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North London Chin-Waggers

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23:42 GMT
Dave W: All the very best to you Dave and thank you for your input and upkeep of this Forum. I will still keep in touch with Eddymonton and you have my e-mail address also.
All the best to you all.
Dave WallerPerson was signed in when posted
23:37 GMT
The lights will be switched off tomorrow.
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23:06 GMT
Best wishes to you all when the church is finished come and say hello we are Cressing Evangelical Church in between Witham and Braintree May the Lord bless you all and a very Merry Christmas to everyone.
22:45 GMT
It appears this site is to go the same way as N9 and N18 what a shame, will you not relent?

Good luck to you all, I will miss dipping in every now and again and miss the interesting pictures that used to be posted in its previous format.

Thanks to Eddymonton for coming up with various requested graphics, the dog track, and swimming pool to name a few.

As we know Edmonton has all but been destroyed, our heritage and Christian way of life has been trampled on by a succession of Criminal Governments. I hope those that have destroyed it eventually face British Courts for turning into a foreign occupied state.

I really want my Edmonton back, from feeling safe, the 10th Edmonton cub scouts to a shop where you can be served by an indigenous Londoner.
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ron vale
21:28 GMT
Although not inputting lately, thanks to all for refreshing memories or resurrecting those that were locked in the memory banks and all but forgotten.
for those not on facebook there are many Edmonton sites, They do get clogged up with smaltzy pics of furry animal saying goodnight to everyone, but well worth the effort. And dont worry about FB. You can add as much aor as little info as you wish.
Thanks to all on here.
Will it be available to view as archive?

Best Wishes

18:04 GMT
Very sorry to hear that this site is to end. It's been a pleasure having contact with you all and I'll miss the banter, information and photos. I'm intrigued how Eddymonton can quote post 7772 as it hasn't been posted yet but there you go, maybe that says it all. All the best to everyone.
Young Ed
23:12 GMT
Cheerio to all the posters here. It's been interesting and I've learned a few things. I might start a new topic in the future, if I have the time. If I do I'll call it 'Oldtimes in Edmonton & North London. Not very catchy, I know. Or maybe someone else will have a go?
Deleted by topic administrator 18-08-2016 17:23
Margaret baker
13:14 GMT
Thank you Dave for keeping this site going for the past few years, sadly my volunteering leave me little free time to take on another commitment, but I am on several Edmonton related FB websites so maybe some will find there way there and we can chat again, nothing lasts forever so farewell cyber pals stay safe and well x
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