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Warlocks - Traveller

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05:50 AM ET (US)
The Traveller's Log...

My name is Matt Silver, and I was the one to find these log entries. I was exploring the countryside when I found the ruins of an old medieval town, long since burned to the ground. It's a local legend, those that live nearby say, a town that was once the breeding ground for dark magic, a battlefield for both witches and a Rogue Warlock and his thrall, over five hundred years ago. The legends are just that; legends, stories... But then I found this log. It was hidden in the ruins, along with an old bag filled with half-rotted equipment and treasures. A history buff's dream bag, but I'm no historian, just a curious traveller.

I found it in a leather-bound notebook, with a solitary note on the front. It read, "The Traveller's Log, with warnings of the past for those in the future. Use it wisely. Traveller out."

Reading it was... an experience. I sat in the ruins for hours and tried to comprehend, tried to figure out if this was some elaborate hoax... It confirmed all the legends. All of them. The Rogue Warlock, the Demon Mayor, The Lovers' Gambit... That the town was lost to the witches, in the end, they had done more damage and killed more people, and despite the plan to kill the final witch and leave the Thrall a victory, it did not occur. The witches had won. The town itself was burned sometime after, and the Enchantress and her Lovers never to be found again...

Witches and demons and magics... Does this log confirm them all? I don't know what to make of it, but at the same time, The Traveller's story has made me think...

I've been researching about his legends for months now, and the stories and paintings and everything seems to confirm that he, in fact, did exist... They just didn't have a true name, a true face, a true anything. The Traveller, who went from town to town in his travels, being all he could be wherever he could be, helping and hindering folk along the way.

But... the strangest thing isn't that he did all those things, it's that, long after his death, there were more rumours. The Traveller still travels, the rumours say. He walks down roads even after people stopped walking and started driving. He does his thing, even now...

But I can't help but remember.

The Traveller is an idea, not a man.

And ideas... Have a way of carrying throughout history. If there was an example, he died a long time ago. Maybe in this very town... At the same time, The Traveller still exists.

It's nice to think that, even for a second.

Matt Silver... A Traveller... out.
12:37 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Final Entry, Night 20, 927 of The Traveller's Travels.

How many roads must a man walk down, before they can him a man?

The Traveller has walked many roads, and might yet be the manliest of them all, a travelling god amongst mortals.

And it takes a witch of great power, the last witch who outlasted them all, to kill a god. She'll die, though, and soon. In the next day, Mishie or Irene will sacrifice themselves, and she will lose, The Thrall may win for his Warlock, but she will lose. That's what she deserves, after all, her and her friends. To be killed, to be forgotten.

But The Traveller doesn't care for the future; The Traveller's future doesn't exist past midnight tonight.

How many roads must The Traveller travel to know that this is the end?

None. The Traveller stays put, and waits for it to come.

The wind is rising outside, dancing hot and cold, strong and brisk one moment and weak and reedy the next, but it hasn't stopped blowing. Thunder and lightning rumbles and dances in the sky, and the tip of a great rainstorm is on the tip of The Traveller's tongue. There is the smell of ash in the air, of all the pyres the town has lit, and it swirls and forms in the centre of town with the wind, controlled and pushed by the power of magic eternal, becoming a creature of darkness and blood, that has taken the essence of all those who died, and is being sent after The Traveller.

The Traveller finds it almost... fitting, were it not for the circumstances.

But here it is. The Traveller stands on the roof of the town hall, glancing up at the stars every other moment to remind The Traveller that there's something up there; the new road to travel. The Traveller has lived a full life, in the end. All the letters have been sent, but not all of them are announcements of death; no, The Traveller doesn't want the world to know The Traveller is dead. The Traveller will die this night, but The Traveller will not be forgotten.

Bring it on, witch.
Traveller out.
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07:27 PM ET (US)
You're dead!

Here is Angel QT

02:42 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 926.99 of The Traveller's Travels.

The town lynched Geabe today. He cried and spluttered right up until The Traveller lit the pyre, and then he turned to The Traveller, wearing a smug face, "I never said I wasn't a witch," he said.

The Traveller watched him burn, but The Traveller does not know what to make of it. Geabe must've been a witch, The Traveller is thinking. There is no other...

Yes there is. There are many other explanations.

The Traveller has gone too far, and can't act on any more suspicions. It feels like it's too late.

That road into town might yet be the last The Traveller travelled.

It was a good road.

They were all good roads.

It is nearly midnight. The town is silent, but the air is building towards it; the witches... witch... will attack, and soon. Ashaya. She won't kill her lovers. She has been encouraged to kill The Traveller instead of hgf; let the witches die, but if The Thrall survives, so be it. There's no one left in town for The Thrall to devour like his master. If only one witch remains, then they can kill The Traveller. They have absorbed the power of the other dead witches, and of the Warlock. The witch will kill The Traveller.

Even after all this time, even after everything, The Traveller doesn't want to admit this might be the end. Damn good roads, every single one of them. The Traveller has fought and laughed and killed and loved and lived on these roads. And travelled. The Traveller has travelled.

But no further, not tonight.

If this is the end...

Traveller out.
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08:14 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 926 of The Traveller's Travels.

Two people died in the night. Their deaths are but the witches reaching out and taking out who they can, revelling in the ecstasy and chaos of the death of Fenraellis, and Nemrut and AddictedForLife paid the price for it.

The town hall meeting, however, felt empty. Ashaya showed up briefly, before leaving. Geabe seemed to want to deny he was a witch without denying it, hgf didn't show up at all, and that left The Traveller, Mishie and Irene left to discuss.

Unfortunately, things are still dire.

There's no need to pull that final card, The Traveller is thinking. The Traveller has stowed away the fake Priest robes for another time.

Mishie and Irene, in between having romantic sex on the table because that's what they did, discussed options. Ashaya must be the Enchantress, Geabe the Assassin, and hgf might yet be The Thrall. The Traveller feels the need to agree; Mishie and Irene are no threats... hopefully. The plan is to kill hgf first, then Ashaya and Geabe will either have to murder one of Mishie and Irene - and thus leave Ashaya open to being lynched - or fail to kill The Traveller because as long as there's more than one witch, The Traveller can outfox them. The Traveller is banking on the latter, and so is Mishie and Irene. Maybe they don't actually think The Traveller is The Traveller... Then, in the next day, Geabe is killed. In the night, his assassination kill will murder The Traveller, or Ashaya will murder The Traveller, or...

The town is going to lose this one. There is no other way about it, is there not?

Is The Traveller missing something?

Hgf seems to want to defend his innocence.

Mishie could be playing The Traveller.

Ashaya and Geabe could yet be hiding another play.

There is... no way to know.

But for The Traveller? If the story ends here, with The Traveller have done the right thing, in the end? The Traveller cannot be sure; the lines are blurred, and The Traveller has made mistakes...

The Traveller doesn't know, but... there's always time for another plan.

Traveller out.
03:48 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 925 of The Traveller's Travels.


Another sleepless and attackless night, as the witches needed a kill in the day to prepare their kill in the night. The lynch vote drew nearer and nearer come morning, and Geabe was led to the stake to be burned like all the others...

But Fenraellis wouldn't stay quiet. He attempted a SoulSteal attempt with Geabe as the Echantress. It didn't work. Geabe survived, and before the town could lynch him anyway...

Castiel stepped forward.

Honestly, The Traveller didn't even realise Castiel existed.

But either way, he offered to sacrifice himself. A Desperado, he was. The failed Soulsteal had been enough to weaken the Warlock. Fenraellis tried to fight it, and in what turned out to be the craziest fucking thing The Traveller has ever seen came to pass. Castiel used some kind of voodoo magic, and blew himself up. That was bad enough, but then, well, Fenraellis exploded.

It was gross. The Traveller has still got intestines in The Traveller's hair.

Castiel died to kill the Rogue Warlock. The Traveller salutes him... and will take care of the man's widow appropriately.

But... the night has come. There are people left alive in the town, and one or two more witches may remain. Geabe escaped with his life, but there's always tomorrow. He could easily turn it around on the town, and The Traveller - after all, he'll claim, if he wasn't the Enchantress, he would either be a different scum to verify Santi's claims - The Thrall, for example - or might yet be innocent. He might decide to point to the only other person who survived their death still left alive, calling them out as the Enchantress.

He might shift blame to The Traveller.

The Traveller cannot allow that.

Hope has returned to the town, however briefly.

The Traveller will be fighting tomorrow, for those that remain, to kill the witches once and for all, and free this town from its malevolent bindings. Maybe, when all of this is over, when they clean up all of the blood from the town square, elect a new Mayor that isn't a demon, and The Traveller travels onwards, they'll build a statue in The Traveller's honour. It wouldn't be the first time, nor the last, and The Traveller is partial to pewter...

Traveller out.
05:22 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 924 of The Traveller's Travels.

The Traveller survived.

Lungs did not.

Hope is still fading. It feels as if there are only ten townspeople left. No Mayor, no leadership, a Warlock and yet still a hidden witch or two. Everyone still participates in the lynchings. The Traveller doesn't truly know why, but The Traveller showed up today, long enough to vote for the death of Geabe. Four others joined The Traveller's. One more vote, right now, and Geabe will die.

And after that... The Traveller has no clue.

If The Traveller knew for sure that The Thrall was dead, that the protection keeping the Warlock alive was gone...

But The Traveller doesn't know.

Traveller out.
10:40 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 923.75 of The Traveller's Travels.

The day is over. Vesvius has been lynched. In fact, he was asking for it, by the end. The Traveller now fears assassination, so will be busy in the night.

The town's inns have emptied as people begin fleeing en masse. Mayor Jon's true colours have shattered morale, and The Traveller...

The Traveller is starting to believe something is keeping The Traveller here, a binding, a magical spell in place. The witches magic, no doubt, and if so, this binding makes a lot of things make sense. The Warlock, for one, would've been smart to flee before the townspeople could lock him up or have him killed, or before the witches had their turn. But he hadn't, because he couldn't. The binding's keeping those here who have to be, a game of sorts.

Or... The Traveller has been drinking from the poisoned water again.

Dammit, The Traveller does not want this town by The Traveller's last stop in the great travels of life.

So... The Traveller has begun sending out letters, with those fleeing the city. Enough gold and those letters will reach true. Letters to family, scattered though they are and only half-remembered from years of travelling. Letters to lost loves, one in every town, as is The Traveller's custom. One to the Fire Monks, for they showed The Traveller many things, the letter containing well wishes for their summer crop. To Minister Ravenwood, who The Traveller always sends gold to for the orphaned children of St Grace's Church. To the nameless old lady who nursed The Traveller back to full health many years ago...

So many people.

And maybe only night.

The Traveller hopes for the morning to come, and for it to bring a promise of something, of breaking this spell and leaving this town.

If not... The Traveller hopes there's not someone The Traveller is forgetting.

The Traveller has more letters to write, and all night to do it.

Traveller out.
07:50 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 923 of The Traveller's Travels.

The Traveller has been in some bad situations. The Traveller has seen some black days, days of plague and of despair, of the best and the worst of people turning on their own. The Traveller has seen magic and mystery, macabre and murder. The Traveller has travelled roads of salt and roads of brick, roads of bodies and roads of ice and fire.

The Traveller should be travelling now.

The town, this town, the only town, is completely fucked.

Two of their number died in the night. The Santi, the Mad Scientist, and Aekiel, who had taken the identity of a fellow named Rubicon, who hadn't interacted with anyone at all. The latter's role is unknown to The Traveller, and might just be forever.

Then it happened. Mayor Jon Vs Fernaellis, a conference room table, and some truly mind-bending conversation. Fernaellis appeared to want to rid the town of the witches, a sentiment The Traveller could agree with... until The Traveller remembered that Fernaellis just wanted the town for himself. Fernaellis had an interesting theory - the witches were none other than Jon, Moridin, Vesvius and Geabe.

Moridin seemed out of left field, but if so, The Traveller is glad Vira was responsible for his death. Jon, however... The Traveller didn't truly see it.

The Traveller makes mistakes.

But not twice.

Not ever.

The Traveller voted for Vesvius to die. Fernaellis seemed convinced Jon's own vote to Ves, and later Geabe, was but a ploy of some kind, and when provoked, Mayor Jon claimed to be the Demon Mayor. Fernaellis called his bluff.

The Traveller witnessed another Soulsteal.

The Traveller finds The Traveller's own convictions in doubt.

Ves is scum, yes, The Traveller knows it. Gaebe must be scum also, but he claims to have vital information... If it decries The Traveller in the process, it might yet be time. Irene and Mishie have claimed to be each other's lovers, and while The Traveller totally ships them, there is still a possibility... One of them is The Survivalist, but they haven't claimed it, to prevent more Soul Steals. The Traveller can always use that, but the ultimate claim, the ultimate card, can still be played.

The Traveller has purchased the props, and organised notes and accusations.

If it's time, it's time.

If not yet... Soon.

Traveller out.
12:26 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 922.5 of The Traveller's Travels.

Goddammit The Traveller makes one fucking joke and Mayor Jon wants to think The Traveller is The Thrall. He has a valid point about not wanting to feed the Warlock if Santi and Silens aren't lying, but dammit, The Traveller was targeted by the witches, not the Warlock. Let Fenraellis have the town, but this is about revenge first and foremost, and The Traveller will kill those fucking witches.

The Traveller was forced to change The Traveller's vote back to Silens, and an innocent asshole might yet be killed...

The Traveller only hopes it doesn't look like The Traveller is backtracking too much.

The biggest card is still up The Traveller's sleeve. The Thrall might be impossible to find, and Fenraellis might yet own the town anyway. But The Traveller will have those witches killed, at least. Even if it kills The Traveller in the process.

Silens was just burned at the stake. The Traveller's vote was the last one. The majority was reached. Mayor Jon watched the proceedings with a stony gaze.

Traveller out.
12:06 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 922 of The Traveller's Travels.

Startling developments here today. After Vira killed Moridin, for no known reason, people have been coming forward and revealing their roles, their jobs, their livelihoods. Strange... The Traveller thought some of this would've been obvious, but whatever they put in the water around here makes these things seem like surprises.

The Traveller's been drinking too much of that water, as well.

Silens it The Spiritualist. Maybe The Traveller should've seen that coming; he works at the church and is often seen consorting with spirits.

Santi is The Mad Scientist. That would explain the rash of graverobbings and the laboratory on the outskirts of town...

The Traveller believes both men are not lying. Silens, while a suspect for The Thrall due to idiocy, could just be that, an idiot. He has credible claims to back it up, though seems not to consider that The Traveller can also be The Traveller.

Also, the suggest that Dhulli was a Benevolent Old Dame has not been refuted.


The Traveller needs that.

The Santi's claims work for The Traveller's plan, and The Traveller also believes them true. Vira and Vesvius, when matched, came up different to The Santi. Since Vira was in fact the Dirty Old Bastard, a pro-town occupation, Vesvius must yet be scum. Of what kind The Traveller doesn't know, but if The Traveller had to guess, it would be Enchantress. The Traveller voted to lynch Vesvius rather than Silens just to find out.

Come at The Traveller, witches.

The Mad Scientist's other claim was that out of Silens and Geabe, one was scum and one was not. That Geabe might yet be scum works perfectly into The Traveller's plans... Nobody has seen fit to refute it just yet.

The Traveller might yet be able to execute, should things go to hell.

The Traveller is amused at the very prospect.

Mayor Jon is looking more and more pro-town, and The Traveller is glad for it. His advice and deductions that point The Traveller as mostly innocent is a good thing, The Traveller has decided. All hail Mayor Jon... unless he turns on The Traveller. Then all fuck Mayor Jon.

Traveller out.
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11:18 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 921.25 of The Traveller's Travels.

Vira died at the stake tonight, begging for all those around to kill her.

They must put something in the water around here.

Fenraellis stepped forward, the cunt, and stole her soul right in front of the rest of town. And just like the previous lynching, he just walked away.

The Traveller does not know what to make of it.

The Traveller wishes to travel away, as far away as The Traveller can. Get a new face, a new identity, a new travelling.

But... this town. It's strange, but The Traveller feels... attached. Not to the people themselves - The Traveller wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire, what with all the false accusing and the stupidity of Vira - but the witches... They tried to kill The Traveller.

It isn't personal, but this time it's personal.

Now, with that in hand, The Traveller has started a list.

Warlock: Fenraellis.

Dirty Old Bastard: Vira.

The Traveller: The Traveller.

The Survivalist: Irene or her lover, assuming she's not a lying whore, like all Asians.

A Cunt: Silens.

Mayor, but Pro-Town: Jon.

Still Suspicious: Geabe.

Town Retard: Lungs.

Priest: Has Not Stepped Up. Just as planned.

The Traveller will continue musing, and see how the day progresses before adding to The Traveller's log.

Traveller out.
12:59 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 921 of The Traveller's Travels.

Interesting events, The Traveller has noted. In the night, the slovenly hedgehog farmer Kensington was murdered, his corpse devoured by the very things he raised and bred. There is a certain amount of irony in that, The Traveller supposes, but the witchcraft at work is worrying. Would The Traveller die by travelling, or something just as ironic? The Traveller thinks not.

And right away, Fenraelis, who is the Warlock or the Enchantress elsewise The Traveller will eat The Traveller's well-travelled shoes, seems to want to place blame on The Traveller, and, funnily enough, Mayor Jon.

The Not-Warlock's theory is that The Traveller is the Rogue Warlock, and that Jon is the Thrall. Well, The Traveller can enjoy the deflection and the overly defensive nature of Fenraellis The Totally-Not-Warlock's theory is amusing. The Traveller is not an escaped prisoner, though The Traveller has travelled in and out of more than a few for various crimes, including drunken escapades and public indecency with tavernwenches... but The Traveller is not The Rogue Warlock. See the names? Totally different.

While The Traveller still has a card to play if Fen keeps up the accusing, and The Traveller is not afraid to use it... Time might yet change things.

And, just as The Traveller was writing this log, the tavernwench Vira revealed she is, in fact, The Dirty Old Bastard.

She removed her disguise, and The Traveller was very glad The Traveller never went her way in The Traveller's conquering of the town's tavernwenches.

Of course, this could be yet another witch trick (Or she's a different kind of dirty old bastard).

The Traveller wants it to be true, but at the same time, the Warlock... Will Soulsteal her. Reveal him or herself, Fen or not. But, if Vira kills Fen The Enchantress... less competition for the Warlock? How can The Traveller know what's right?

The Traveller still has that card, the last card, the best card, but... the situation has been changed.

Traveller out.
11:11 PM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 920 of The Traveller's Travels.

Vindication. The tide turned over the past few days, and despite the fact The Traveller was just as suspicious, the town moved to lynch Fenraellis, if only because the twat was too stupid to be overly defensive and deflective. The Traveller hopped onto vote him at the last second, and it worked; Fenraellis was brought to the stake today, but survived the burning. The town watched as he quietly took the flames, almost bathing in them... never getting burned. He never said a thing. The town left him there to burn, but when he survived it, when he let the flames burn through the rope tying him to the stake, he just walked away into the night. Whether or not he is a Rogue Warlock or the Enchantress, it is unclear, but either way, Mayor Jon's declaration to kill The Traveller should Fen die on the stake means nothing now. Vindication.

(But at the same time, The Traveller will refer to a previous log entry. "The Traveller and you are as guilty as each other, no doubt" does not reflect well on The Traveller now. The Traveller just has to hope the town does not have that memory.

Sorcery is afoot, and The Traveller fears for The Traveller's life again tonight. Only time will tell, but plans are in place.

And since nobody has yet interfered, The Traveller's plan, the only plan, might yet come to pass when the day breaks.

Traveller out.
07:01 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 918.75 of The Traveller's Travels.

The talky one called Irene has ousted herself as a lover, and not a fighter. She reveals that either she or her lover is The Traveller or The Survivalist.

Well, The Traveller is pretty damn sure she or her lover is not The Traveller. The Traveller is The Traveller. Unless... The Traveller is NOT The Traveller, and some kind of weird magically modified ghoul of some kind programmed to believe The Traveller is The Traveller.

But that would just be silly. Now, The Traveller must prepare the fourth room at The Pony Dancer The Traveller rented, to be sure the witches won't attack in the night. Perhaps The Traveller will buy a fifth room under a different identity... but still The Traveller. The Traveller is The Traveller. The Traveller travels.

Traveller out.
02:20 AM ET (US)
Traveller's Log, Day 20, 918.5 of The Traveller's Travels.

Fernaelis just posited that he hopes The Traveller is not guilty, elsewise it will reflect badly on him also, or something.

The Traveller replied, "The Traveller and you are as guilty as each other, no doubt."

The Traveller is aware of the irony if it turns out that Fenraellis is in fact the Warlock.

The Traveller still said it anyway.

Traveller out.
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