 hour) shifts a week. Kind of a weird schedule I know. If you know anyone who might be interested please send them our way at 3088. Thanks. PS Does anyone know what happened to Alex?
Joel & Olive
06:42 AM MT (US)
Anyone want to play this morning? Olive will be around till ~11am

459-1102, or stop by 325 Ranch
Debbie Koch
10:13 PM MT (US)
Change of plans for tomorrow so I won't be able to host a play date in the morning after all. Sorry, ladies and kids -- we'll try again soon!
Debbie Koch
08:36 PM MT (US)
Baxter and I would love to play tomorrow morning. We could meet at our place and then go for a walk around Rock Lake if it's nice. We're at 1117 Rock Lake Road. Let's say 9:15-11:15...See ya then!
eve sinclair
10:19 PM MT (US)
Okay! Noah and I are up for playgroup - hope some others are, too!!! Anyone want to volunteer to host this coming Wednesday morning? Since the weather is nice, we could even go for a little walk/hike or play by the pond or something.. Looking forward to it!

- eve (x0397)
Lisa Cass
08:02 PM MT (US)
Aslyn (20 months) and I would love to join the playgroup. Wednesday mornings work great for us!
eve sinclair
07:18 PM MT (US)
Today, Joel/Olive and myself/Noah had a little playdate at my house - about 9:15-11:15 - I know Weds mornings work for both of us, but can't speak for everyone else...
kate voegeli
12:10 PM MT (US)
We're definitely in for play. August would be with Leif and we're happy to host. Are Wednesdays good for most folks?
eve sinclair
04:52 PM MT (US)
hey ladies! i missed last week's playgroup (noah had an 18-mo checkup that morning) but am interested in participating in playgroup if others are still up for it!! could even hold one at my house - we're free most anytime (except Thursdays), now that student teaching has come to an end... shoot me an email at eve.sinclair@yahoo.com or call at x0397 - we want to play!
kate voegeli
10:06 AM MT (US)
Does anyone know a good nanny/babysitter or have one that they'd be willing to share for our 11-month-old son? Or does anyone desire an addition for compensation? We need 1-2 days/week of help and are super flexible with times/days. Alexandra, who wrote before, no longer has time to nanny.


Kate Voegeli 970-368-0344
Jamestown Elementary
09:01 AM MT (US)
Good Morning, Friends and Neighbors!

You are cordially invited to attend The Jamestown Elementary School Spring Music Performance on Thursday evening from 6:00 - 7:00, led by music teacher Krista Hwang.

The performance is sure to be delightful.

Come join us in supporting our future world leaders!
Lisa Cass
03:55 PM MT (US)
maternity clothes are spoken for :-)
Edited 04-19-2012 06:56 PM
kate voegeli
09:56 AM MT (US)
Ignorant question: What toys/snacks are age-appropriate for your kiddos? We'd love to host play dates, but want to be sure all ages have entertainment.

And I need to get a gate for our deck.

Jenn Baumber
07:02 AM MT (US)
Darn it!!! I totally forgot about the playdate this a.m.!!! Steve is watching the kiddos this morning while I head down to Bldr to TRY to catch up on some work. We'll try to make the next one!!
kate voegeli
08:38 PM MT (US)
Ladies, you're wonderful! Leif is still on the 2 naps, so tomorrow's time may not work depending on how long he sleeps. No worries, though, please gather.
HHP sounds awesome. I usually work from home on Fridays and can likely cut out early, so this is perfect for all 3 of us.

Jennifer, glad you two are training. I'm the worker bee so I'm around weekends. If you ever go out Sat/Sun, let me know and I'll push the little man in his cadillac.

Lastly, my cell is 970-368-0344. See you all soon!
Karen DeVincenzo
10:20 AM MT (US)
We could do that on our deck. It's a great play place for the kids ... Stay tuned and be ready for a spur-of-the moment notice on a nice weather day.
Debbie Koch
07:57 PM MT (US)
And as the weather gets nice...another fun idea is HHP - Happy Hour Playgroup. We could meet at someone's house / yard around 4 or 5 on a Friday (Moms, Kids, Husbands, etc) and everyone could bring something to share. Fun for the whole family! Would anyone like to host the first HHP?!
Debbie Koch
03:11 PM MT (US)
Let's get together at my place (1117 Rock Lake Road) next Wed the 18th from 9:30-11:30. If it's nice, we can play outside! I'll provide a light snack. Call if you have any questions 459-3007.

And Jen...Baxter and I would love to meet up for biking, walking, hiking etc. Just give me a buzz before you head out. If we're home, we can usually be out the door pretty quickly. Sweet! So glad the weather is warming up...
01:50 PM MT (US)
Thanks for nailing down a date and time!! We would love to participate- Turner needs something more just for him ;)!! When would this start?

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baumber, jennifer
11:54 AM MT (US)
Cole, Kaia and I would LOVE to have a play date and Wed am's are perfect!!! Also, I was wondering if anyone would like to get together for hikes or other activities now that the weather is nice. Cole and I need to start training for the Bolder Boulder and are planning some walk/runs and bike rides around the Bar-K. Anyone want to join us? We are available on Mon, Wed and Fridays.

< replied-to message removed by QT >
Debbie Koch
10:58 AM MT (US)
Hey Kate! We don't have an organized play group to date, so we should just use this QT to communicate. I'd be happy to have some folks over here. Would WED mornings from 9:30-11:30 work for anyone? I would provide a snack too. Let me know. And if another day works better, please chime in. Would be great to have a regular day and allow the host to pick the time that works for them. What do you think, ladies?
kate voegeli
12:34 PM MT (US)
Did I overhear someone mention an organized play group in Bar K/Jamestown? If yes, could someone kindly pass along the info? Thanks. If there's nothing regular, we'll get together with others informally.
The Easter Bunny!
10:09 AM MT (US)
Get ready for....


When: Saturday April 7th. Parents at 10am to hide eggs. Kids at 11am to hunt.

Where: Our little park across from the town hall

Details: All are welcome, including friends and family from out of town! Parents please bring at least 12 items to hide per child that will be participating. These can be colored eggs, plastic eggs with treats, goodies, and toys inside, or anything else fun! For the little ones under 3- please bring small toys wrapped in FOIL so they will be easy to find. Last year we used the park, the parking lot next to the park, the area near the post office, and the areas around the town hall and the Merc. Volunteers would be greatly appreciated to halt traffic on the roads nearby. If anyone has an adult Easter Bunny costume, feel free to dress up and join the fun!

Questions? Contact Lisa mountainvetATgmailDOTcom

Hope to see you there!
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kate voegeli
08:48 AM MT (US)
Hello, Alexandra! We're moving to Bar K towards the end of March and will be in need of a part-time nanny about 2 days per week. Please give me a call whenever. We have one 9-month-old son, a loving dog, and an oddly baby loving cat.

M: 970-368-0344

Alexandra Schwan
03:34 PM MT (US)
Hey Mountain Mamas! I am in the process of moving out of Nederland and in with my boyfriend in the South end of the Bar-K~ I have been a nanny/ babysitter for quite a few years and would love to make some more connections in the neighborhood and offer my sitter/ nanny services to surrounding families! I am very artistic, working from home as a seamstress. I love to keep kids creating at all ages; crafting, playing outside, making music, painting, learning!

I have been seeking some part-time work and would love to babysit/ nanny most of all. I have some really amazing references from over the years that would be happy to chat with you, and I would be delighted to chat with you too about a possible gig! We are working on getting a home phone at the moment so contact by e-mail is best. =)

I hope everyone is enjoying the month of March and looking forward to the warmer months!


kate voegeli
10:50 AM MT (US)
Sweeeeeeeet. Thanks, ladies. We'll be in touch! Should be settled in by Sun, 3/25. Can't wait to socialize with some other families.

And, we're also animal lovers and alternate dog sitting with friends down in the lowlands. Happy to watch your furry one whenever. It's so fun for our golden doodle to have buddies.

Take care,

Debbie Koch
09:17 PM MT (US)
Welcome to the neighborhood Kate, August and Leif! Great to have another young family move into the Bar-K. I have a 2-year old son (Baxter) and would totally be up for a play date sometime. Give me a holler when you get settled...459-3007. Debbie, Fritz & Baxter
Bridget Johnson
03:32 PM MT (US)
Hello Kate & Crew!
We would love to do a play date sometime.. I have two boys and my youngest 'Turner' is 22months and would love to hang out. We live in the Bar-K as well. SO GLAD to meet some new families moving up here ;) Give us a shout anytime. 303-459-3456
Bridget, Matt, Gavin and Turner
kate voegeli
08:40 PM MT (US)

Hello! We're moving into our first home in Bar-K towards the end of March and are looking for:
1. Play dates for our 9-month-old son.
2. Babysitters or other parents looking for some cash.
3. Recommendations for part-time daycare or nanny.

Would appreciate responses. Hoping to get to know folks!

Kate, August, and 9-month-old Leif
Debbie Koch
04:16 PM MT (US)
I have some gently used NB-3m clothing (boy) that consignment stores usually won't take. I would love to pass them on if you know of anyone having a baby. I also have a play mat, whale tub, Eddie Bauer sling, etc... Please call if you know of someone in need of such items. 303-641-4017 Thanks!
Laura Williams for JAM
09:25 AM MT (US)
Hi HATTERS! Hope you are thinking about and warming up for the upcoming 6th annual BAND IN A HAT!

We need someone to lead our KID BAND as my work schedule prevents me from full commitment. I am putting this into the QT universe because I deeply believe that it is vital for us (as a JAM organization and as a commUNITY) to nurture our youth and encourage their musical interests and abilities!

It can be organized any way you see fit, but in the past, I have added a separate KID SIGNUP on the overall adult bands sheet with 10-12 slots (or the number of kids YOU feel comfortable working with). Kids of ANY age can sign up for whatever instruments or vocals they want to try and during practices, I have separated ages as appropriate (i.e. last time, 3 kids age 3-5 signed up, so I had them begin the kid performance with a dance routine...then the older kids took over). Whatever they dreamed up, we made happen and everything was THEIR choice, including songs, instruments, dances, goofy vocals, song order, etc. Traditionally, the Kid Band kicks off the entire event with a half-hour set.

I am willing to HELP with this Kid Band by offering my home as a practice space with SEVERAL instruments available for them to try, including a drum kit, bass, keyboard, more guitars than you can shake a stick at, microphones, and many hand instruments. Both Tom and I would try to be present at these practices as much as possible to help out, but our house is available even if we aren't there!

If you are interested in taking on this important task, PLEASE call me at (3o3) 545-55o2!!! You can ALSO participate in an adult band in conjunction with the Kid Band if you wish. TEAMS of adults participating in this band are STRONGLY encouraged as we are ALL mentors to the children (i.e. an adult bass player backing up a kid song OR 2 adults working with a group of kids for one song OR adult bands showcasing kids in their sets! The opportunities are endless and all ideas and assistance are welcome!

THANKS for supporting our youth!
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
11:01 AM MT (US)
Update on Gurnsey House Fire / Benefit
Please Visit The Link:

Gayle Towner
11:27 AM MT (US)
Hi Ladies!

We are in desparate need of a babysitter for our two boys (Dylan 3 1/2 yrs & Tyler 1 yr) during "work hours" (7am'ish-5pm'ish) for the next couple weeks. My mom, who typically watches the boys while Jason and I are at work, is undergoing surgery today and will be unable to care for the boys for the next two weeks! Jason and I will have a little bit of time off for the holidays, but we really need some help with the boys!! Please call one of us if you can help (even for a day or two) - home #: 3o3-449-1129, Jason's cell: 72o-231-oo46, Gayle's cell: 3o3-4o6-3743. THANK YOU!!!
Terry Beckett
05:55 PM MT (US)
Hi! We are new to the area and looking for playdates for my 9year old daughter. We are halfway between Jamestown and Ward. tigermama40@yahoo.com
11:42 AM MT (US)
Hey If any moms need some babysitting over Christmas break (for Christmas shopping, Dates, etc.) Then I am available most of the time. Call me at 303-459-0524 (Home) or 303-503-6564 (Cell). MY rates are 10 dollars an hour. I provide entertainment (Reading, Games, etc.) and I can make lunch or dinner for the kids. I can also change diapers for the little ones. So call me and set up a time.
Laura Williams
09:14 AM MT (US)
NEW YEAR'S EVE KID PARTY at The Mothership!!!

Regardless if you're going to the Town Hall for the incredible Burns Twice or elsewhere on New Year's Eve, we are hosting a mega sleepover at our house for kids of all ages featuring a healthy dinner, potluck munchies, creative arts & crafts, fun indoor games like hide & seek and flashlight tag, a countdown celebration with all kinds of noisemakers & sparklers, a toothbrushing contest for prizes, a kid-friendly movie, and continental breakfast the next morning.

Drop-off anytime after 6 p.m. on Saturday, December 31st and pick-up by 9 a.m. on Sunday, January 1st. Choose to stay the night or pick up whenever you want for a reasonable hourly rate!

Limit 10 kids, so call (3o3) 545-55o2 for details, prices, and to reserve a spot! Serious discount for teens or pre-teens who want to help with the event!

Many of you know me well, but for those who may not...I have over 15 years of experience with children of all ages and I currently direct the YMCA after-school program at Crest View Elementary, overseeing 6 staff who implement fun, entertaining, and educational programming for about 50 kids a day. For 8 years, I also directed Camp Jimtown, my own after-school program located at Jamestown Elementary and hosted an AWESOME kid party like this in my home for New Year's 2006 that is still fondly etched in the memories of those who attended.
Jamestown Elementary
09:09 AM MT (US)
Calling Community Bakers!! And Community Snackers!!

Jamestown Elementary will be hosting a Bake Sale this Saturday, November 12th and WE NEED YOU!!

If you are a baker who would like to contribute to our sweet mountain school, we would love to have your delicious baked goods to sell to the cyclists and recyclers on this upcoming glorious fall day. You can deliver your baked goods to the Bake Sale at 10:00 Saturday morning, or call Annamaria at 303-449-2492 if you need to make other arrangements.

If you anticipate needing a snack on Saturday, come and find us in downtown Jamestown, where you don't need a GPS to find your way around.

Follow your nose to the Bake Sale Saturday morning!
Julie P
11:10 AM MT (US)
Sorry, if you want to contact me directly, my email is: julieDOTperry@jimtownDOTorg
Phone is 303-443-3556

Thanks again!
Julie P
10:37 AM MT (US)
Hi There!

Who are the best babysitters in the area now? We have a 19-month-old son. I may need some help for some half-days the week before Christmas b/c my daycare is closed then. (Also, more date nights would be nice, too! The sitter we had been using occasionally moved.)

Thanks! Julie Perry
Pam Harrington
11:52 PM MT (US)
Hey lisa, I would love an exersaucer. We are getting close to that age. I will send an e mail and see if we can work it out. Thanks a bunch!
Lisa Cass
03:10 PM MT (US)
Anyone know a family who needs an exersaucer? free

Gretchen H.
08:23 AM MT (US)
Calling all Ghouls & Boos to The Annual Jamestown Halloween Party on Monday, October 31st from 5:00-6:30. Come dressed in costume and ready to play! All ages welcome!

All proceeds will benefit Jamestown Elementary School. $3 per person or $5 per family.

Fun games/prizes and much more!

Trick or treating begins at 6:30.

Please feed your ghosts and goblins before attending as there will not be food served at the party.
Edited 10-23-2011 08:23 AM
Gretchen H.
09:31 AM MT (US)
Child Care Needed!

We are looking for a responsible adult to care for our 5 year-old daughter on Thursday's from 12-5:30 PM. We need someone to pick her up from school in Jamestown at 12 and spend the afternoon doing fun and creative activities! We live on Overland Rd and just relocated to the area in September.

Start date is the first week in November through mid-January.

Must be a non-smoker, have reliable transportation since you will be picking her up from school, great references, and lots of energy and creativity!

Please email gheine8@gmail.com.
Debbie Koch
04:11 PM MT (US)
Hey Moms! Baxter is now 20 months old and I'm looking for a place to drop him off 2x per week for 1/2 days - either in Boulder or Longmont areas. I realize that I'm not the best teacher and have a difficult time setting a schedule and coming up with learning activities. So in addition to giving him more social time with other kiddos, I also want him to be in a learning environment.

Any recommendations for a place that 1) accepts kids his age, and 2) is affordable? Would love to hear your input, experiences and/or guidance as I move into the winter months with a toddler. HELP~LOL!

Hope everyone is doing well...Let's do some playdates soon! :)
Bridget Johnson
09:47 AM MT (US)
Sorry!&#A0;&#A0;I don't have one in that size still - I go to the Flat Irons Mall - there are like 4 or 5 kids stores right in a row with AWESOME kid stuff for when you need that 'perfect' outfit.&#A0;&#A0;It's always been worth my time to drive out there (although that is a pain in the butt..) I always get my rings cleaned and go to Dicks or Victoria's Secret too.. for me.. I love that mall.. glad it's far away.&#A0;&#A0; If you just wanted to borrow something - I'd bet $$ that Jen Porter has something.. she has great taste and they go to church (so Reed would have more of that style shirt). ?? Hope that helps -
Give us a call when you get back from the wedding - we'd love to do a play date w/ Bax. Bridget

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Debbie Koch
09:38 PM MT (US)
I'm searching for a 18mo-24mo button down shirt...preferably white or another solid color...for Baxter to wear to a wedding next weekend. Does anyone have something like this that we could borrow OR a suggestion on where to look? Let me know.
09:17 PM MT (US)
Howdy- we're trying to locate some last minute headphones- has anybody got some kid's size noise reducing headphones that we could borrow for one night tomorrow eve? (Sunday) (We've got two kids and only one pair of headphones) We'll be at the Merc all day tomorrow until 3pm, so if you've got some to lend, please call! Thanks a lot-303-442-5847 (Merc #)

ps-sounds fun Laura!
Laura Williams
12:40 PM MT (US)
My good friend had a GREAT IDEA!!!

We have numerous play TENTS & TUNNELS perfect for babies through age 5 or 6. If we ALL bring what we have, we could set up a cool little course for the kids in Jamestown's Little Park while we moms kick back & chat!

When's good for y'all?
Lisa Cass
06:26 PM MT (US)
Hey Mountain Mamas- I got this email from Joanna about the new session for creative movement class at town hall on Saturdays. Please email her at joannarotkin<AT>hotmail<DoTT>com if you would like to sign up or have any questions.

Children's Creative Dance Class in Jamestown!
Sept 10-October 15
9:15-10:15am (please note change in time)
$60 for six week session
We will plan to do a showing on October 15 for parents and friends

I would need a minimum of 6 students for the class to go, so if you want to invite friends please do. I will also call Beth at Jamestown Elementary and see if I can do a demonstration class at the school and hang a flier at the Post Office.
Let me know if you are interested and I will start a class list going.

Looking forward to dancing with you all again soon!

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Debbie Koch
01:57 PM MT (US)
I have guests coming to town THIS FRIDAY 7/29 and I'm wondering if anyone has a booster seat (no back required) that they are not using. The rental car place charges way too much so I was hoping to borrow one. They'll be in town from 7/29-8/8. Let me know via a reply here or call 459-3007. Thanks so much!
Rainbow Shultz
01:08 PM MT (US)
Hi Mountain Mommas!
I have a question for anyone with a 4year old kiddo still considering preschools...
My son Kofi goes to New Horizons Co-operative Preschool in North Boulder, which is a wonderful, play oriented and community oriented preschool. It is half english speaking, and half spanish speaking and is much less expensive than most preschools because parents are expected to help teach twice a month as well. The afternoon class is geared toward kids the year before kindergarden, so usually 4 year olds. It goes monday-thursday I think 1pm-3:30pm. Kofi is going to attend, and I was hoping to find someone else from the area who might also want to go and CARPOOL! I'd be happy to pick up a mountain kid twice a week and bring them back and forth in trade for the same? Anybody interested? Feel free to post on here or call me if you want to discuss further. 303-402-1411 Thanks!
Laura Williams
05:05 PM MT (US)
Thanks Galz!
Pam Harrington
02:32 PM MT (US)
Yes, wonderful Morgan!!! Great kid I would trust her for sure. If she is not available you can also try Ella Running Rabbit. Her number is 0230. She might be leaving on a backpacking trip this weekend though. Either way keep both those numbers as both Morgan and Ella are fabulous, responsible, dependable young ladies.
Jen PorterPerson was signed in when posted
09:15 PM MT (US)
You might try Morgan, Wendy Ingham's daughter.
~Jen Porter
Laura Williams
09:02 PM MT (US)
SEEKING A SITTER for Elise THIS Saturday from 8 p.m. late into the eve. Our house or a sleepover arrangement would be ideal, but we'll consider any options! Please call (3o3) 545-55o2 if you can help and thanks for considering!
Deleted by topic administrator 07-15-2011 06:30 AM
Jamestown Elementary
11:55 AM MT (US)
It’s time for another Bake Sale!!

Jamestown Elementary School will be having a Bake Sale as we continue to raise funds for classroom supplies and staff hours which were cut this year.

The Bake Sale will be held Saturday, July 9th (ReCycling Day) from 10:00 – 1:00, or whenever we sell out.

Any Community Bakers who are willing to bake items to help support our school can bring them at the beginning of the sale, or call Annamaria or Sterling at 303-449-2492.

See you there! Yum, yum, yum!
Erika Archer
08:36 AM MT (US)
GO GREEN PARTY - Wednesday, July 13, 7pm (Archers' house in the Bar K) -
Please RSVP to erika[at]fullsignal[dot]net (We must have at least 7 participants to have the party!)

Interested in learning more about ways that "going green" can improve one's health, reduce one's impact on the environment and save money? I hosting a Go Green Party Wednesday night. Basically, a trained presenter will come up here to the Bar K and present either on "Composting", ways we can approach "Zero Waste" in our households or about "Clean & Green Non-toxic Cleaning" (these are 3 separate presentations, so if you are thinking of coming, please let me know which you're interested in). There is a small price of $20 per attendee to cover the cost for the green living consultant; however, ultimately partygoers will save money from the green tips they learn. In fact, the parties teach participants how to save over $1,000 a year by GOING Green.


Shades of Green specializes in consulting services to businesses and organizations wishing to make a Zero Waste and more sustainable impact. Stacy Swank Lambright has worked with the City and County of Denver, City and County of Broomfield, City of Lafayette, Boulder County and the Colorado Association for Recycling.
Laura Williams
10:58 AM MT (US)

I feel compelled to take Elise to see fireworks so she doesn't miss them 2 years in a row, so we're going to Longmont, where they will be displayed at Boulder County Fairgrounds @ 9:30 p.m. on the 4th.

Anyone who wants to join can meet us at the Jamestown Fire Hall by 7:30 p.m. and we can convoy or carpool together! We intend to park in Target or Home Depot parking lot (or possibly at the Airport for an easy-out situation when they're done). We won't know about the parking location until we arrive.

Hope you can join us -- the more, the merrier!!!
Gayle Towner
02:38 PM MT (US)
Hi Moms - Before I look elsewhere, I thought I'd ask around here to see if anyone had a toddler bedrail they no longer use. We just upgraded Dylan to a toddler twin bed, but he somehow ended up in our bed last night after rolling out of his! :o) Let me know if you have one or know of anyone - babyrosegrl@yahoo.com or 3o3-449-1129
Sal DeVincenzoPerson was signed in when posted
08:17 PM MT (US)
Harrington Meal Calendar Online

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Lisa Cass
08:26 PM MT (US)
This is a message from Joanna, who has been teaching a creative movement class in Jamestown at the town hall on Saturdays from 9:30-10:30. Just wanted to share with you all if you would like your kids to participate. So far it's been a lot of fun for Mesa Rose. Boys welcome! It's a drop in $10/class.

Hello parents,
Just wanted to give you an update about how the children's dance class is going in Jamestown. We have had 4 classes so far, and it has been great. The group of children attending has been wonderful, and each of them offers something unique and exciting to the dynamic of the group. I have 3 Naropa College students who will be attending the classes to be helpers and assistants. They are all dedicated young women, with a passion for dance and are eager to learn more about teaching creative dance to children. Lora and Mary have been to the last two classes, and Marcella will be joining them this week when she gets back into town. If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to email or phone me. I am always open to feedback, and am eager to make this a space where and your child feel welcome to bring in ideas, curiosities, and concerns.
The class will continue through the summer, with a 2 week break from June 18 and June 25. We will resume the class again starting on July 2 and will continue until August 13. On August 13, there will be an informal showing of the work we have been doing this summer from 10-10:30am. Afterward, there will be a potluck/picnic and gifts for the children, so feel free to bring family and friends to help celebrate all of the dancing the kids have been doing. On July 23, there will be a special class for parents to come in and dance with us. I encourage all of you to come in and dance. It will be a time to explore movement and dance with your child and the group in a physical, creative, and fun environment that fosters self-expression through kinesthetic experience.
If you have friends with kids who you think might enjoy the class, feel free to tell them about it. This class is open to any and all children.
Payment: from now on, I will have a jar to put payment in at the front table when you first enter the Town Hall with a sign-in sheet for you to sign when you come in. This seems easier then trying to do the money exchange as children are coming and going.
The dates to mark on your calendar:
June 18 and June 25: NO DANCE CLASS
July 23: Parent/child class (grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings, and anyone else you can think of are welcome too!!)
August 13: Final Dance class for the summer with a performance from 10-10:30 and potluck/picnic to follow.
See you all on Saturday!
Jen PorterPerson was signed in when posted
09:36 AM MT (US)
: ( We will not be around this afternoon.
Catch you next time, lady.
~Jen P
Jenn Baumber-Gjertson
01:01 PM MT (US)
Cole, Kaia & I were wondering if anyone is interested in having a picnic, wading, & maybe a little hiking & running around at Ceran St. Vrain tomorrow at about noonish. I heard it is supposed to be a little warm, so hopefully it'll be a great day to get out! Call, e-mail or post back if you want to meet up!
303-459-1101 or jennifer.baumber@judicial.state.co.us
Steve Schein
08:28 AM MT (US)
Hi Guys

My mom on Overland has these due to Boulder Public Library and was wondering if anyone would be able to get these and drop off to Boulder Public Library?
        AUTHOR: Isozaki, Arata.
         Katsura Villa: space and form
         BMAIN Adult NonF DUE: 06-08-11

         TITLE: Calder jewelry
         BMAIN Adult NonF DUE: 06-08-11

Please email me at stephenehpets@gmail.com if you can.


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Erika Archer
11:26 PM MT (US)
Hi mountain mamas!

I'm double posting here, in case you didn't see the "other" QT. We've had a large black bear visiting our upper kitchen deck during the night over the course of the last week via a nearby tree (which we are obviously going to need to cut). It has made no attempt to get in through the door or window...it just checks things out and leaves. Extremely skittish - if we make any noise at all from inside the house it books it back down the tree like it's a fire pole.

One thing we've noticed, though, in the so-called "presents" it's been leaving us on the ground below. Its scat is FILLED with sunflower seeds. This means it's regularly raiding people's bird feeders around here. I'd just like to make a plea on the bear's behalf to please please please bring in any feeders anyone may still have out for the duration of the bears' awake season. The wildlife division had to put down at least one bear I know of last year for getting too close to humans in this area (I believe it broke into a car with food/trash in it.). We need to do our part to keep these guys out of trouble!
05:06 PM MT (US)
Hello Bar-K Families-

Help me generate some needed funds to put new playground equipment in at the big park (Elysian Park) in Jamestown next spring!!
We (Green Girl Recycling) are sponsoring the June 4th ELECTRONICS Roundup--(yes, of all kinds of electronics recycled for a small fee each) We will be donating all profits from this event towards the new kids playground/park being built next spring in Jamestown at the Elysian Park (big park). I have asked Jamestown if I could open up the Electronics piece ONLY to Bar-Ker's and homes just outside of Jamestown and they have very graciously agreed it would help our cause.

Where: Jamestown Elysian Park
When: June 4th (8am to 3pm)
Why: Clean out your home/business
What: You'll be supporting a great cause!! New Playground Equipment!!

So.. please come out on June 4th with your old, unwanted electronics and your $$ to help us clean out your homes and create funds for playground equipment at the new Elysian Park in Jamestown.
If you have any questions, please shoot me an email thegreengirl1@yahoo.com or call 303-459-3456.
There is a full list of items, photos and costs at the Post Office in Jamestown, on the Bar-K Board, In the Merc and I will ask Sal to help me post it here as well. THANK YOU!!!
04:45 PM MT (US)
Olive is up visiting her Dad. If anyone want to stop by for a visit this eve or tomorrow morning she would love to meet you. 325 Ranch.

Bridget Johnson
03:57 PM MT (US)
I have a meeting tomorrow morning at 9am.. if I can get back up here in time, we'd love to come. Hoping to make the meeting quick!!
Sounds like fun-

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Jen PorterPerson was signed in when posted
02:23 PM MT (US)
Bar - K Play date
Tomorrow, May 6th, 10:30
Will have snacks, light lunch

Can RSVP here on the QT, email - jenjenporter@gmail.com, phone - 3.833.6983
~Jen, Alaina & Reid Porter
  1053 Rock Lake Rd
Karen DeVincenzo
11:00 PM MT (US)
Hi Rachel,
Bar-K is a wonderful community and a GREAT place to raise kids. My husband Sal and I have lived up here for 19 years and our son Max has lived here all of his life (16 years). He'll tell you the same thing. A childhood full of trees, lakes for catching fish and snakes and for skating on when it's frozen, lots of space for running and playing... what could be better? There are lots of kids up here of all ages (how old are yours?). The commute is a beautiful drive... It just takes a little planning ahead because the stores aren't right around the corner but in a pinch, there is always a willing and generous neighbor to get us by. At this elevation, the weather is quite different than down below... winter is longer, colder, and windier but summers make up for that. It's a great community with lots to get involved in (a gardening group with the community garden, the mom's group, a monthly ladies get-together, book group, and lots of events/music/art down the switchbacks in Jamestown).
As far as emergencies are concerned, several neighbors are volunteer firefighters/paramedics and are ready to help at a moment's notice.
Feel free to email me if you have more questions
(Where would you be moving here from?)


On May 3, 2011, at 6:20 PM, QT - Rachel <qtopic-46-YpyTUtrNEJZZ@quicktopic.com> wrote:
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12:20 PM MT (US)

Sorry for the intrusion, but my husband and I are thinking about moving to the Bar-K-Ranch area and I came across your message board. We are hoping to get your feedback on the neighborhood.

How is the commute to Boulder/Nederland? Do people often carpool? Do you feel close enough to stores, pharmacies, doctors, etc.? Is there a strong sense of community in the area? Do you feel like it is a good place for raising children?

All comments are welcome! Thank you very much for your time!
Laura Williams
09:00 PM MT (US)
Hey Friends...

Many of you know I am now working at the YMCA of Boulder Valley @ Crest View Elementary, where we have a dynamite after-school program AND awesome summer camps.

It occurred to me that I miss working with my mountain kids (A LOT!) and that I should extend an invitation to check out our day long summer camps at www.ymcabv.org

The prices are quite reasonable considering that your kids will be extremely entertained (even possibly exhausted by the end of a day filled with learning, socializing, field trips, opportunities for swim lessons & soccer clinics, and general fun activities based on thoughtful themes) AND there is financial aid available that is fairly reachable for mountain folk like us.

The Fun-In-The-Sun camps accept kids ENTERING Kindergarten THROUGH those ENTERING 6th grade (this means 4-year-olds who are turning 5 by 9/30/11 AND those about to enter middle school AND everyone in between). You can choose your weeks (some or all) and a part-time plan is an option as Elise will be attending my "Making Memories" camp 3 days a week starting 5/31.

The time to register is as soon as possible, which you can do through that website or call me with any questions anytime at (72o) 394(dash)7829.

That's it for my ploy to once again work with my beloved mountain kids!
Jen PorterPerson was signed in when posted
10:34 PM MT (US)
Play date at the the Porter house
1053 Rock Lake Rd
Friday, May 6th, 10:30
Will have snacks, light lunch

Even if you do not know me and my children yet, please feel free to stop in as you will probably know someone...
See you next week!

Can RSVP or ask ?s here on the QT, email - jenjenporter@gmail.com, phone - 3.833.6983
~Jen, Alaina & Reid
Debbie Koch
01:37 PM MT (US)
Baxter and I are getting a little stir crazy...Anyone up for a play date this afternoon (SOON! LOL) Let me know...459-3007
Debbie Koch
05:12 PM MT (US)
Great photo of Olive! Baxter and I look forward to meeting you guys!
08:02 AM MT (US)
Forgot to mention, we are at 325 Ranch, 459-1102
08:01 AM MT (US)

Hi Moms,

Olive is almost 6 months old now and she wants to meet the other babies I in the neighborhood. She stays up here with her dad every other weekend and a few nights a week.
09:21 AM MT (US)
I do Jen...Can bring it over later today for U to check it out.


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Jenn Baumber-Gjertson
07:11 AM MT (US)
I was wondering if anyone had an exer-saucer or something similar that I could borrow for a month or so. I lent mine out to some friends and need to get it back. Thanks! 303-459-1101
Pam HarringtonPerson was signed in when posted
03:46 PM MT (US)
Hey ladies,
Just curious if anyone has a pregnancy support belt they are not using. I seem to have over done it a bit yesterday and the midwife suggested a wear one for a few days. The store that sells them is closed today. If you happen to have one please call me at 3088. Thanks
Jen Porter
08:40 PM MT (US)
Sorry for the late notice, it's just been one wild week!
Jen Porter
08:39 PM MT (US)
Hey ladies~ I know I said that I would host a playdate tomorrow, but I ended up in MI with my lil' ones after Tim's sister was in a bad ATV accident on Saturday. : ( Looks like we will be here for a while. I should be able to host the 1st Friday in May, but will keep you posted if anything changes.
eve sinclair
09:04 AM MT (US)
hey ladies! anyone in need of a spa pedi? $22 all-natural down in Boulder - but hurry - this is one of those 'limited quantities' ones...

$22 for Spa Pedicure at Leah Nickie Advanced Aesthetics in Boulder ($45 Value) http://www.groupon.com/denver/deals/leah-n...tm_source=uu7485984
Bridget Johnson
09:37 AM MT (US)
I love that photo of Max!! So cute!!

From: QT - Karen DeVincenzo <qtopic-46-YpyTUtrNEJZZ@quicktopic.com> To: QT topic subscribers <qtopic-subs@quicktopic.com>
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Gayle Towner
12:29 PM MT (US)
Checking in with Dylan 2yrs (almost 3!) and Tyler 4mo (almost 5!) Thanks for setting this up! Can't wait to start gettin' the little ones together (once we're back from California sometime next month)
Karen DeVincenzo
11:12 AM MT (US)

Max is 16! and we are still a big part of his socialization schedule. I sure wish there had been a Mom's QT when he was 2. I understand the challenges you moms are facing in these early years and I would like to help whenever I can.
10:12 AM MT (US)
This is the BEST!! I am Bridget with Gavin (4.5yrs) and Turner (10 months). Can't wait to use this connection and be a part of a QT that is 'warm and fuzzy!' Thanks Sal and Debbie!!
09:53 AM MT (US)
Great idea...thanks Debbie and Sal! I'm Tessa with Jacy (10 years old already--how did that happen???), Jaco (4.5 years) and Joah (17 months).
Julie P
10:37 AM MT (US)
Cool forum! We have Colin, who turns 1 on Thursday! (Exactly 2 months younger than Baxter.) I work full time so it's hard for me to do playgroups M-F, but if there is ever a get-together on a weekend, post here!
eve sinclair
10:21 AM MT (US)

hiya, ladies! eve and baby girl noah here (just over 5 months now! where's the time go?) - we have a shopping deal for y'all! in case you're not already subscribed to groupon, sign up and you can get a $40 groupon for only $20 to a store called Bundle here in Boulder - they sell ecofriendly baby stuff - hurrah! the deal is available until midnight tonight...

here's the link: http://www.groupon.com/r/uu7485984

glad this group got started!
Jenn Gjertson
09:43 AM MT (US)
Here with Cole (age 4 1/2) & Kaia (age 4 mos). Thanks Debbie & Sal for setting this up!
Laura Williams
09:40 AM MT (US)
Laura Williams here with Elise, age 4 (almost 5)! Thanks for setting this up!
Jen PorterPerson was signed in when posted
07:45 AM MT (US)
Jen Porter checking in with Alaina, age 3 and Reid, age 2. : )
Debbie Koch
09:21 PM MT (US)
Baxter (14 months) and I live in the Bar-K. We're hoping this new QT gives us a chance to meet and chat with other moms living on this beautiful mountaintop with young children. Sometimes the drive to town is a bit much, so finding some playmates "up top" will be awesome.
Net Admin
04:55 PM MT (US)
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